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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Mascara Limoni

Nowadays, no modern girl can do without such an important cosmetic product as mascara. Properly selected cosmetics will become simply irreplaceable, since it can advantageously emphasize the beauty and expressiveness of the eyes, make the look mysterious and alluring.

To date, the choice of cosmetics is simply huge. And one of the most popular is Limoni mascara.

About Brand

The company Limoni is engaged in the production of decorative cosmetics and has long been widely popular in Russia.

The company's goal is to produce high-quality, stylish, modern and user-friendly cosmetics. Production is carried out in the most famous Italian, French and Korean factories.

The company regularly releases all kinds of cosmetic innovations and replenishes its range.

Among the products of the Limoni brand you can find such cosmetics as lipsticks and lip glosses, nail polishes, eye shadow and contour pencils, as well as a wide selection of mascaras.

Features and Benefits

Each type of Limoni mascara has a range of advantages - high quality, perfect durability, ease of application - without the effect of lumps, comfortable brushes, moisture resistance.

All eyelash products are enriched with useful vitamins (A, E, B, F), which will help maintain the beauty and health of eyelashes, accelerate their growth, as well as prevent fragility and stop the loss process.

All Limoni products are tested and approved by ophthalmologists. Therefore, you can be sure that Limoni is safe for your eyes.

Linear Overview

According to its purpose, Limoni mascara is divided into:

  1. Volume mascara;
  2. Lengthening;
  3. Tightening;
  4. Water resistant.

The difference lies in the composition and consistency, as well as in the form of a brush for applying the product.

To date, the most popular are combined tools that perform several tasks at once.

In the Limoni line, mascara has gained immense popularity. "Maximalist", which copes with all tasks at once (volume, extension, curling) and is even able to create the effect of false eyelashes.

The composition of this tool includes a film-forming substance that ideally protects the eyelashes from external harmful influences.

"Maximalist black" gives its owner maximum color fastness, and the delicate cream structure and the presence of natural wax in the composition guarantee perfect application and distribution on the cilia.

The brush in this mascara is hard and fluffy, with its help the paint is applied in a beautiful even layer without the formation of lumps and without gluing the hairs together.

After applying the product, the cilia will be unusually lush, exquisitely curled and very beautiful. The tip of the brush is slightly pointed, which makes it possible to conveniently stain even the shortest cilia near the inside of the eyes.

Ink "Maximalist" - moisture resistant. It is well worn, keeps on eyelashes all day and does not crumble. Another plus of this product is that it has a moisturizing effect and contains useful components for eyelash care.


Buyers note the convenience of application - the brush does not leave lumps on the eyelashes, it is applied quite easily. But as the girls write, it is best to apply mascara in 2 layers to get a more expressive effect.

Another advantage is the durability of the paint - many customers confirm that the mascara adheres perfectly to the cilia throughout the day and does not spread even in extreme heat. Micellar water was perfect for girls to withdraw funds.

Owners of Limoni mascara write that it copes with its main tasks perfectly - lengthens the cilia, slightly twists and adds volume. It looks good on cilia and dries very quickly after application, so it is great for use in everyday makeup.

Another obvious advantage of Limoni carcass is its affordable cost. Thanks to very affordable prices, high-quality and modern Limoni cosmetics are available for absolutely every fashionista.

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