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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Blush Max Factor

Blush - one of the most common products in girls' makeup bags. They allow you to give your face a rested and fresh look, hiding traces of fatigue and lack of sleep. It is because of their popularity that many cosmetic brands release their products with a diverse palette of shades.

Max Factor brand among them. One of the brand’s most popular products is Creme Puff Blush. They were released in 2015, but still enjoy well-deserved popularity.

The blush of the brand is packaged in a black plastic round box with a transparent cover through which you can evaluate its color without opening the product. It is worth noting that blush does not have brushes for applying and mirrors in the kit to correct makeup outside the home.

The durability of the product allows you not to correct the blush during the day. However, the package is very compact and easily fits in a handbag, therefore, if there is powder with a mirror and a small brush, they can be used in “traveling” conditions. The box is tightly closed.


The manufacturer has provided a wide palette of shades, so Max Factor products can be used both for its intended purpose and creatively approach the application. Products are suitable for girls with any shade and skin tone.

The lightest blush color "05", suitable for fair-skinned girls, even as a highlighter. To achieve the effect, apply them to the protruding part of the cheekbones, nose and forehead. Shades of "10", "15", "20" just right for the girls of central Russia. Blush number 25 can be used as a bronzer (but not the contour, because the matte grayish shade is more suitable for contouring, and this color is more likely brick and slightly shimmer) to give the skin a tanned look - just apply the product on the protruding parts of the face, and it will immediately transform. As the girls in the reviews note, the pink tint in them is almost impossible to notice, so they can be safely used not for their intended purpose. The last shade of the line ("30") will delight swarthy girls and those who use blush for evening solemn make-up - their rich color will definitely not go unnoticed.

Some note that this tool can also be used as eye shadow. The "Creme Puff Blush" color palette is very diverse, in it any woman will find the perfect shade for herself, corresponding to the season and image.

In the summer, I want to emphasize the tan, which will help shade "25"; in winter a pleasant blush of shade "05", imitating skin touched by frost, is pleasant. Evening makeup is also different from daytime - it is permissible to use the shade "30", which will look very organic.

Product texture

In the reviews, it is noted that the blush is distinguished by fine grinding and delicate texture, which is very convenient when applying. Moreover, thanks to this, the color is easily transferred to the skin, it is difficult to overdo it with it - a natural blush is provided for you.


  • The tool is multitonal - in the jar there are two harmonizing shades at once, which makes it interesting to use. It changes color slightly (depending on the lighting). The girls who wrote their reviews note that the product harmoniously looks on the face under any conditions. It creates a “wet finish” relevant this season (due to a combination of similar shades and a slight pearly sheen).
  • The product contains small shimmer spangles. At first glance it may seem that when applied to the skin they will stand out strongly, but this is not so. Blush only create a satin, marble, soft glow without a hint of shine, which is suitable even for daytime makeup. If you prefer matte textures, you should look at other blushes of the brand.
  • The product easily gives off pigment brush. This means that one stroke is enough to fully transfer color to the skin. This feature reduces the cost of funds, which can not but rejoice. It is also important that the “Creme Puff Blush” is easy to shade - even if you are limited in time, a few seconds are enough to make the color look natural and natural.
  • The product does not have a pronounced aroma. This property will appeal to girls who do not like extraneous odors.

How to apply?

This tool is easiest to apply with a soft fluffy brush - so the color will be transferred completely and will look natural. Before applying the product to the skin, shake off excess pigment, then apply to the desired places - it can be the cheekbones, apples of the cheeks and so on. After this, the blush must be carefully shaded so that the application border is invisible - you can do this in circular motions with a brush.

For greater color intensity it is allowed to apply blush repeatedly. If you go too far with pigment, a translucent powder will come to the rescue - just apply it, and cosmetics will look much more natural.


Girls note that even with the current diversity in the cosmetic market, finding a decent product is very difficult. After all, blush is a tool that can spoil the impression of the whole makeup in an instant.

However, the product from Max Factor due to its texture and an extensive palette of shades will only emphasize your makeup and complement it, giving a complete look.

The video below is a review of Max Factor "Creme Puff Blush" blush:

Watch the video: Max Factor. Creme Puff Blush Review (February 2020).


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