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Lipstick-Enhancing Lipstick

The modern beauty industry offers girls and women a large number of universal tools that help quickly and easily correct facial features. The main advantage of these options is safety and instant action. One of these cosmetics is a lipstick enhancer. Most often, the main components of such products are natural extracts, which are irritating to the skin.


Enlarging lipstick is slightly different from the options that we used to use to create makeup in everyday life. As already noted, The basis of such funds is menthol, peppermint, pepper or hyaluronic acid, which irritate the skin. Often these components complement other components.

It is worth noting that lipstick with such a foundation is the simplest and most affordable option for adding extra volume. The peculiarity of this cosmetics is its safety. Lipstick has a slight irritating effect, increasing blood flow, so you can quickly and easily enlarge your lips.

Today, such cosmetics can be purchased at any specialized store. The cost of the products is different - it all depends on the composition and manufacturer of the product.

Lipstick with a magnifying effect is best used for thin lips. To achieve the desired volume, cosmetics are recommended to be used periodically. The active ingredients present in the composition with regular exposure can harm sensitive skin.

Sometimes lipsticks for enlargement need to be used all day. This is due to the fact that some funds have a cumulative effect. Others, on the contrary, begin to act immediately after application. If the composition contains a large amount of active substances, with the help of such cosmetics you can increase the volume by 15-20%


Lip augmentation using such lipstick is due to the composition, which contains natural active substances. Often, instead of menthol, the basis of the product includes an equally annoying component - pepper. The disadvantage of this lipstick is that the smell of this ingredient is felt immediately after application. But today, cosmetics manufacturers are trying to improve the technology of creation and therefore lipsticks with pepper complement with other fragrant and natural ingredients.

Quite often, hyaluronic acid is used as part of high-quality lipsticks. Experts note that such a component in no way harms the skin, but rather the opposite - saturates it with useful components. The composition with hyaluronic acid is complemented by other the ingredients, namely:

  • plant extracts;
  • essential oils;
  • silicones.

The basis of cosmetics contains active substances that favorably affect blood circulation. Due to such processes, lip augmentation occurs without the use of radical methods.

Best remedies

Modern cosmetic brands do not get tired of delighting their fans with various new products, and in this case, increasing lipstick was no exception. On the shelves of shops you can find many different options that will help to get the desired volume in a short time.

One of these types includes lipstick "100% color" from Faberlic Cosmetics from this series are presented in soft nude shades, which is a huge advantage. Calm colors add naturalness to the image and at the same time help to achieve the desired magnification effect. The advantage of lipstick lies in the fact that it perfectly moisturizes the skin during use. Cosmetics are suitable for both a hot summer day and cool winter weather.

Lipstick is a good choice for everyday makeup. Avon mark with 3D volume effect. Cosmetics from this series have an original design. Lipsticks have soft delicate shades that perfectly emphasize the natural attractiveness of a woman. The main advantage of cosmetics is that after using it, the lips acquire volume and look more puffy.

One of the most famous modern cosmetic companies is Oriflame. This brand decided not to concede its leadership position and introduced lipstick created using a unique technology - “3D Plumping”. This complex includes natural components, the main of which is hyaluronic acid.

Which color to choose

You can add extra volume using a properly selected lipstick shade. Many makeup artists recommend choosing not too bright, but expressive tones, especially for owners of thin lips. There are several rules that you need to focus on when choosing the right shade.

Owners of puffy lips should look at the bronze and brown tones. The advantage of these shades is lightness and unobtrusiveness. Thanks to them, make-up looks natural and attractive.

Owners of thin small lips need to choose light shades that will not look too elaborate. Nude tones are the perfect choice.

An important point is not only the shade of cosmetics, but also how you apply it on the lips. The advice of professionals who use small tricks in order to give the desired volume and naturalness will help in this matter.

First you need to dry your lips with a napkin, then apply the foundation. For these purposes, it is best to use high-quality cream powder. Thanks to her, lipstick does not spread on the lips, and the color looks more saturated and expressive. The next step is contouring. Its color should match the shade of lipstick.

Lipstick should be painted slowly, so as not to go beyond the marked contours. After this, the process of applying cosmetics can be considered completed.

How to visually increase the volume of lips with makeup, you will learn from the next video tutorial.

How to choose

When choosing a lipstick for lip augmentation, there are several important points to consider. The first thing you need to pay attention to at the time of purchase is the composition. It has already been said above that natural ingredients should be present at the base of the products. Color compositions, oils and wax are essential components of any type of this cosmetics. As additional components should be used sunscreen supplements and vitamins.

It should be borne in mind that bulk lipstick contains plant extracts, which cause slight irritation, due to which there is a swelling. Such species include mint, ginger and pepper.

Cosmetics that add volume also contain optical pigments. The principle of operation of these components is the reflection of light. This gives the lips a natural shine.

The next important criterion is the type of makeup. To enlarge the lips, you need to choose a satin lipstick. Lips look much more attractive and seem somewhat fuller. Matte species should be discarded, as they rarely provide additional volume. But this option is perfect for creating a natural everyday makeup.

Matte lipsticks go to owners of puffy lips. With the help of such decorative cosmetics, you can make an expressive emphasis in both everyday and evening makeup.

If you are looking for a colorless lipstick, you need to pay attention to a special cream for lip augmentation. The basis of such funds contains hyaluronic acid, which gives an additional volume. In appearance, this option resembles ordinary hygienic lipstick. The product is ideal for sensitive skin. The components penetrate the cells and nourish them from the inside.


You can choose the right lipstick using the reviews left by customers. Basically, girls and women recommend using cosmetics in nude shades with natural components in the composition. This is due to the fact that too bright tones of lipstick "kill" all the charm of makeup. Vivid colors are perfect for creating an evening fashion make-up.

For everyday makeup, it is worth choosing calmer shades. Thanks to this, one can highlight the advantages of appearance, emphasize facial features and expressiveness of the eyes.

According to many customers, products from brands such as Avon and Oriflame. These brands offer quality makeup at an affordable price.

If you need remedies with medicinal properties, it is worth taking a closer look at the brands Deborah and Dr. Pierre ricaudincluded in the ranking of the best cosmetic manufacturers. Products from these companies are based on natural active ingredients that restore cells from the inside, prevent dry skin. It is worth noting that the brand Dr. Pierre ricaud produces unique cream lipsticks for daily lip care.

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