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Fashionable colors of gel polish for nails in winter and autumn

Gel polish gives the girl the opportunity to forget about the correction of manicure for several weeks. A good master will not only paint the nails in the client’s favorite color, but also talk about fashion trends of the season. He will explain what form of nails is a mainstream, what is the best way to decorate a manicure so as not to look silly, how to evoke enthusiastic male looks and envious female ones. If the shape of the nails is a fairly stable value, then the fashion for the actual color of gel polish changes every season: oars-summer and autumn-winter.

How to choose a shade

The relevance of the color scheme, first of all, depends not only on the fashion, on the season, but also on your color type. Cold colors (summer and winter) will not go warm shades, they will add yellowness to the skin of the hands. Warm color types (spring and autumn) cold shades will give your hands a bluish senile color.

Manicure masters have their own basic rule regarding the choice of colors for painting nails in autumn and winter. This season, very bright colors are permissible, which look inappropriate in the summer, and in some places even vulgar: scarlet, cherry, blue, violet and even black - all the heavy and deep colors associated with evening make-up and sophisticated expensive fabrics. And, of course, do not forget that “cold” girls need to choose varnishes with a blue tint, and “warm” ones with yellow.

The rules exist in order to break them and this past fall-winter season, all pastel shades are a hit: lavender, cream, turquoise, pink, blue, violet, pale green. True, their choice is seriously limited by the length of the nail plate and the overgrown edge.

Color to length ratio

If your nails are short, then know that it will look spectacular precisely dark glossy colors that visually lengthen the nail plate and add grace to the fingers. You can also safely “wear” metallic, “glass” and “craquelure” (the effect of cracked earth).

For medium length nails choose any color of varnish, except for "nude" and decorate it with sand effect, holographic, mirror coating. This is the most convenient length of nails, because it does not limit its owner in the choice of colors.

Those who wear long nails even in the autumn-winter season it is worth abandoning bright colors, because they look vulgar on hands and are not suitable for daily wear. Owners of long nails (longer than half of the nail plate) are just suitable for pastel shades.

Dark-armed ladies It is not recommended to apply light varnishes this season, even if the length of the nail allows. The fact is that in this case, a sharp transition is visible between pastel pink or lavender varnish and the reddish skin around. In order for the varnish to look decent, you need to have a perfect nail shape and apply the coating flawlessly.


In addition to the standard basic rules, there are seasonal trends that are relevant for no more than a year. For example, in the fall-winter season of this year, nails that are as close to natural as possible are in trend. This means that the long and beak-shaped forms are in the past, it is time for nails, the length of which is no more than 2-3 mm, and the shape is best oval or almond-shaped. The fact is that this is the most practical length with which a woman will not have to refuse either manicure or the performance of standard household chores, which are inconvenient to do with long nails.

This season, the "moon" manicure is still relevant. So decorated hands in ancient Greece, leaving the hole in the nail unpainted. This season, the lunar manicure has changed and is considered a spectacular way to decorate the fingers in this way: the hole and the edge of the nail plate in one color, and the nail itself in another. Another option for manicure is the inversion of flowers on the ring finger.

For a long time, the hit of the season was the one-color coating of all fingers except the ring finger. It was allowed to complete a drawing or decorate it with rhinestones. Now it is most important to additionally paint the tips of the nails in the color of the varnish of the ring finger.

Judging by the analysis of fashion trends, ombre (gradient) will last at the peak of popularity for another two or three seasons, black-red combination, blue-violet and pink-blue will be especially fashionable.

If you want to choose a separate gel polish color for each finger, then choosing a color, do not start from complementary (additional) ones, but from analog or monochromatic combinations.

That is, you need to apply color to the fingers in the order in which they are located on the color wheel - three standing next to each other and their shades, one color and its shades.

Nails decoration

The tendency to decorate each nail with a separate pattern, strassik, bow and sticker is a thing of the past. All manicure should not produce a feeling of sloppiness and "collective farm". Rhinestones are permissible only if you are doing a manicure for a wedding or New Year.

A great newfangled option would be the "dew effect"when a pair of middle fingers, already coated with varnish, are applied transparent drops of gel. The maximum effect will be achieved if the manicure combines dark green and yellow-orange shades that mimic the "golden autumn".

Sand coating is most relevant in winter. Light sand patterns painted on blue nails create a feeling of a winter mood. The whole charm of this type of coating is that you can apply the picture to all nails, it will still look airy, without overloading the perception with details.

Winter is also characterized by lace patterns, moreover, it doesn’t matter, drawn with gel polish or made using thermal stickers. The color scheme of the nail itself is still the same - blue, purple, burgundy, cherry. But the color of "lace" is better to choose white or three or four shades lighter than the main one. Do not choose black, this season it is not held in high esteem.

New Year's manicure with a picture of Christmas trees, balls, snowmen and snowflakes is permissible only during the holiday itself. Even if you had a desire to create yourself a New Year mood early, limit yourself to not so pronounced New Year attributes.

French manicure

French manicure will never lose its relevanceAnd, on the contrary, it expands its borders and allows the use of not only white and transparent gel polish, but also absolutely incredible color combinations.

A novelty of fashion trends is the painting of the white tips of the nail plate in red, blue, green. In autumn, it is better to choose a floral ornament, and in winter - a geometric one.

The update also applies to the shape of the tip, it can be made not only straight, but also triangular, wavy, zigzag, rounded edges can be brought even to the nail hole. The only thing that is not allowed is a black tip on natural nails. This type of manicure, although it was popular for a couple of seasons, is now out of fashion.

Since at the peak of naturalness and naturalness in manicure, the black tips began to be perceived as dirty groomed nails.

If you have a strict dress code at work that does not allow you to wear a manicure that attracts too much attention, then a matte gel polish will be an excellent solution. It extinguishes the main color, reducing its brightness, but at the same time looks noble and impressive. A lunar or French manicure will look good in combination with a glossy base varnish on the hole or tip of the nail and the matte surface of the nail plate.

A boring manicure "nude" is easy to make attractive if you apply a dot ornament on a nail plate with varnish with a lighter shade or analog color.

Thus, in the new season of manicure fashion autumn-winter:

  • moving away from glossy glamor, excessive decoration of fingers with rhinestones, different patterns on each nail plate and a contrasting combination of colors;
  • do not experiment with the shape and length of the nailsgiving preference to nails of medium length and natural shape;
  • choose natural gel polish to cover natural colors or pastel shades.

This video presents Fashionable colors of gel polish for nails in winter and autumn.

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