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Eyebrow henna

Any woman wants to be always irresistible. For this, each beauty pays great attention to her body: hands, face, hair and makeup. It sometimes takes quite a lot of time. You need to take care not only about the skin of the face, but also about the cilia, eyebrows. Eyebrow care includes taking care of their shape, condition and color. However, not all women can boast beautiful eyebrows. Beauticians who know some beauty secrets can come to the rescue. It is they who can create a miracle using ordinary henna - emphasize beauty and expressiveness. However, home care requires compliance with certain rules. If you know what and how to do, then your eyebrows will always remain beautiful.

Benefits of painting

Henna is of natural origin. Plants are dried and ground to a fine powder. The resulting composition is used to give color to eyelashes and eyebrows. In addition, henna can be used for medical purposes.

Eyebrow correction with henna has become a fashion trend not so long ago. Indeed, right now, natural wide eyebrows have come into fashion. Their beauty is able to emphasize this natural remedy. It cares for hair much better than any chemical compounds.

The tool has a lot of advantages:

  • Natural beneficial composition, in which there is no trace of preservatives, chemically active substances, ammonia and other components. He is natural.
  • Security. Absolutely all girls can use henna, it will not harm even pregnant women or ladies during lactation and breastfeeding.
  • The tool practically does not cause allergic reactions. In very rare cases, with individual intolerance, a skin reaction may occur.
  • Natural paint has a healing effect on the hairs. It strengthens them, has a beneficial effect on the general condition. When using henna, eyebrows look thicker.
  • When stained, the hair strengthens and begins to grow better. After the procedure, they look thicker and well-groomed than when using chemical paints.
  • The composition has the ability to color the skinTherefore, they can do eyebrow tattooing. This procedure is absolutely painless, as the product does not pinch and does not irritate the skin.
  • Staining is persistent. Natural dye lasts longer on eyebrows than any other synthetic eyebrow dye. This means that you do not have to do this procedure often.
  • Despite the durability henna can be washed off easilyif the result did not satisfy you. This will help lemon juice and gel for deep cleansing of the skin.
  • For any appearance, you can choose the right shade of paint. For this, additional natural components are added to the composition.
  • The cost of natural dye is much lowerthan a chemical cosmetic.

If one wonders what is still better (paint or henna), then a definite answer cannot be found. Someone prefers a natural composition, and someone a synthetic tool. It is worth remembering that you can carry out the procedure for dyeing eyebrows at home and in the salon. However, when choosing a natural dye, several nuances should be taken into account:

  • Henna needs to be kept longer by hair than paint;
  • It is necessary to achieve the necessary consistency of the composition so that it does not spread and crumble;
  • To carry out the procedure for home care, you need enough skill.

To whom coloring is suitable?

Natural henna is a very useful remedy that has a lot of advantages. It is used for eyebrows, eyelashes and hair coloring. A large palette of saturated colors, affordable price make this dye very popular. However, not all ladies are ready to try it. This can be explained by the fact that they are not sure that the natural version will suit them. Some are afraid of allergies.

To understand whether a product can cause an allergic reaction, a simple test is necessary. To do this, take a small amount of the product, dilute it with water, lemon juice and apply the mixture to the bend of the elbow. Soak for an hour, rinse with water and wait two days. If there are no redness or irritation at the place of application of the mixture (the skin remains the same as it was), then this means that the product is suitable for you. If the product is suitable, then you can safely dye their eyebrows.

Since henna is harmless, it is suitable for absolutely everyone, even pregnant women (regardless of the term). In addition, the composition can be used in the following cases:

  • If the eyebrows are thin and too light;
  • If you want to add density and color to eyebrows;
  • If you do not want to do a salon tattoo;
  • If you want to achieve a stable result after staining;
  • If you want to paint over the gray hair.

To enhance the result and keep it for a long time, you can apply castor oil to the hair daily. It will give the eyebrows shine, beauty, health and density.

Eyebrow shaping with dyeing should be done once a month. If there are wounds, burns or other injuries on the skin near the places where the composition is supposed to be applied, then the procedure should be discarded.

Types of henna

In order for the result of staining to bring only joy, special attention should be paid to the choice of agent. This is not so important if you will carry out the procedure in the salon, as professional henna is used there. If you are planning to dye eyebrows at home, then the choice of a coloring composition should be approached with all responsibility, since the result will depend on this directly.

In cosmetic stores you can find the following types of henna:


This is the cheapest type of paint and the most common. He has been known for more than a dozen years. After staining, the hairs will get warm shades of brown. To get a color close to black, a small amount of basma should be added to the paint. A small amount of coffee will make the color more saturated. Dry powder is quite large pieces, and the prepared composition dries the eyebrows and has a rather specific smell.


It is of higher quality and has a pleasant aroma. This powder is finer and softer than Iranian. The colors that can be obtained are also varied: brown and black, as well as golden tones. The resulting shade is very saturated and uniform. However, the cost of this tool will be slightly higher.


This is a very expensive tool, it is less common than others. It does not need to be mixed with additional substances. The result of dyeing will be the copper color of the eyebrows, which is not suitable for everyone. Perhaps that is why this type of henna is not used as often as others.


It is almost impossible to find in free sale, most often it is brought from Egypt or ordered via the Internet. However, the powder may contain harmful impurities, so it must be used very carefully.


This is a very high-quality type of henna, characterized by fine grinding. The exposure time of the composition on the hair is much longer than any other. Subject to all the rules for preparing the composition, the color will remain for a long time. However, the shade is not saturated enough. You should choose the color that best suits the color of the eyes and hair.

Types of release

The usual and most common form is powder. It can be just poured into packaging, or it can be in the form of capsules. To prepare the paint, mix the powder with water or the product supplied with the capsule. Dilute the paint according to the instructions. Most often, the manufacturer recommends taking so much water so that the paint resembles sour cream in consistency. Water should be at normal temperature. Too cold or too hot will make the paint less effective.

A more rare form of release is the finished composition in a tube. This view is different in that it is very convenient to use. However, it should be remembered that one bottle contains paint for 200-300 applications. Henna in vials is more suitable for use in salons, as there are many customers. For home use, there is a lot of paint in the tube, but the bottle can be given to friends so that the product does not have time to become unusable.

Home dyeing technique

If you decide to try to color your eyebrows yourself, then you should know how to do it right. In order for the result of coloring the eyebrows at home to please you, you should clearly follow the recommendations from the instructions:

  • Pick the right tool for you. Choose brand, manufacturer and release form.
  • Read the instructions that came with your purchase.
  • Test for possible allergic reactions.. This must be done, although henna and hypoallergenic. If you are going to supplement the composition with other components, then a test is required.
  • Prepare comfortable clothes or a bathrobe, which will not be a pity if paint gets on it. Take gloves that are comfortable to work with.
  • Peel your face focusing on the area around the eyebrows. Then you need to degrease the application area.
  • Dilute the tool (according to the instructions on the package). The recommendations in the instructions depend on the type of henna.
  • Draw the outline of the eyebrows., this will facilitate their correction.
  • Apply the composition from the tips to the head of the eyebrows.. Both eyebrows should be treated at the same time.
  • If the paint has gone beyond the contour, immediately remove it with a damp cloth.
  • To achieve a richer shade, apply paint in a thick layer.
  • At first application soak the dye on the eyebrows for 40-50 minutes. After two or three procedures, you can determine the time of action on your own, because you will know what color shade you want to get in the end.
  • It is better to remove dried paint with a cotton padon which the essential oil is applied. Masters advise using eucalyptus or almond. The instructions on the packaging should detail how to remove the dye from the hair, since this also depends on the type of henna.
  • Excess hairs should be plucked.
  • On the first day after dyeing, avoid exposure to steam, moisture, and heat on the eyebrows.
  • Henna stays on my hair for quite some time, especially if you look after them after staining.

You can learn about how to color eyebrows with henna from the following video.

As you can see, coloring eyebrows at home is not very difficult, so it’s not necessary to go to the salon. With careful observance of each paragraph of the instructions, even the first staining will allow you to get the desired result.

How to breed?

In order for the result of the staining procedure to fully meet all expectations, you need not only to choose the right product, but also to know how to dilute it, apply it and how much time to keep it.

If you purchased a ready-made composition in a tube, then it remains only to carefully apply. If the purchased henna is released in the form of a powder, then you will need to dilute it yourself.

As a rule, on the packaging, the manufacturer indicates how to breed henna. Sometimes this information is missing. Almost always, henna powder should be dissolved in warm water (in a ratio of 1: 1). The liquid should be added gradually so that the paint does not turn out to be too liquid and does not spread. However, too thick a composition also does not need to be done, it will be difficult to apply. Divorced henna will become optimal for staining when its texture resembles sour cream. In addition, when breeding henna, you can add lemon juice or other components that make the color more saturated.

About the rules of breeding henna - in the next video.

If you have purchased a new powder that you have not used before, be sure to conduct a test for the possible occurrence of allergic reactions.

Application Rules

So, you decide to do the eyebrow correction yourself. To do this, you bought henna, prepared a coloring composition, and it is time to apply it to the hairs. This process also requires compliance with certain rules.

  • Prepare the hairs and skin for application: clean them and degrease them.
  • The beautiful shape of the eyebrows will depend on the correct outline. Draw it with a pencil or use a stencil.
  • Paint should be applied from the tip to the nose, and both eyebrows should be painted at once. You do not need to step over the circuit.
  • Keep the composition in the hairs for the required amount of time.
  • Wash off the paint with a cotton pad. Contact with water on the first day is contraindicated.

To keep the color longer, after the dyeing procedure, you need to pay attention to eyebrow care.

After eyebrow tinting

After the staining procedure, you need to take care of the eyebrows, thanks to this, the saturated color will stay for a long time on the hairs. This procedure is not very complicated, it is worth knowing and following only a couple of recommendations:

  • Colored hairs should not be exposed to aggressive agents. Do not apply masks, lotions, creams, or other cosmetic products to your eyebrows.
  • To make the eyebrows look healthier and brighter, you should apply natural oil every day: olive, castor, almond or any other.
  • If you perform these simple actions, then modeling eyebrows will not have to be repeated often.

Popular brands

Eyebrow henna is very easy to find in any cosmetic store and on Internet sites. It is produced by many manufacturers, so it is very difficult to determine which one is the best. Consider the features of some well-known brands:

"Brow Henna" - Indian cosmetic product. It is available both in powder form and in finished form (in tubes). A large palette of colors allows you to choose a shade for each girl. The color keeps on the hairs for up to one and a half months, while it does not fade. However, the cost of this henna is very high.

"Viva" - also produced in India. It costs less than Brow Henna and lasts about two weeks. The palette of shades is presented in black and brown colors. The release form is powder, in addition to which there is coconut oil in capsules, thanks to which it is much easier to wash off the composition from the hair.

"Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint" manufactured in the USA and produced in capsules. The color palette is represented by five saturated shades. Dye and capsules should not be mixed with water, but with a special emulsion. The tool is quite expensive, but you can use it both at home and in salons.

"Nivaly" also produced in the USA. This is a completely natural remedy. Available in gel form in a special tube marker. The price of this henna is high. There are only two colors in the palette: black and brown. Use at home should be very careful, clearly fulfilling all the requirements of the instructions.

Mayur - presented in a slightly wider color scheme than other products. The price category is average. The composition of the paint may include not only natural components, so when buying, pay attention to the composition.

DE.CO. - available in capsules. In stores you can find black, brown colors. Such henna is relatively inexpensive. It contains only natural ingredients.

Lucas cosmetics - very resistant henna, produced in small jars. She holds on her eyebrows for a month and a half. It has a strong healing effect.It must be bred with ordinary water.

Estel - This is a finished eyebrow paint. The kit includes an emulsion, as well as a set of dishes for breeding and protection for the eyelids. The color scheme is very saturated, it is quite easy to find the right shade for yourself. This is a very good tool for first staining.

"Natural Henna D'ajour" - henna that can be used for both eyebrows and eyelashes. It improves the structure of colored hairs, stimulates their growth. The paint lasts on the eyebrows for almost a month. For the preparation of paint no chemicals are needed, just dilute it with water. The color palette is extensive, there is even a red-red tint.

Henna is sold in many stores, but it is better to purchase it at trusted locations or from authorized representatives to avoid fakes.

Each woman herself decides in what form to purchase the product: in powder or in liquid form. When buying, check with the manufacturer and read the composition.


The girls who performed the procedure for staining eyebrows with henna, noted that in itself it is not very complicated. It can be carried out at home. After staining, the color remains for about a month, which distinguishes henna from chemical paints.

Many women trust hair coloring to professionals in salons. Masters themselves choose the right shade, guided by the desires of the clients. According to the ladies, eyebrows after salon care look a little better and more accurate than after home.

All women note that it is most difficult to choose the right shade, especially for the first time. But those who have already found their remedy remain loyal to him.

Some girls discovered henna eyebrow tinting not so long ago. As a rule, they all wanted to get a tattoo, but could not decide. Someone went to the salon, and the master suggested trying to start with henna staining. Friends convinced someone. One way or another - all the ladies were very pleased with the result.

Ladies who have tinted eyebrows at home say that this procedure requires sufficient dexterity. First, you need to properly prepare the paint, and secondly, carefully apply it along the contour.

Every woman wants to have beautiful eyebrows, but not everyone can decide on a tattoo procedure. A good alternative would be to dye your eyebrows with natural henna. It helps to improve the appearance of hairs, give them shine and health.

Watch the video: Henna Eyebrow Tinting (January 2020).


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