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How to apply glitter on gel polish

How to apply sparkles to gel polish is a question that many fashionistas are asked, ready to experiment in nail art. Sequins are beautiful but sophisticated material. It gives the manicure not only shine and expressiveness, but also charm. The beauty that glitter gel polish gives is not so easy. A manicure supplemented with sparkles is more difficult to remove from the nail plate, especially gel varnish. Shiny nails will look appropriate not only at a party, wedding, gala event, but also in everyday life.

What are the sequins for manicure

Glitter or sparkles are amazing sparkling microparticles that can turn any manicure into a festive one. To create such a manicure, it is enough to have a base varnish, colored varnish and several shades of special fenders (small, large, round, square, oblong) at hand. How the decor will turn out depends only on the imagination. The only condition that is important to observe is fixing with the topcoat, otherwise the sparkles will crumble. Just pouring sparkles on the base does not work, you need to fix everything with a special coating.

Sequins for nails dry represents a brilliant powder, which is used to cover the entire nail or any part of it on the stencil. They are applied to wet varnish and adhered to the coating as it dries. This achieves the desired stability of the manicure. Fixing agent does not need to be applied to them, although in some cases this is done. Such spangles come in various sizes and shapes, sometimes they can be confetti, which are applied individually with tweezers, while the smallest such powder can be used to lower the entire nail.

The second type means Spangles that are mixed with clear liquid polish. They are sold in bottles as a regular manicure and applied to dried base coat. Fixers should be applied to them if the spangles are large. In general, liquid glitter is able to give a dense coating or only rare flicker, be different in size and even in the form of brilliant blotches.

In addition, the spangles on the nails differ not only in the type of release and how to apply them, but also in appearance. They can be of different sizes: very small, like dust, or large - up to one and a half millimeters. Also, large spangles may have different shapes: they can be round, rectangular, square, star-shaped, heart-shaped. Glitter may differ in color.

If you chose liquid spangles on nails, then there should not be any problems with how to apply them correctly.

If they are small and dense, then you need to use them as well as ordinary manicure varnish. The main difference from dry spangles is that they must be applied strictly to the dried varnish of the base. Such spangles can cover the entire nail, or only part of it, or apply a pattern. Some difficulty may arise with how to apply rare and large sequins to the nails.

Hue palette

Fashionable manicure 2017 - geometric with sparkles, which consists of several bright colors. It can be performed both on a transparent and on a color basis, using gel varnishes or means with sparkles, glitter and a shimmer. For fans of the classics, monophonic glossy coatings are suitable. Among the most relevant shades of sparkles this season are red, green, gold, silver, purple, burgundy, black and emerald.

Bright sparkles confidently take the lead. Such a design can not only be an alternative to festive nail art, but is also quite popular in everyday use. The design of the nails demonstrates both full coverage of the nail plates, and partial. Sequins are perfectly combined with a matte finish of nails. French manicure created using sparkles looks gentle and luxurious. The current palette of the fashion season is gold, silver, blue, black, emerald, sapphire, cornflower blue, ultramarine sparkles.

Step-by-step technique

The technology for applying dry spangles is not as simple as it seems. In order to fix them on the nail, you need to use a special retainer or a simple transparent varnish.

There are several options for applying dry glitter to your nails:

  • If it is necessary to cover the entire plate with them, dip a freshly painted nail in a container with sparkles, and with the other finger press them to the nail.
  • If you want to create a pattern on the nail, then this can be done by applying a transparent varnish to the area of ​​the existing pattern, pouring sparkles on top, but provided that the background layer of varnish is already dry.
  • It is quite difficult to create a smooth transition with the help of dry glitter from the tip of the nail tightly spangled with spangles to its base, on which there are only a few spangles. In this case, it is necessary to apply the sparkle gently and in layers, moving from the base towards the free edge.
  • Some use another way to fix dry spangles on the nail. Glitter must be mixed with a varnish of the selected shade or with a transparent one in a small container, and then applied to the nails with a brush, like a regular varnish.

If the spangles are large, then they must be removed from the container with tweezers and laid out on the desired places on the nail plate, covered with a still-dry varnish. There is another option for how to apply sparkles. To do this, mix them with water or fix with a damp brush. This is not the most convenient way, so not everyone can get a good manicure with it.

To cover the nails with sequins, you need a soft brush. The necessary amount of loose spangles is gained with it and with light tapping movements, it is brushed off onto an un-dried thick layer of gel. Sequins can be applied both to the entire nail, and to its individual parts. After coating with shiny particles, the nails are dried, the remaining sand is removed, another layer of varnish is applied.

The second option to attach the sparkles is shown in a step-by-step technique:

  • A thin layer of base gel is applied to pre-prepared nails and dried in a lamp.
  • Cover with a layer of modeling gel, dried with a lamp.
  • Gel polish separately mixed with sparkles is applied to the nail. Different application options are used: on the entire nail or on a separate area. You can also use glitter for a picture or a French manicure.
  • The last layer is applied without a glitter gel and dried in a lamp. A sticky layer is wiped off the nail and the job is finished with a glossy finish.

If you want to attach large spangles to the manicure, step-by-step instructions are not required. For decoration use dry loose large spangles - they look like fragments of precious stones. They are applied to a pre-dried nail, covered with a layer of varnish or special glue. Each sparkle is stacked separately.

In the classic version, the French manicure provides a white edging of the nail on a cream or pink base. But today you can move away from boring classics and diversify your manicure using geometry, bright colors, overlay decor elements, mother of pearl and rhinestones, sequins and more. In all this diversity, the main concept of the French should be traced - the design of the tip of the nail with a decor, and the base itself - light or close to the natural color. The shape of the nails can be standard, square, beveled, stylet-shaped.

Interesting design

In the list of the most popular designs, manicure with sparkles occupies a leading position. Besides the fact that it looks bright and spectacular, such nail art is universal. There are many different variations of manicure with sparkles that are appropriate for any environment. Sparkling manicure is suitable for a dinner party, a party, a Sunday afternoon, an important event, a wedding. But it can be successfully used in everyday life. In this case, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of moderation and not to go too far with flickering details.

There are no strict restrictions on the use of manicure with sparkles.

Sparkling grains of sand can decorate any design. There are no special prohibitions on the shape and length of the nail plate. On short nails, a brilliant manicure looks as excellent as on long ones. Different design variations can be created by experimenting with the density of a shiny coating, a combination of flickering particles of various sizes and colors.

The color of the base is chosen in accordance with the image and mood. Bright enamel is preferred by young ladies who strive to look spectacular at a party. But it should be noted that daily manicure requires calmer shades. For example, you can apply glitter on the tip of the nail, the rest of the surface is varnished with a neutral color. As an option: spangle the nail on the ring finger, and paint the rest of the nails in pastel color. As another idea, the masters propose to apply glitter exclusively to the area of ​​the hole after staining with your favorite varnish.

Flickering manicure with varnish and sparkles looks great in combination with stamping. But do not put printed drawings with sparkles on all nails - limit yourself with the ring finger. Nails decorated using nail art look luxurious. Using this technique is quite simple: you should apply dry sparkles to a layer of colorless varnish, then wait a few minutes and shake off excess glitter with a soft dry brush.

Glitter manicure, decorated with gel polishes, keeps fresh for more than two weeks. Such a varnish is removed in a matter of minutes, but retains the strength of the nails. Using UV varnish, nails can preserve their elegance and aesthetic appearance for a long period of time. Glitter varnish can be easily made with your own hands. Mix standard enamel with glitter or dough, after which the coating can be applied to the nail plate.

French sparkly manicure at a party looks advantageous. In such a manicure, glitter, pearlescent varnish or micropowder is applied to the free edge of the nail. The base of the nail is a light beige color. Sequins should be chosen small in order to beautifully surround the nail. At the same time, try to apply them tightly without gaps. If you decorate your jacket with rhinestones, sequins, patterns or special stickers, you can get a unique designer manicure.

If you want to make the nail design diverse, sprinkle the nail plates with colorful dry sparkles. Applying sparkles to a gel polish base is not such a difficult process, but it can take some time.

Fashion trends

Nail design with sparkles gives the manicure saturation and brightness. This technology can be safely used to decorate the base and tips of nails in a variety of nail coatings - from classic French manicure with gel polish to beautiful color designs in the style of nail art. The relevance of the use of sparkles in manicure today is high.

This jewelry is widely used both for festive advents and for everyday "light" manicure. A characteristic feature of the spangles in the design of the nail plates is that the fair sex can independently combine the layers of spangles with a brush, giving them the desired pattern, shade and transparency. Beautiful works of manicure masters can inspire you to create an interesting design using sparkles. There are a lot of options for applying sparkles to gel polish, and every woman will be able to choose for herself exactly what suits her best for a particular occasion and clothes. Today, each step-by-step instructions are available that describe in detail the progress of the procedure and how to apply glitter on the gel-hook using a thin brush, different surfaces of varnishes and all kinds of techniques.

Before applying glitter to gel polish, it is very important to think about your image. Applying a thick layer of gloss will be appropriate to look at a party, at a party, a gala event. Excessive colors and sparkles are an inappropriate option for going to work or for ordinary everyday life. In such cases, the masters recommend that only one nail is sequined. The rest of the nails should be covered with a matte base color. A wide range of types of sparkles pleases with its variety not only due to the many shades, but also because of the size and method of application.

Despite the great potential of glitter for gel polish, masters advise not to overdo it with brilliance, otherwise you can turn a manicure into a tasteless. Spangle manicure attracts a lot of attention. It can be successfully used as the main emphasis in the image. It is recommended to supplement it exclusively with matte details. As you know, shine fascinates and gives mystery, so it’s best to do such a manicure for special occasions when you need to stand out from the crowd and successfully emphasize your personality.

Before applying glitter to gel polish, you should understand their varieties, because each subtype of gloss has a separate application technique. The smallest jewelry or the so-called "dust" are loose and have a gold or silver palette. With such sparkles, you can safely cover the entire surface of the nail, without fearing that the final design will turn out too bright.

Medium-sized spangles in the form of sand are a dry type of nail decoration that can have different shades. Multicolor sequin kits are also available. A manicure with a supplement turns out to be bright, so you should decorate your nails with the utmost care. Large sequins are convex in shape and resemble pebbles. They can complement the drawings on the nails and give the manicure luxury. Typically, such jewelry is used in small quantities and only on a few nails.

In order to better understand how to apply glitter on gel polish, use two main methods of applying fashionable glitter on nails:

  • Prepare the nail plates - file them, give them the desired shape, polish and be sure to remove the cuticle. If the nails are damaged or delaminated, then in advance you can make a bath for them with sea salt and essential oils.
  • Degrease your nails and coat with a base coat of varnish.
  • Wait for the first coat to dry and apply the main coat of gel polish. Dry it in a UV lamp.
  • Mix a small amount of dry glitter with clear gel polish in a separate container.
  • Apply the right amount of glitter to your nails.
  • Dry in a UV lamp.
  • Cover with a fixative and dry again.

In order to make a fashionable manicure that became incredibly popular in 2017, prepare the following tools in advance: base coat for manicure, fixer, nail polish remover, nail file, thin nail brush, orange stick, UV lamp for drying manicure , nail polishes of different colors, cotton pads, sparkles that you want to apply. There is nothing complicated in the technique of applying sparkles to gel polish; even beginners can master it.

In 2017, at the peak of fashion, the following sequined design:

  • Application of small friable spangles as the main coating of nails.
  • The application of large sequins to complement a manicure in the style of a French or moon design. In this case, shine is applied to the very edge of the nail, and rhinestones along the nail plate.An addition to such jewelry manicure with flower painting will look harmonious if the sparkles are large.
  • Beautiful, but at the same time complex geometric manicure with sparkles gives a lot of ideas for design.
  • Dazzling sparkling sparkles can be absolutely any color, but gold and silver glitter always remain the most demanded, the bronze color of sparkles is also popular.
  • The shape of glitter can be different - someone prefers standard round-shaped sparkles, and the most daring ladies will be happy to use glitter in the design of nails in the form of rhombs, hexagons, stars, sticks.

If it is difficult to choose any one form, then you can always purchase a package of assorted glitter, in which the spangles will be of different shapes and colors. Manicurists recommend applying glitter both on the entire surface of the nail, and in the form of various patterns with different intensities of application. In order to apply the spangles on the entire surface of the nail evenly, first cover the nail plate with a base varnish and, without waiting for it to dry, cover the top with sparkles of the chosen shade. Make sure that the varnish covers the entire nail, otherwise there will be empty places where there will be no sparkles.

You can just drop your finger in a jar of sparkles, and then the end result will be excellent. It remains only to press with a fingertip all the protruding sparkles. After the varnish has dried, the excess glitter should be brushed off and the nails should be coated with a topcoat. A combination of dark varnish and sparkles looks interesting and unusual. In this case, it is better to choose black varnish and silver glitter.

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