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The harm and benefits of henna for hair

Henna for hair is a high-quality natural dye and at the same time a way to make yours more healthy. Strong and well-groomed hair is the dream of any girl. But all hair products have their drawbacks. Let's look at what the harm and benefits to hair are and who really should use henna.

Advantages and disadvantages

Henna for hair is good primarily because it is a natural remedy for coloring and strengthening curls.

This tool helps to solve many problems that girls face. Since the powder is a natural antiseptic, it can cure dandruff and other skin diseases.

High-quality natural henna can strengthen curls. She nourishes them from the inside, strengthening hair follicles. So that the curls after its use become thick and strong. They stop chopping and look more well-groomed.

If you want to use this tool for coloring, then this also has its positive aspects. Coloring with such a tool is the easiest and most natural way to change the color of curls without changing their structure. The color as a result is saturated. If you are afraid that the color, like the pattern on the body, will come off too quickly, then you can not worry. Your locks will look bright for several days, and then the color will begin to gradually wash out, which also looks good.

Henna for hair does not cause allergic reactions, so almost everyone can dye hair in this way. So if redness and inflammation appear on your skin after staining with simple paint, then this is an option for you. Henna can be painted even for pregnant women or nursing mothers.

Now it is worth mentioning some disadvantages. There is an opinion that henna can actually harm the structure of the hair. Let's find out if this is so. First of all, the disadvantage of henna is that it is not always able to dye your hair. This product does not fit well on gray hair or the previous coat of paint. So, for example, blondes who decide to use henna after lightening their hair can find that the curls have acquired an original green tint.

Henna-dyed curls are poorly curled.

Even naturally curly hair can become more straight after such an experiment.

What swings real harm, it is worth noting that henna is able to dry both the scalp and the curls themselves. Therefore, this product is best not to be used by those whose scalp is too dry. After all, if you additionally dry the curls, then the locks will begin to fall out or break.

Also, henna is harmful to the shine of curls. If you use it too often, they will become much more dull and naughty.

You will learn more about the beneficial properties of henna for hair from the next video.

How to protect curls from harm?

If the useful properties of henna do not please you because henna makes hair brittle and dull, then the situation can be completely corrected. To do this, use simple rules.

First, do not abuse henna-based hardeners or stains with it. In order to maintain curls in good condition, it will be enough to make a mask once a week, and apply colored henna once a month.

Also, do not risk combining henna and regular paint.

Such a composition will only spoil your hair. And you will definitely be dissatisfied with the result.

Also remember that natural henna should not be affected by hot water. High temperature immediately robs the product of all its benefits. Therefore, in order to prepare a useful composition for coloring or strengthening hair, use slightly chilled water.

To check if you are allergic to the product, it is advisable to test it on a small lock. In addition, in this way you can see what the color will be on your curls. Indeed, often the final result depends on some individual parameters.

How to use?

There are two main ways to use natural henna. Reviews show that both are very effective, but the quality of the result depends on how accurately you follow the instructions.


To strengthen your hair and make it more vibrant and beautiful, you can use both color and colorless henna. The main thing is to apply it correctly. Composition from henna is perfect for oily hair care.

If your hair is very oily, then you can safely use the product along the entire length from the roots to the ends. But girls with dry curls should ignore the tips and apply a mixture of henna powder and essential oils only to the very roots.

Henna for strengthening hair can be combined not only with essential oils, but also with conventional ones. A popular combination is powder and burdock oil. Such a composition is able to revitalize the hair and turn it from lifeless and dull to beautiful and elastic. You can also use all kinds of decoctions. For their preparation, you can take one type of herb or mix several at once. Nettle, calendula, chamomile and sage are especially beneficial for hair.

For beautiful and shiny curls, the foundation can be supplemented with a vitamin mixture.

Vitamins A and E are good for hair structure.

A mixture to strengthen the hair needs to be prepared immediately before you intend to use it. Brew the powder with warm water, but not boiling water. It is desirable that the composition was in a glass or porcelain bowl, but not in a plastic one.

Before you apply the mixture to your hair, you need to wash it and dry it slightly with a towel. Hold the composition on curls for fifteen to twenty minutes. After that, you can wash everything off your hair with plain warm water. Shampoo does not need to be reused. Only if the mixture contains oils that make the hair oily


You can also make hair noticeably better with masks with henna. A popular option is lemon. It is done very simply. You will need to fill in the henna powder with two yolks, add a spoonful of cottage cheese and two lemon juice. The mask is applied to the curls along the entire length and lasts for half an hour. After that, you can safely wash it off.

By the same principle, you can replace the cottage cheese with other dairy products.

For example, whey or kefir. In the case of three tablespoons of henna, you will need very little serum. Add as much liquid as you need in order to get a mixture as thick as sour cream. This tool is kept on the hair for an hour.

A honey mask will help make hair softer and more beautiful. To create this mask you will need two tablespoons of henna powder, one teaspoon of honey and a raw egg. Henna should initially be filled with warm water and let it brew. After that you can mix all the components together. The mask must be kept forty minutes for it to work.


With this tool, girls also often stain curls. This allows you to get a beautiful natural shade that looks natural. In addition, the locks from such a process do not deteriorate.

Before applying the product to the hair, they must also be well rinsed and wiped with a towel before the mask. Colored henna can stain not only hairs, but also skin. To avoid this, you need to protect the epidermis. To do this, lubricate the ears and neck with cream. It will repel the dye and prevent it from staining the skin.

Another important point is the determination of the quantity of the product. It all depends on the length. In order to color the curls of medium length, you will need one bag of powder.

The powder in the quantity you need should be poured with warm water and applied to the head. Try to distribute the product so that it covers every centimeter of curls, because the quality of staining depends on this. The strands are best combed with a thin comb.

After the tool is evenly distributed over your curls, they need to be wrapped with a film.

After that, to achieve a better result, you need to wrap your head in a warm terry towel and leave it that way. How much to keep a mask is an individual question. It all depends on what color of curls you have and what you want to get as a result.

For light curls it will be enough to hold the mask for fifteen minutes, but darker and thicker strands will be better colored if you hold the mixture for an hour or two. The mask is washed off with shampoo when stained.

Girls who have tried to stain curls in this way claim that it is best to rinse the product with warm water with the addition of a few drops of lemon juice.

In general, henna is a product quite useful for hair, the main thing is to learn how to use it correctly.



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