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Bourjois Matte Lipstick

Luxurious sensual lips attract the attention of others no less than well-groomed hands or beautiful eyes. Therefore, the choice of cosmetic products for them must be approached with all responsibility. Bourjois Matte Lipstick is one of the most popular options.


Get Matte Lipstick Bourjois You can at any cosmetic store. The choice of funds for this brand is simply huge. And the quality of lipstick is practically not inferior to luxury brands. A matte finish and resistant coating is the trend of this season. Therefore, lipsticks of this type are worth a closer look.

The manufacturing company does not take advantage of the durability of its product. This comes as a pleasant addition that cannot but please those who do not like to constantly adjust makeup and want to be confident in themselves, regardless of the situation.

Even after a snack, you don’t have to wash the lipstick and reapply it. It will be enough just to refresh the color. Not all brands can boast of such resistance.


The composition of the lipstick is indicated on the package. It is almost standard: water, cosmetic base, pigments and oils. The manufacturer claims that shea butter, used as the main ingredient, has a positive effect on the condition of the skin of the lips. It eliminates peeling and protects them from ultraviolet radiation.

Shelf life

It is indicated on the packaging and is usually 2-3 years, but given the appropriate storage conditions. It is acceptable to store velvet fluid in rooms with a temperature regime of 5 to 25 degrees. It is not recommended to freeze a cosmetic product.


Today in the cosmetic market, the company Bourjois It is represented quite widely. You can easily get velvet fluid, persistent matte or liquid lipstick, shine. Tonal bases, nail polishes, pencils produced under this brand are in great demand. Buyers have left many positive reviews about this French brand.

New on the market - soufflé lipstick. She managed to win the recognition of customers and was appreciated by them. You can buy French brand funds in stores such as Letual, Ile de Beaute, Rive Gauche and others. Order tightly through online stores.

Brand lines

The collection of lipsticks is represented quite diverse. You can choose from the following lines:

  • "Rouge Edition Aqua Laque";
  • "12 hours" (12 hours of durability);
  • "Velvet" - velvet fluid;
  • "Color Boost Lipstick" - pencil lipstick;
  • "Shine 21".

Each series has its own distinctive features. For example, Color boost Designed to create a moist effect on the lips. The texture of the product is quite delicate, which contributes to a quick and uniform distribution. The result is a radiant, rich hue. The manufacturer claims that the lipstick can last up to 10 hours. This is facilitated by the silk extract contained in the product. Lipstick has caring properties and is almost not felt on the lips.

Collection "Velvet"Many girls prefer a bright color and a matte finish. The product has a lightweight texture. It is easy to apply. During long-term wear, the skin of the lips is comfortable, it does not dry out. Velvet fluid provides long-lasting resistance. The manufacturer enriched the lipstick with various oils.

Series ToolsAqua laque"have a texture imperceptible on the skin of the lips. This lipstick combines several advantages - high durability, saturation of the shade and incredible radiance. You can compare it with the luster of the water surface. A high concentration of pigments allows you to quickly get a bright and rich shade. The composition contains water lily extract. This allows the lips to feel comfortable and hydrated for up to 10 hours.


Each collection of the French brand is interesting and attractive in its own way.. In the line you can find different shades of red, pink or nude. But buyers claim that the tones on the packaging do not always coincide with the real ones. Therefore, pay attention to swatch in reviews or try lipstick before buying in a cosmetic store.

This year's novelty is a velvet fluid in red, nude, coral, fuchsia and others. In collection "Color boost"many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity choose colors for themselves"Plum island". This pleasant shade is perfect for everything. You can use it for a romantic date, a walk with friends or a party.

The French brand line is still no less popular - "Sweet kiss". It is presented in different colors. Lovers of bright colors will certainly appreciate the color of fuchsia, and nude - the tone."Naturel".

How to choose your own shade?

The main feature of lipsticks of this brand is that when applied, the color differs from that shown on the package. That is why many girls are wondering how to choose the right option and not be disappointed.

Several options are possible. If you buy lipstick in a regular store, just test it on the back of your hand. Typically, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity prefer universal matte nude tones or red, which are indispensable when creating evening and holiday makeup. At the peak of popularity, dark colors are now.

They will help you choose the right shades and make sure the Swatch is rightthat girls apply to their reviews. This is a great option if you purchase a cosmetic product online and there is no way to try it on hand.


Prices for matte brand lipsticks in different stores may vary significantly. The cheapest option is to purchase in online stores or joint purchases. The cost of lip cosmetics varies from 300 to 500 rubles.

You can order lipstick with home delivery. This is convenient, especially since some stores provide this service for free. When choosing lipstick, the main thing is not to purchase a fake.

How to distinguish a fake from the original?

There are many ways to distinguish an original from a fake. Given simple tips, you can avoid unpleasant situations and waste of money. To choose the right cosmetic product, it is not necessary to be the owner of a chemical laboratory. Enough and minimal knowledge about the characteristics of a quality tool.

General recommendations that you should pay attention to first of all:

  • cosmetic packaging. When buying, be sure to ensure that the cardboard packaging is not wrinkled or sealed. Manufacturing companies that respect themselves and their customers use only high-quality materials - thick cardboard, plastic, safe for health. If the cosmetic product is in a transparent case, then over time it will not cloud, and the paint will not be transferred to the skin of the hands during friction. A self-respecting company does not save on design. Impressions and engravings are often used;
  • marking. Read carefully what is written on the package. The text should not have grammatical and spelling errors. Gently rub the packaging. Ink should not be overwritten. The batch numbers indicated on the carton and bottle must match;
  • composition. Any manufacturer uses a clear recipe when creating cosmetics. He indicates all the ingredients on the packaging in descending order, depending on the quantity in the product. If it is produced abroad, then the composition is written in English. If you make a purchase in a regular store, you can go to the manufacturer’s website and compare the composition. It must be identical. The manufacturer does not have the right to change even perfume without a series of studies.
  • equipment. Not all manufacturers complete the cosmetic product with accessories for applying. But the fake often has auxiliary tools;
  • testers. Popular brands are usually supplied by testers in boutiques. This helps the buyer determine the absence of allergic reactions to the cosmetic product and try the composition on the skin;
  • cost. Please note that no sale or liquidation of the store will force the seller to sell the goods below the wholesale price. Therefore, you should be wary if you come across a cosmetic product that costs 5,000 rubles for 500.

When buying lipstick, pay attention to the absence of an unpleasant odor. Be sure to try the product on the back of your hand. It should be applied evenly, without bald spots and lumps.

At the bottom of the bottle there is a sticker on which the individual number and color name are indicated. Many manufacturers carve the brand name on the core of a cosmetic product.

How to apply?

Girls using this lipstick claim that you need to learn how to apply it correctly. The dense, but liquid texture of the product, unlike analogs in sticks, requires more accuracy. Lipstick is more likely associated with shine.

The cosmetic is highly pigmented. That is why if you apply it incorrectly, it will spread beyond the contour, it will lie unevenly and ugly. Many girls note that in hot weather this option is better not to use.

To achieve a sharp lip contour, you must use a pencil of a suitable shade. Before applying the product, you should powder your lips. This will ensure uniform application of the liquid texture. It is advisable to use powder transparent.

If you need to adjust the natural shape of the lips, it is better to use a light beige pencil. The circuit will become a "barrier" and does not allow lipstick to flow. To increase durability, you can apply a pencil of a similar tone with a cosmetic product and all lips. Fix it with powder. Only after the preparatory phase can you safely apply lipstick. Now she withstands any test.


Many girls rightly believe that matte lipstick Bourjois In no way inferior to luxury cosmetics. This cosmetic product lies evenly and evenly distributed. Lipstick is highly resistant, you do not need to constantly correct. However, it does not dry the skin of the lips.

In appearance, matte lipstick resembles shine. When applied to the lips, it looks completely wrong. The novelty, which pleased the modern women, the manufacturing company is not too widespread, but those who managed to try it on their own example, noted the unusually high quality of the product.

Girls note a pleasant velvet effect and convenient application. Lipstick can be used without a pencil, and it will not spread. Special preparation when applying is also not required. Lipstick does not cause peeling.

Lipstick off Bourjois have a pleasant creamy texture. It eliminates lip drying and helps to achieve a beautiful matte finish. It is definitely worth evaluating the novelty on a personal example. The cosmetic is quite resistant - even after a couple of cups of coffee, it remains in its original form, which cannot but please modern fashionistas.

The next video is an overview of matte lipsticks with a light texture Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet, swatch on the lips of all 8 shades of the lipstick collection.

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