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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Peach blush

Peach blush is a real spring-summer trend. A pretty shade is suitable for every girl, regardless of color type (if the pigment slightly tinted the skin, and not lie an untidy spot). Makeup artists recommend using a peach shade of blush in everyday makeup: it refreshes the image well and practically does not interfere.

How to choose a shade?

Makeup artists say that peach blush goes for absolutely everyone, however, when choosing makeup, you should focus on the type of skin (according to its natural shade):

  • Bright skin ivory accepts the use of warm shades - such as peach, coral, brick or cinnamon.
  • Olive skin with a greenish tint, it perfectly combines with rich warm pigments - terracotta, brown, brownish and amber.
  • Cold porcelain - pink colors of decorative cosmetics.
  • Dark skin color - saturated copper, raspberry and peach shades.

The basic rule is the choice of either a cold or warm tone, which will be combined with the same cold or warm skin tone.

The color of the blush is selected depending on the color of the hair and eyes, so for fair-haired beauties with a warm skin tone, unsaturated peach or pink shades will be the best choice. Blondes need to avoid dark brown colors, as they have the ability to add several years. Such ladies should pay attention to light warm shades that are barely noticeable on the skin. Peach blush is an ideal choice for warm "spring" blondes.

For the cold appearance of blondes, cold pink blush without a redhead is suitable, otherwise the makeup will look ridiculous.

Peach blush goes to dark-haired girls: if the skin tone is cold, discard makeup products with reddish and brown pigment. “Warm” women peach blush go regardless of the color of the hair and eyes, it is enough to determine your shade. Look at the veins in the wrist or elbow. If they are blue or purple, you have a cold undertone, if greenish or olive, then the undertone is warm. There is a neutral undertone when the veins have a blue-green hue.

Learn more about how to choose blush from the next video.


  • Peach blush go to all the girls and women with a warm undertone.
  • They are coming and swarthy or tanned brunettes with brown eyes.
  • To the blondes with a warm shade of hair without gray hair.
  • Fake Blonde (cold pink shades will suit the fair-haired by nature).
  • Peach blush perfectly combined with "warm" brown and green eyes, reddish curls.

Peach blush belongs to the category of almost universal decorative products, however, they are most suitable for girls with a warm skin tone.



Dry blush is classified as friable, in the form of powder or balls of texture. The product is applied with a large soft brush. Dry consistency is one of the most common. It is ideal for oily and combination skin, as it helps to hide excessive gloss on its surface. However, this texture additionally dries the skin, so it is not suitable for dry type and flaky epidermis.

Loose blush - the most moody.

When applying them, it is important to regulate the amount of pigmented powder at the tip of the brush and not overdo it. For beginners and those who simply are not make-up gurus, blush in balls or compact options are more suitable.


This texture is highly resistant and is represented by gels, creams and mousses with a high content of peach pigment. Gel bases are often enclosed in small, flat packs, such as compact powder, but they have a dense gel texture and are usually applied with fingers or a flat brush. To find your perfect form of liquid blush, evaluate how liquid your foundation is - and choose the same texture.


Each self-respecting brand has peach blush in its lineup. They have a warm tone and are very loved by girls and women of any age. Pink-peach varieties are preferred by blondes. Girls with dark hair choose a shade of “peach” to emphasize the depth of brown eyes and rich color. Girls appreciate the delicate shade for its versatility: it can be used in everyday makeup, it’s great to refresh the look or apply in the evening make-up, making the cheeks more pink.

Reviews about the peach shade are positive, since this color goes well with any colors in makeup.

Makeup for cheeks is often applied to the eyelids, the contour of the forehead. This allows for easy contouring and add charm to the natural look.

Watch the video: MASSIVE Blush Declutter - Peach Blushes with swatches (February 2020).


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