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Gel Polish Formula Profi

The Russian market has been familiar with Formula Profi gel polish for quite some time. The reviews of the masters about him are mostly positive, but still not all. Although the manufacturer of Formula Profi gel polish is Russia, American and German components are used in its manufacture.

Every day, gel polish is becoming more and more popular. This term actually refers to a hybrid compound of gel and varnish. It combines a varied palette of color varnish and wear resistance of the gel. This composition is applied only to natural marigolds.


According to the manufacturer, the described product is very reminiscent of the usual nail polishes that are used by professional manicure artists, but with a whole range of new positive qualities, which makes gel polish or shellac so popular and in demand. Formula Profi guarantees that there will be no gel polish for all the time wearing a manicure.

In addition, when using this coating, the nail plate is strengthened, its color does not change, even with direct exposure to direct sunlight. On average, the term socks is called a period of three weeks, but to a large extent everything depends on how quickly each of the owners of this coating grows nails.

Specialists also recommend using this product to those girls who have problems with the nails such as delamination, brittleness or fragility. A thin layer of Formula Profi product is a protection for the nail plate, and if you use this tool constantly, its properties will begin to improve.

Application technology Formula Profi does not require any special training courses. It is suitable for both manicure and pedicure. At the same time, doing everything yourself at home, you will save your money, which otherwise would have to be spent in a nail salon.

Correction in the case of applying gel polish is not required. As the nails grow, and this is approximately two or three weeks, the coating is simply removed using a special tool that removes the gel polish. At the same time, sawing is not required, everything happens quite simply.

The agent is applied to a cotton disk, cover the nail plate with this disk and wrap with foil.

It takes about 15 minutes to dissolve the Formula Profi coating, but if you connect a UV lamp to the process, things will go faster thanks to the additional heat that it will provide.

When time runs out, the varnish is removed using a pusher or a special stick. After this, a new application of Formula Profi coating is allowed immediately - after all, it does not damage the nail plate at all, and therefore the nails do not need to be given a break to rest.

The technology for applying gel polish is the usual three-phase. First of all, the base is applied, after that - the coating of the selected color and finally - the top.

Review Overview

Basically, they are positive, and there is a certain general tendency - girls like a good laying of the cover and the fact that there is never an allergic reaction to it. There are many positive reviews about the fact that the nail platinum has become stronger.

But there are also reviews in which girls are unhappy with the texture of the product and its shades. Although these usually come from beginners, only once or two have tried using the Formula Profi product.

There are dissatisfied ladies also because of the high cost of gel polish, and this is really a problem - you will have to pay 600 rubles for a small bottle, and this, of course, is expensive.

According to most experts, this product is worth the money in which it was evaluated, because the components in the Formula Profi are used only the mildest ones, which do not harm the health of the nails, but, on the contrary, improve it.

You can find such reviews in which users complain that the coating quickly peeled off the nails, but they also come from beginners who, most likely, have not yet mastered the technology of applying gel polish. Many experts are unanimous that the wear period of this product is quite long.

The presence of a special specific smell is also called a drawback, and both the base and the top have it, and there is no getting around it. In addition, many note that this product is uneconomical, because it is available only in 15 ml bottles, and small containers are not offered, and therefore the product manages to dry, although it has not yet been fully used.

This happens when a girl has not used the contents of an open bottle for six months - this is the shelf life of the product. But you want to change colors, and not go around constantly with the same thing, and therefore it would really be correct to produce bottles of lower capacity (at least for home use - this is definitely so).

In general, the product, of course, copes with all the stated goals, but it is necessary to adapt to it. Therefore, newcomers will initially encounter some difficulties.

Overview of gel polishes - in the next video.


A significant advantage of this product in relation to conventional decorative coatings is the fact that with it the execution of beautiful paintings and original design is possible. In addition, you can choose any technique, not being afraid that the varnish may freeze and nothing will work. Indeed, for its solidification, polymerization is necessary with the help of a lamp, and it is very convenient for the successful completion of the work.

How to care for cuticles

In order to qualitatively perform such a coating, the nail plate must be properly prepared. A manicure is needed, and best of all - in a dry version. The fact is that if the nail is pre-soaked, its adhesion to the coating will become worse. When processing the cuticle, it is necessary to carefully clean the pterygium.

To remove shine from a natural nail plate, it is treated with a soft buff, and the plate at the tip is also processed. When working with Formula Profi products, it is necessary to use a special preparation fluid produced by the same company. Moreover, the tip of the marigold is covered with a special primer ultrasound.

When applying the base, experts recommend not to seal the free edge. The base is polymerized no longer than one minute. Gel polish should be applied sequentially. The best option would be to choose two thin layers, and it takes two minutes to polymerize each of them.

The top is applied without first removing the sticky layer from the gel polish, and it is polymerized for one minute. The dispersion layer is removed from the top, while the cuticle is treated with oil. Sometimes, in order to cover longer, with a thin brush apply varnish and under the cuticle. In this case, it turns out that when the nail grows back, it is no longer bare, so it will be possible to wear the coating longer.

In the case of pedicures, the Formula Profi product is almost indispensable, because it will be worn for a very long time, so that you even get tired and want to change the design. This is due to the fact that the nail plate grows much slower on the legs than on the hands.

When working with Formula Profi products, you can use different series, but mainly use the following:

  • "Dance of the light";
  • Royal French;
  • "Cat's eye";
  • "The effect of chromium."

There are several other series, they are designed for manicure, which is performed in a certain way. For example, from the name "Royal French" it is clear that the work will be with the French. The "Dance of Color" has rich pigmentation. In any case, the product does not have harmful phenols, and this is with a very diverse choice of palette.


This unique stained glass product of high quality is designed for professional manicure and has all the advantages of a gel and the advantages of varnish. At the same time, the coating is obtained as strong and reliable as possible, and also effectively protects and strengthens the natural nail.

The Profi "Tint" formula has an effect resembling stained glass. The product can act as an independent coating or complement the pattern already on the nail plate. This is an ideal tool to ensure that manicure or, especially, pedicure is durable, while both natural and artificial nails are suitable for working with it.

If you strictly follow all stages of the technological process, then the innovative Formula Profi Tint gel polish will easily last three weeks on its nails and remain as bright and with a pleasant shine. With such a revolutionary coating on the nails, your hands will look chic, and for a long time you can forget about visiting the nail salon.

Stained glass gel polish "Tint Glitter Tattoo" see in the video.

Watch the video: Дизайн Ногтей. Кленовый листик. Посылка Формула Профи гель лаки (January 2020).


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