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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Gel Polish Elite-99

Persistent manicure firmly entered the life of modern beauties. Gel Polish Elite-99 - one of the ways to extend the beauty of painted nails for up to three weeks.

Features and Benefits

Elite-99 - products from China. Gel-varnishes of the company conquer girls with excellent quality and budget value.

Despite the low prices, the company's funds occupy a worthy place next to expensive elite gel polishes. So the brand name speaks for itself.

Products are available in bottles of various capacities. These are bottles of 7, 8 and 10 ml. This allows you to purchase a mini version of the varnish you like, experimentally check its quality and determine if the tone of the product is correctly selected.

Small bottles with varnish can make an excellent palette for both professional use in the salon and for home use. At the same time, the purchase will hardly affect the budget.

Packaging provides reliable protection of the product from ultraviolet rays, preventing a change in its consistency. Each gel polish is equipped with a standard size brush, which makes it easy to distribute the product on the surface of the nail.

The consistency of Elite-99 products is moderately thick and elastic. When applied, it does not spread and lays down in an even smooth layer, which makes the manicure process simple even for beginners.

The coating is dense enough. In most cases, to obtain a saturated color, 2 layers of varnish are enough. Natural shades used for everyday and "French" manicure are more transparent. They are preferably applied in 3 layers.

The smell of the product is moderate, not sharp. It does not cause discomfort during the process of applying gel polish.

As for polymerization, in an LED lamp, the product dries in 30 seconds. When using a 9-watt UV lamp, you will have to wait about 3 minutes. 36 watt equipment fixes varnish in 1 minute.

Elite-99 gel polish provides durability of manicure for a period of 2 weeks. Factors affecting the preservation of the perfect appearance of painted nails are the intensity of moisture and other external influences.

Application process

To create a strong and stable gel-varnish coating, you need to go through 3 stages.

  • First, prepare the nail plate. This process involves cutting the cuticle and degreasing the surface.
  • Then a base coat is applied in a thin layer. One cannot do without polymerization, therefore, the product must be dried in a special lamp.
  • The next step is the application of gel polish, the creation of effects (if necessary) and again polymerization.
  • The final phase is the topcoat, which is also fixed by a lamp.


The brand presents a full range of products for persistent manicure. The assortment includes a base, a protective coating and colored gel varnishes.

Classic tones

The basic collection of Elite-99 gel polishes is quite extensive. It includes 58 shades. Delicate pastel, dark saturated, bright juicy tones - there is everything. Moreover, it is not difficult for a real master to create new variations by combining the shades of the base palette.

Collections of individual color groups

  • "Blue Colors Series" includes all shades of blue from sky blue to dark indigo. These options are suitable for those who prefer an original manicure.
  • "Gray Colors Series" combines discreet tones of gray. Gray-beige, gray-blue, “wet asphalt” and other shades are ideal for concise everyday looks.
  • "Purple Colors Series" created for lovers of purple. Here are collected 12 shades of delicate lilac, lilac, pink-purple and burgundy for those who like feminine bows.
  • "Nude Colors Series" combines 24 shades of a calm gentle range. This is another set of varnishes for the business dress code.
  • "Pink Colors Series" - A collection of shades for romantic natures. There are bright colors for young girls, and soft colors for elegant ladies.
  • "Wine Red Colors Series" - A series of sensual red tones, ideal for evening looks.

There are also bright neon collections in the assortment of the brand. Juicy shades are perfect for summer holidays, as well as for those who have sunny weather in the shower all year round.

With thermo effect

The original solution is gel polish, which changes its color when the temperature changes. With it, you can surprise others with a spectacular gradient of manicure if it suddenly becomes cooler or warmer.

In this case, you can choose a design from a rich palette of shades. It presents both colors that smoothly change tone, and options with contrasting transitions.


Another unusual collection - 24 cover options, iridescent with colored highlights. Such gel polish will transform any image and will not leave you unnoticed.

In the application process, it is important to remember one rule. For a perfect coating, you must first shake the bottle with the product.

Cat's eye

One of the most popular trends in the world of manicure is the elegant cat-eye effect. The collection includes more than 70 variations of color schemes. They differ in both the base color and the tone, creating a luxurious highlight on the coating.

To create such a manicure, a special magnetic device is necessary. It can be included with gel polish or sold separately. Depending on the pattern on the magnet, one of the original patterns may end up. It can be an elegant highlight, several stripes resembling cat claw marks, a star or a zigzag.

To obtain a saturated color, apply the varnish in 2 layers. Another option is to use a backing. This effect looks more expressively on the dark colors of the coating.


Glitter Collection allows you to create a manicure with large shiny sparkles. Series "Cheese" includes several coating options with shiny elements in different colors.

Gel polishes from the collection "Super bling", "Platinum" and "Phantom" shimmer on the nails with lots of fantastic sparkling particles. And for lovers of pearlescent shades created a series "Metallic".


Customers who evaluated Elite-99 gel polishes for personal use believe that they are not inferior to many expensive analogues.

Girls are enthusiastic about the brand's color schemes. The nude collection is very popular, allowing you to create both romantic and office images, including French manicure. Like customers and thermo-varnishes.

But a special delight is caused by products called "Cat's Eye". Their rich tones and clear effect stand out among analogues of other companies.

Varnishes adhere perfectly, forming a perfectly even and smooth coating, dry quickly. Two layers are really enough to get a dense color, and some tones look great even when applied in one layer.

The brand's finish also earned positive reviews. The liquid consistency fits perfectly on the nail plate, does not flow and does not form an adhesive layer.

Pleases customers and the absence of a pungent smell, and the persistence of manicure. With gel varnishes of the company, the coating remains in excellent condition for more than 2 weeks, without forming chips and cracks.

One of the main advantages is also unanimously recognized price Elite-99, especially in combination with decent quality products.

Overview of gel polish Elite-99 - in the video.

Watch the video: Elite 99 Gel Polish Haul (January 2020).


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