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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Green mascara

Today you will not surprise anyone with colored ink. Makeup artists are not limited to black and brown. With the help of color paint for eyelashes, you can easily shade and emphasize the natural color of the iris, it is much easier and faster to make spectacular bright makeup. After all, colored mascara highlights and emphasizes the eyes much more advantageously than its black counterpart or eye shadow.

Which color to choose

Now on store shelves you can easily find blue, blue, green, purple and even gray, gold and red mascara. The main thing is to choose the right shade for yourself. What suits a blonde or redhead will absolutely not look on a brunette or brown-haired woman.

You can use multi-colored means for dyeing eyelashes both in everyday makeup and in festive, evening.

After all, colors play an important role in our lives and can tell a lot about a person who is not afraid to use them.

Green mascara is not limited to one shade and has a huge assortment of colors. Emerald, dark green, light, khaki - such shades will look great in the makeup of brown-eyed brunettes, as well as green-eyed. For an evening make-up it is worth dyeing in several layers both the upper and lower eyelashes. As a lipstick, you can use a coral shade; apply pink blush on cheeks. It will turn out bright, festive and at the same time fresh look.

When using green mascara in daytime makeup, you can only color the tips of the upper eyelashes.

Shadows in such a make-up are applied with a light, translucent layer. It is better to use pastel colors for the eyelids, muffled and calm. Do not go past the bronze shadows, they blend perfectly with the green eyelash product. The result is a luxurious and extravagant look.


Many cosmetic brands produce colored mascara so that fashionistas can easily experiment with images and shades. The curled ends of eyelashes will add effect. L'etoile provides a wide choice to feel like a professional makeup artist and create a unique look.

Emerald shade with pearl shine offers Givenchy. Product "Encre a Cils Green Gypsophila" will create a lacquer coating on the eyelashes. Even having applied this tool to the very tips, you will already get a deep, attractive and expressive look. Unusual color will not leave you without the attention of others.

Pupa produces mascara "Vamp! Mascara Extreme" in various shades. The Military Green model will present not only a saturated color, but also instant volume. Eyelashes will turn out perfectly divided, elastic and structured, lush and bewitchingly bright.

"Lagoon" is an immersion in juicy greens that gives Yves Rocher. Eyelashes will acquire a fashionable shade and will conquer and fascinate others. “Green Lagoon” contains natural cornflower extract in its composition, so the mascara will present not only a fashionable look, but also high-quality care, which is so necessary for tender eyes. Makeup using this tool will help to show imagination, creativity, courage and audacity. This make-up is perfect for a vacation in hot countries or a beach party.

In collection "Little MAC" A miniature color eyelash product is also presented. Three-sided tassel green mascara "Zoom Lash" instantly give volume and a clear separation of the hairs. The product is very compact - only 2.5 grams, and practically does not take place in a handbag. The emerald green hue will look especially advantageous on a dark-eyed brunette with a beautiful tan. Mascara is very persistent, so it does not spread; has lengthening properties.

When applying even one layer, the look acquires special expressiveness and depth. For the whole day, mascara makes eyelashes voluminous, divided, long and curled. The product can be applied in several layers and not be afraid of weighting, as the texture is velvety. Three-sided brush simulates hairs and gives them a sexy bend


Green mascara from a French company Yves rocher Looks bright on both light and black eyelashes. According to customer reviews, this model in addition has a twisting effect and quality stains even the smallest cilia. Mascara has a rich mint hue, easily lays down and holds, lengthening hairs. The volume of the bottle is only 4 ml, so it is convenient to take it with you on a trip.

"Vamp! Mascara Extreme" by Pupa consumers like the effect of extended eyelashes and maximum volume. During the day, it does not imprint on the eyelid and does not crumble. Deep color lasts until the evening, and the eyelashes become endless. Another plus is the light, weightless texture, which is almost not felt on the hairs and does not make makeup heavier. Girls noted that this product dries quickly, so it’s possible to carry out accurate makeup even on the run.

Special advantage MAC Zoom Lash women called firmness and even application without lumps. Also, this product does not irritate the eyes, so it is suitable even for those who wear contact lenses. You can safely use mascara in the rain and in the snow. It will not be smeared on the face, but will remain on the eyelashes.

About the rules for applying colored mascara in the next video.

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