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Dark lipstick

Now on the market there is a huge variety of lipsticks in various shades. It can be barely noticeable nude tones or spectacular scarlet, giving the lips volume and sexuality. This article will focus on the most controversial option - dark lipstick.

Saturated dark shades of a girl are treated differently. Someone believes that dark colors age us and emphasize flaws, and someone is firmly convinced that to get rid of all these stereotypes you just need to find your perfect lipstick. In this article we will try to clarify how to choose a beautiful lipstick for the features of your appearance and with what to combine it to always look good.


The dark color of lipstick is rarely used by girls. For many, these shades seem to be "age". It is believed that they do not go to young girls and you need to choose something lighter and more tender to look beautiful and young. But this is just a stereotype.

In fact, a rich wine tint or rich plum will look just fine even on a young girl. The only thing that is really worth remembering and what you need to be careful about is the lipstick is so expressive that against its background all the slightest flaws will be noticeable. Therefore, your skin should be either very well-groomed or correctly adjusted. The same can be said about teeth - the rich dark color of cosmetics will emphasize yellowness, so they should be as white as possible.

Another one The peculiarity of dark lip care is that it is better suited for fall. It is during this cold season that girls make up with darker and more saturated cosmetics. In summer, the majority rejects such radical colors, preferring something lighter and more tender. For example, the same pink or nude lipsticks. Dark red lipsticks or colors with a purple undertone can be left for evening makeup.

Who are they going to?

In general, the dark color of lipstick is quite versatile. Despite stereotypes, dark shades go to blondes and brunettes. The main thing is to be able to choose exactly the color that focuses on your strengths and hides all the flaws. About how to choose the right shade that suits your color type you will learn a little later.

Trend of the year

Among the trendy colors this year, fashionable dark tones flash. This is burgundy, and dark gray, and brown, leaving in chocolate. Let's look a little bit more at what shades it is worth paying attention to to be in trend this year.


Lipstick with a purple undertone looks very interesting. A plum hue adorned the lips of many models at shows. And in all cases, he made the image more perfect and spectacular. But if you want to repeat this makeup, then be careful - it is this subton that is able to emphasize the yellowness of the teeth and imperfections that everyone has.


Recently, one can not fail to notice that the trend is exquisite porcelain leather. Fashion for light skin color came to us from the East. Emphasize thin and beautiful skin is best helped lips warm shades. If we talk about dark tones, then it is worth noting just burgundy. In life, makeup using burgundy on porcelain skin looks most impressive and attractive.


Even those who are very far from the world of fashion cannot fail to notice the popularity of lipsticks with a satin and velvet finish. Matte fudge is a trend that has been going on for several seasons in a row. And if you buy a matte lipstick also of a saturated dark shade, then the result will be incredible. So be sure to try this makeup option. The main thing is to paint the lips very carefully, since it is such a dark color that is most difficult to apply evenly.

How to choose?

Now is the time to move on to tips on choosing. To make the makeup successful, you need to choose a shade that is best combined with your appearance.

If you light appearance - gray or blue eyes and hair are light brown or light shade, then a dark plum color lipstick will be an ideal option for your image. Against the background of such a foundation, your eyes will acquire a deeper shade.

Girls with "summer" color type (with blond hair and green or brown eyes) you can choose chocolate fondant now fashionable. Also, do not ignore the classic maroon lipsticks. They will definitely suit you.

Brunettes In terms of the selection of dark lipsticks, they are most lucky, because almost all colors are suitable for them. You can constantly try something new without fear that lipstick will age you or just spoil your makeup. If you don’t know where to start, try the classic burgundy shade that suits almost all dark-haired young ladies.

Makeup examples

Dark lipstick should be combined not only with the features of your appearance, but also with other products that you use for makeup. In different situations, saturated dark colors can be combined with different products.


If you are a spectacular girl and are not afraid to wear dark lipsticks even during the day, then you can safely experiment with such an unusual make up. The only thing worth considering here is that images of such a plan should not be overloaded. Therefore, if you are already using a rich burgundy lipstick, you should avoid smokey or dramatic long eyelashes. It will be enough just to correct minor imperfections with a concealer or foundation and lightly emphasize the eyelashes with mascara.


For a girl with any type of appearance, a dark foundation will be a great addition to evening makeup. She will look good both on thin lips and on plump ones. In the evening, you can already give free rein to your imagination - feel free to supplement your makeup with rich shades of shadows or create makeup using highlighters and powder.

Stylists and makeup artists offer many interesting images in which cold shades are combined with dark ones. So you can safely experiment. If you have a rich lipstick of a dark plum shade, then you can try to shape your eyes with shadows of the color of champagne. Although at first glance this combination does not seem obvious and even losing, in practice, you will see that everything will look completely organic.

A more golden and shimmer shade looks good against the background of classic burgundy or dark cherry lips. If you like exquisite classics, then you will definitely like this combination of cosmetics.

As for the experimental makeup options using dark purple or dark gray fondant, then you just need to have a very good sense of taste. In this case, you can really create something special and spectacular.

Dark lipstick also looks very good in combination with clearly traced graphic arrows. Such a tandem is just a classic of evening makeup, which, with the right shades, will suit all girls without exception.

You can see an example of stylish “autumn” makeup in the next video.

How to make up?

An equally important question is how to apply it correctly. After all, even if you have the perfect lipstick in your hands, but you can’t distribute it correctly on your skin, the image will still not turn out beautiful and stylish.

To get the most accurate and clear contour, it is recommended to use a contour pencil. With it, you can give your lips the desired shape and even add volume. An outline pencil is applied before you move on to filling the base.

If the lipstick usually does not hold well, slides and erases within an hour after application, then you can use the base. And so that the lipstick (especially matte) does not dry out the lips and does not provoke the appearance of small cracks on them, it is advisable to use some moisturizing balm or a simple hygienic lipstick before staining the base of the lips.

What to wear?

Dark lipstick, if desired, can be combined both with simple things in casual style, and with evening dresses. The main thing is that the lips are beautifully designed and the contour line is clear enough and not smeared.

In everyday style, the fatal red lipstick can also look organically. But for this it is better to take as a basis things in the style of smart casual, for example. A classic blouse, ripped jeans and stilettos - this look will complement dark lipstick perfectly. You can not say about a tracksuit or a light colorful dress made of chiffon.

With evening dresses, everything is much simpler.. You can beat any outfit so that the rich dark cherry lips become just the perfect complement. Choose the dress you like, complement it with the necessary accessories and dark lipstick, and the image of spectacular beauty is ready.


Popular today, dark lipsticks praise almost all the girls. They look really good on young girls and mature ladies. But in order to choose the perfect tone, you have to try many different means, especially if you have a light color type. But the result is worth it, because with the help of dark lipstick even the most ordinary makeup can be turned into something fatal and spectacular. So if you have long wanted to try to add a new twist to your appearance, then try changing your pink shine to dark lipstick - perhaps this is exactly what you always lacked.

Watch the video: How to Wear a Dark Lip (January 2020).


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