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Stained glass gel polish

Manicure is the most common nail care procedure. Modern masters offer girls and women many interesting designs using original drawings and accessories. One of the most beautiful options is stained glass manicure. Thanks to the use of several shades at the same time, the design looks really magical and bright.

What it is

The technique of creating stained-glass windows has been used by people for a rather long period. Previously, such options were not used to design nails. Stained-glass windows were actively used in architecture. Stained glass adorned huge stately buildings.

Today, stained glass technology has found its application in many areas. Recently, such an idea was borrowed by the nail service masters and began to use it to create an unusual design. It is worth noting that it is possible to make a stained glass manicure not only with the help of a gel base. Often, a regular varnish is also used to create.

Professional masters use colored gels for manicure, which have a translucent base. Thanks to this, the design is neat and beautiful. The gels for creating stained glass manicure are slightly different from the usual options. The compositions have a liquid consistency, but this does not mean that the technique is too different from the standard process. Many beginning masters mistakenly believe that such tools are difficult to apply, but this is far from the case.

When choosing quality products, the composition for stained glass manicure lies down easily and evenly, like any gel polish. Basically, the final result depends on the correct observance of the technology by the master himself.

After applying the gel, the so-called glass effect appears. Often stained glass compositions are used to create an original French manicure.

What is it needed for

Compositions for performing stained glass manicure are actively used by modern masters, which is due to many factors. Such gels perfectly complement the classic design, making it more vibrant and original. Glass effect nails always attract the attention of others.

The main advantage of stained glass manicure products is that even after application, they remain translucent. It is thanks to this property that the desired end result can be achieved.

Stained glass manicure is used not only for extended, but also for natural nails.

Asking the question - how to replace the gel at home, the answer becomes obvious - a simple varnish. To create a manicure, it is best to choose high-quality and sustainable products. The cost of varnishes will be slightly higher in comparison with the usual options, but the manicure will stay on the nails much longer.

There are several ways to use decorative coatings to create a stained glass manicure. In this case, the choice of design depends on your preference. In order to make the manicure brighter and more stable, it is best to apply varnish in 2-3 layers.


Choosing a stained glass design for nails, you need to consider several popular and beautiful options that are used not only in the salon, but also at home. These include:

  • aquarium coating. The most popular form, for its creation, saturated deep shades are used. The forms of age used for nails look beautiful and spectacular;
  • imitation of gems. Due to the fact that stained gel varnishes have a thick consistency, they perfectly retain a drop. Therefore, the basics are often used as an imitation of stones on the nails;
  • the use of foil. To create a manicure, holographic translation materials are used, which can be easily supplemented with stained gel with a liquid consistency. If you add black paint to the design, you get a coating that resembles expensive Venetian glass.

Often, stained glass is combined with various decorative materials for nails. Most often, it is supplemented with sparkles and rhinestones, which provides additional brightness to the manicure.

Stained glass compounds are actively used for nail extension. Basically, such a coating is applied exclusively to the “smile” zone, which looks beautiful and neat. If you use the gel on the entire surface of the nail, the manicure will turn out to be too bright and defiant. Under the translucent base, you can lay out any pattern.

If stained glass gel is used to decorate natural nails, then it must be additionally dried in a lamp. The composition can be used as the main coating.


Recently, stained glass gels rarely go on sale, but this does not prevent manicurists from using them in their work. You can find such compounds in specialized stores that provide everything you need for building.

The main advantage of gel varnishes is that raw materials of exceptionally high quality are used to create them. Manufacturers offer a wide range of color palettes. There are several companies whose products are very popular in today's market.

Most masters use stained glass basics Kodi. Today this brand is one of the most popular. The company produces a "crystal" basis for creating stained glass manicure. The advantages of products from this company include:

  • a variety of deep and saturated shades;
  • coating resistance;
  • high quality composition.

In order for the manicure to turn out beautiful and accurate, it is recommended to apply stained glass products with a thin layer.

No less popular is the product for creating glass design from Vogue. For the manufacture of funds, the manufacturer uses unique modern technology. Due to this, stained glass compositions are used not only to create a glass decoration on the nails. Using gels, they make a background layer, which allows you to get a juicy and deep shade.

In the video below you can see the Vogue stained glass gel polish.

A feature of the products from this company is that all stained glass compositions have a dense consistency.

How to do it yourself

You can make a manicure using stained glass at home. The main thing is to observe the phasing in the work, and then in the end result you will get a beautiful and durable design.

If you want to make a manicure on short nails, it is best to fill the entire space with different shades. First you need to process the plate with a nail file. Nails should have the same length and shape. After that, the main coating should be applied to the surface. To do this, choose a white or translucent composition.

First you need to decide on the pattern for the nails. Apply patterns to the surface with a thin brush. Acrylic paint is suitable for drawing. The space needs to be filled in several shades.

Basically, this version of stained glass manicure is used if there is no lamp or suitable base at hand. The process does not take much time and effort.

If you want to achieve the effect of "stained glass", but there is no composition for this, you can make it yourself. To create, you will need special paints that are sold in any store with art supplies. Stained glass compositions are presented in small tubes, and you need to choose the right colors. It is recommended to mix paints with each other.

  • To create a stained glass gel, you need to prepare soluble material. For these purposes, basic coverage is suitable. It is worth noting that for stained glass gel, you need to choose compositions that have a thick consistency.
  • A soluble base must be dripped onto the glass surface. After that, gel and paint are mixed. For this process, it is best to use a thin needle, since the composition should be homogeneous. The finished gel can be applied to the nail.

Master classes

As noted above, a translucent stained-glass base is often used for extended nails. Using this composition, you can create a bright and unusual jacket. It is worth noting that the shape of the extended nails does not matter much.

Before proceeding to manicure, you must first prepare a stained glass base. If there is no composition in your arsenal, you can make it yourself, focusing on the above instructions. The consistency of the homemade gel should be thick.

It is worth noting that nail extension is a complex technology, and it is important to follow the sequence in stages. Place a UV lamp on the work surface in advance.

  • The first thing you need to start the process of building - preparation of the nail. For this, the plate is treated with a special oxidizing agent, after which a primer is applied. To cover, you need to use a varnish base. After applying each coat, the nail is dried in a lamp for 2 minutes.
  • In the next step you need to make a substrate on the form used for building. A lamp is also used for drying. The substrate must be slightly squeezed with tweezers, and then removed. For maximum fixation, the lamp is used again.
  • Thereafter extension is applied. Choose the length and shape of your choice. To make the transition smooth, you need to treat the surface with Cover Rose gel. After each process, the nails are dried in a lamp.
  • Next stage - the use of apex. This is the highest point of an artificial nail. After drying in the lamp, you need to do the alignment of the "smile". Then the line is drawn using gel polish. For decoration, it is best to take sparkles, as it looks more beautiful.
  • To tint a smile, you must use a darker foundation. For shading, a light gel is suitable. The first layer is slightly squeezed so that the coating takes the required shape.
  • In the next step You can start creating the design. Design options depend on your preference. After laying out, a second layer is applied (1 or 2 colors can be selected). At the final stage, sawdust is made, the nail is covered with a finishing base. After each step, drying in the lamp is required.


Reviews of girls and women who used stained glass bases for manicure will help determine the appropriate design. Basically, users are happy with the end result. Many women noted that after applying stained glass gel polish, the nails become more durable, the manicure is resistant and lasts a long time.

It is worth noting that at home, most girls used home-made compounds. With proper observance of technology, a beautiful and accurate manicure is obtained.

You can watch a video review of stained-glass gel varnish Patrisa Nail in the next video.

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