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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Hairspray "Charm"

High-quality styling products allow you to keep styling for a long time without harm to curls. One such option is hair spray "Charm".


"Charm Professional" - A well-known Russian brand that produces professional hair products that are available for home use.

All products of the company pass dermatological control and approval of trichologists. Their composition is safe and does not contain aggressive components. The main objective of the products is to combine flawless hairstyles with care for hair health

Styling products "Professional" presented by the manufacturer in several series, each of which is aimed at solving specific problems. In addition to gels and mousses, each collection includes hair spray.


Invisible Fix

The special micro-atomization technology makes the product completely invisible on the hair. The varnish instantly dries and guarantees perfect fixation for 24 hours.

Also, the product neutralizes the “fluffiness” of the strands, smoothing them and giving the hairstyle a well-groomed appearance. A number of components protect the curls from the negative effects of external factors.

"Lamination effect"

This varnish can easily replace an expensive salon procedure.

Unique components gently envelop the surface of each hair. The strands become unusually smooth and shiny, as after the lamination procedure. In this case, extrasilic fixation does not affect the silkiness of the hair. The constant look of the hairstyle is preserved without weighting and bonding.

Caring ingredients prevent overdrying of the scalp and protect the strands from the negative effects of the external environment.


Special collection "Keratinotherapy" guarantees comprehensive hair care.

Liquid keratin, similar to one of the elements of the hair structure, takes care of the strength and beauty of curls. Valuable vitamins and jojoba oil nourish each hair, restoring and strengthening it from the inside.

Fixing particles "DiProFactor" securely fix styling without harm to hair. The varnish does not glue the strands, leaving them alive, shiny and elastic, and also protects the hairstyle from ultraviolet radiation. The product can be easily removed with a comb or washed off with plain water.

"Ultra Power"

This varnish preserves styling under any circumstances. Even the most naughty locks will be fixed in the hairstyle for 24 hours, regardless of its complexity.

Complex "DiProFactor" provides perfect fixation even in high humidity conditions without gluing hair.

The vitamin complex nourishes and strengthens the strands, preventing their fragility. Curls acquire a glossy sheen, elasticity and silkiness. The components of the varnish protect them from ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures, neutralize static electricity.

The product has a neutral aroma and dries instantly.

"Memory effect"

This varnish is able not only to preserve the hairstyle for a long time, but also easily restore it even after severe deformation. With it you will not be afraid of either strong gusts of wind or a sudden rain. And even after sleep, you can shine in all its glory, without wasting time on a new styling.

"DiProFactor" guarantees super strong fixing. Bamboo extract and provitamin B5 nourish each hair, rewarding it with strength and dazzling brilliance. The UV filter makes it ideal for use on a sunny day.

The product does not stick hair, leaves no sticky residue and has a neutral aroma.


This product gives the hairstyle a mirror shine and flawless styling. Vitamins and minerals look after each hair, nourishing and filling them with moisture. Rock crystal extract strengthens the structure of curls, preserves their elasticity and gives them a delightful radiance.


To give the hairstyle an amazing volume and strength, you just need a product from this series. Lush, shiny curls will delight you all day, despite the wind, humidity and other circumstances.

The composition of the varnish includes a moisturizing extract of cactus flowers and provitamin B5. The tool does not weigh down the hair, gives it a luxurious volume and shine.

"3D active"

Lovers of volumetric styling will appreciate this product. The varnish provides a stunning 3D basal volume, as well as lightness, radiance of healthy hair and fixation of hair for 24 hours.

Caffeine extract strengthens curls, provitamin B5 nourishes and is saturated with their natural strength. The product does not stick hair, protects it from sunlight and is easily washed off.


For owners of damaged and dull strands who are worried about their condition, the brand created this product.

Flawless fixation for 24 hours without harm to curls - it is possible. A safe composition with B5 provitamin and grape seed extract will give each hair nutrition, hydration and shine. A complex "DiProFactor" protects the hair from any weather without drying and gluing.

"Clean styling"

This product is suitable for sensitive scalp. Natural components soothe and neutralize irritations, nourish curls, give the hair shine and silkiness.

The ultra-thin spray allows the varnish to lay down on the hair in an even weightless layer without the slightest weight. The product does not contain perfumes; it is easily removed with a comb.

"Organic power"

The updated version of the varnish "Bio" includes a vitamin complex for strengthening hair and rooibos extract, filling them with strength and energy. The unique formula also contains a UV filter and has an antioxidant effect.

A perfect hairstyle for 24 hours in combination with the transformation of curls is what owners of dry and naughty hair need.


For bright and creative images created this series of varnishes. Reliable fixation and healthy shine are complemented by a scattering of shining sparkles. Ideal for New Year celebrations and other celebrations.

Lucky is presented in three versions: "Gold", "Silver" and "Multi"named by the color of the flickering particles.


A series of varnishes with colored pigments is another innovative product of the brand. It allows you to turn into a mischievous fashionista with raspberry locks for one evening, without resorting to dyeing your hair. At the same time, the curls remain friable and silky, easy to comb and do not stain the headgear or pillow.


Customer Opinions on Hair Spray "Charm" ambiguous. Many girls are delighted with the product. They note excellent fixation and a pleasant aroma of funds. Judging by these reviews, the varnish does not stick and does not spoil the hair, it is easily washed off and convenient to use. Affordable and affordable price.

Other ladies were unsatisfied with the purchase. Someone does not like the smell of funds, and for someone their resistance to hair seems insufficient. But perhaps these girls simply did not find a product suitable for them in a wide assortment of the brand.

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