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Hygienic lipstick Belweder

The delicate skin of the lips needs protection no less than the face and body. Procedures for caring for her should become a daily habit, as well as other cosmetic procedures. Many do not pay due attention to this, only occasionally moisturizing their weathered lips in winter and summer. But in order for the lips to look attractive and stay healthy, you must always have at hand a tool that provides protection from the wind, excessive dry air, temperature changes. Hygienic lipstick Belweder from the popular Polish cosmetic company with natural ingredients in the composition is one of the most effective products for lip care.

Well-groomed lips in any weather

Cosmetic company Belweder produces medical products for face and body care for more than 20 years, uses natural components in the manufacture and passes international certification. Products can be purchased only in large pharmacies, which confirms the serious approach of manufacturers to their production.

The assortment of the brand includes a variety of care products - hygienic lipstick, moisturizing balms, nail products - firming oils, varnishes, you can also purchase antibacterial mascara with a special cream-based composition.

The properties

The lip skin care product actively moisturizes and protects from sunlight. Thanks to the natural components in the composition it does not cause allergies, protects lips from loss of elasticity and early aging.


Lipstick lifting recommended for use after 30 years. The composition contains special molecules - biomimetic peptides that act on elasticity at the cellular level, helping to restore the natural volume and elasticity of the skin. Tightens and moisturizes lips, saturating them with beneficial substances.

Also composed of:

  • Limnantes alba oil - a plant regulator with a restorative effect. It has regenerative properties, has a lifting effect, softens, saturates with vitamin E. Increases the density of the upper layer of the skin, promotes the rapid transportation of other beneficial substances to cells.
  • Moringa - An oil plant rich in vitamins and minerals. Contains potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, beneficial amino acids. It has regenerative properties, restores metabolic processes.
  • Portulaca Extract slows down the appearance of signs of aging, supports the production of natural collagen, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Using the product regularly for a month will allow you to keep your lips taut and smooth, acting on the deepest layers of the skin.

Hypoallergenic lipstick with rose oil, performs a protective regenerative function. Suitable for girls under 25 years old. Its composition is saturated with oils and healing components that gently affect the hydration and smoothness of the lips.

When used regularly, it fights the first signs of aging - increased dryness, loss of volume, peeling.

Eliminates the feeling of tightness, provides comfort. It can be applied to protect against wind, sun, low temperatures 3-4 times a day. On the lips it looks like a light gloss without a pronounced shade. It does not contain chemical fragrances, has a light aroma of roses.

In the composition of:

  • Damask Rose Oil in combination with jojoba oil has healing properties, eliminates irritation, peeling, and relieves pain. Soothes, softens the skin of the lips, gives the product a delicate delicate aroma.
  • Natural beeswax and candelilla wax gives lipstick resistance, providing a full effect of the product on the lips, and at the same time protect it from dryness and the appearance of small cracks.
  • Lanolin - calming effect, restoration of elasticity.
  • Aloe extract - one of the strongest natural moisturizers. In addition to anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, it also protects from sunlight.

Protective lipstick Crystal Wax - A company product that is made according to a unique recipe in accordance with innovative technologies. An effective and compact tool to protect against drying out and the harmful effects of wind and cold.

In the composition of:

  • A-bisabolol - A natural anti-inflammatory component, which is removed from the laboratory of cotton raw materials and chamomile oil. In cosmetology it is used to soften, fight inflammation, restore metabolic processes and enhance the penetration of other active elements.
  • Aloe vera extract relieves dryness, helps to slow down aging, protects from the sun, has healing properties.
  • Vitamin E promotes instant hydration, restores the natural ability of self-regeneration, nourishes and nourishes the deep layers of the skin with moisture.

Lipstick for active hydration of dry lips is suitable for daily use at any age.

Package design

This is not the standard form that everyone is used to - a cap and a twisting sleeve, but a special retractable mechanism. A transparent case of small volume is equipped with a button on its side, pulling by which you can run it - the lipstick is put forward, applied to the lips and after another press is hidden.

Such a case is very convenient to use - it is possible to apply lipstick easily and simply anywhere, without wasting time on unnecessary packaging manipulations.

The colorless stick of lipstick does not have a chemical smell, on the lips it feels like a non-greasy pleasant film, after some time after application it is completely absorbed.


You can apply lipstick at any time with the appearance of discomfort on the lips, dryness, inflammation.

To restore damaged and weathered skin of the lips, it is recommended to apply lipstick at night with a dense layer, as well as every time before going out, regardless of the weather.

Also, for preventive purposes, use a protective agent:

  • during sports since protection against temperature extremes and a long stay on the street is required;
  • after illness since dehydration, tightness and excessive dryness are possible;
  • starting the fight against the signs of aging. It is necessary to apply under the main makeup of the lips - colored lipstick or pencil.

The shelf life of open lipstick from natural components is 3-4 months, as some of them are subject to natural decomposition.


Pharmacy cosmetics deserve more trust among customers, therefore, reviews on Belweder hygienic lipstick are mostly positive.

The stick itself deserves attention as well - it is very solid, does not begin to melt under the influence of sunlight, the product is applied to the lips with a non-greasy layer, without leaving spots and unpleasant sensations.

Immediately after application, you can notice how the surface of the lips evens out, a feeling of softness appears, and tightness disappears. You can notice a qualitative improvement in the condition of the lips within a month after application.

See the following video for feedback on Belweder Hygiene Lipstick.

Watch the video: Бельведер помада защитно регенерирующая (January 2020).


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