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Volumetric Mascara

Mascara is a cosmetic product that is applied to the eyelashes to make them thicker, longer and darker. The Babylonians and the ancient Greeks were the first to use it, and later the Romans adopted this practice from them.


Volumetric Mascara is a thickening agent for eyelashes. It usually contains natural waxes and silicone polymers, which seem to “dress” the eyelashes, making them thicker and more voluminous. To prevent lumps from forming on the cilia, a formula has been developed for a voluminous mascara that does not allow the lashes to stick together. It contains glycerin and silk extract.

One of the varieties is lengthening mascara, which is designed to make short cilia more attractive. Such mascara contains dense villi that are glued to the ends of the eyelashes - and thereby increase their length. This tool will make the eyelashes visually longer, but it will not give them such a volume as a magnifying mascara.

There is a variety like water resistant voluminous mascara. In its composition there are synthetic substances that are designed to reject moisture and can make makeup resistant. However, such components can disrupt the structure of cilia hairs. To prevent eyelash weakening, with frequent use of waterproof mascara, do not forget to apply care products on them at night.


To date, many different formulas for volume mascara have been created. All of them necessarily contain coloring pigments. In some countries (for example, in the USA), federal regulations prohibit the use of any pigments derived from coal or tar for use in eye cosmetics, therefore, natural inorganic colors and pigments are used to produce mascara in these countries. Typically, soot is used to make black in carcass recipes, and iron oxides, which are often mixed with manganese, give brown. Other inorganic dyes (for example, blue ultramarine, obtained from a natural stone called lapis lazuli) are used in colored mascara formulas.

A common component for all types of mascara (including those that give extra volume to the eyelashes) is an emulsion of oil, wax and water. Commonly used beeswax, carnauba wax or paraffin. As the oil, lanolin, linseed, mineral or castor oil can be used. Turpentine and eucalyptus oils, and even sesame oil, which are beneficial for eyelashes, are often used.

Some formulas contain alcohol and stearic acid, which is a common thickener. There are other components used for the same purpose - ceresin, gum or methyl cellulose. Some carcasses contain thin viscose fibers, which make their composition more dense.

Parabens are often used as preservatives.

Who is it for?

Volume mascara, which gives volume, refers to the type of cosmetics, the main role of which is to shape the eyes in such a way that each eyelash looks more voluminous and fuller. They are designed for people who do not have too thick (or simply rare eyelashes) and do not want to use false eyelashes or their extensions.

Any girl can use such mascara just in order to get a more spectacular appearance. Naturally, more voluminous, long and dark eyelashes always look more attractive, and no woman will deny herself the pleasure of winning the man’s heart with one wave of fluffy eyelashes.

How to choose?

To choose for yourself the most suitable mascara with the effect of increasing the volume, it is first necessary to decide what kind of improvements are required for eyelashes.

For rare cilia it is necessary to look for a thickening or bulking mascara with a large round brush with a large number of bristles. Such a fluffy brush will help to create luxurious eyelashes, a little curled up.

For such cilia is suitable 3D ink, which is a set of two products: primer and mascara. The gel primer is applied with an ordinary brush - to create a foundation on which then a layer of bulk carcass rests. The second brush is used to apply directly mascara, which has in its composition microfibers - or, as they are also called, 3D fibers. As a result of using such a tool, you can perform makeup with the effect of false eyelashes, which can turn the look of any girl into a magical and charming means of seduction.

However, the carcass containing 3D fiber has many opponents. The main argument that they put forward is that this remedy quickly crumbles. It not only does not look very aesthetically pleasing, but it can also get into the eyes, injuring the mucous membrane. Particularly problematic is the use of such mascara for women who wear lenses, since impressive voluminous eyelashes can crumble throughout the day and fall on the face and eyes. They can provoke infectious diseases and injuries of the mucous membranes of the eye.

Since such mascara looks very impressive, women are not stopped by the danger of complications. In this case, it is advisable not to overdo it with the quantity, try to stick to the "golden mean" and not wear such a make-up for the whole day, using it more for evening exits.

Some women prefer to use a special curling brush for curling before applying bulk mascara. You can use the tested tool of our grandmothers: special tweezers for curling eyelashes. It is better to use such tongs on unpainted eyelashes so as not to damage delicate hairs. After receiving the desired bend, you can apply any voluminous mascara, and the result will please the owner throughout the day.

If a woman has short eyelashes, it is worth taking care of their lengthening before applying the volume. For this, an extension means having a brush with thick bristles is suitable. A small brush will make it possible to make up each eyelash very close to the eye and make sure that they are all “dressed” in a cocoon from the carcass.

In the case when the eyelashes look great and do not require an increase in volume, lengthening mascara with an even pitch of the bristles will help to emphasize their length and density to form the separation. This option is suitable for natural everyday makeup. To give a beautiful bend, a twisting brush will help.

If eyelashes vary in length or have damage, you may be advised to use as thick brushes as possible for applying voluminous mascara and carefully consider the ingredients included in its composition. Phytokeratin and panthenol are added to the mascara to help the eyelashes recover and grow.

When buying, it is important to choose your color correctly. More often than not, black is the most preferred; it can really make your eyes worthy of the glossy cover of a magazine. If the eyelashes have a reddish tint (or, as happens with natural blondes, have a nondescript color), light brown or dark brown mascara should be applied for everyday makeup.

It is advisable to experiment with colored mascara. Blue, green, khaki or purple, combined with a black base, can enhance the shine of the iris and brighten the complexion.

How to use?

Curling irons can help give eyelashes a beautiful curvature and raise them, making the look brighter and more open. They should be used before applying the mascara. When using tweezers, make sure that they are equipped with a rubber pad that will help curl the hairs (instead of bending them at an acute angle).

The application of bulk mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes is carried out in different ways.

Ways to make up the upper eyelashes and make them voluminous:

  1. If the eyelashes are completely straight, then first it is best to curl them. The most effective result will be achieved by curling tongs, which need to be applied to the base of the eyelashes and gently pressed for 10 seconds. Then you should move them to the middle of the eyelashes and press again for 10 seconds. Then the eyelash tips curl, also with a 10 second pause. This will create a natural curvature of the eyelashes and avoid an ugly break in the form of a hard angle.
  2. In the case where there is no desire to use tweezers, you can simply wet your eyelashes with water and use your fingers to push up and crush wet eyelashes.
  3. Mascara from the tube should be removed by turning the brush back and forth, as if twisting it. This will allow the brush to select the mascara as much as possible and prevent excess air from being pumped into the tube, which contributes to the quick drying of the contents.
  4. Excess funds should be wiped on the fabric or on the edge of the tube. Too much mascara on the brush can cause clumping, so the brush should be wiped away, leaving only the right amount.
  5. To make it convenient to color the cilia, they need to be lifted by looking up for this. At the same time, peripheral vision will allow you to see yourself perfectly in the mirror.
  6. If there are fears that an involuntary blinking will begin, then it is worth opening your mouth a little. The peculiarity of the body is such that it is more difficult to blink when the mouth is open.
  7. A mascara brush is brought to the base of the eyelashes, and it moves back and forth. Ideally, the product should be applied over the entire length of the eyelashes. Well swaying and swaying movements.
  8. Be sure to brush the eyelash tips outward, while making zigzag movements or simulating a small eyelet. Such zigzags with a brush will help to add length and volume, as well as reduce clumping.
  9. After drying the first layer of mascara, you can apply it again, and then as many times as needed to obtain the desired effect. However, it is worth remembering that everyday makeup requires the most natural picture. It is important to remember another point: the more layers of mascara are applied, the higher the likelihood that the mascara will dry out the eyelashes and begin to crumble.
  10. Do not neglect the cilia located on the inner and outer parts of the eyelid. If you use mascara only in the very center of the eyelid, you can visually reduce the size of the eyes, so you should not forget to apply mascara to the inner, middle and outer eyelashes.
  11. If there is a problem with how to dye the innermost eyelashes, then in this case you can very carefully bend the brush 90 degrees (do not worry, it can be bent back). This will make it easy to get the inner eyelashes and dye them.

Mascara application on the lower eyelashes is not always advisable, as this can visually narrow not too big eyes. If you want to color the bottom row of eyelashes, you should adhere to certain rules:

  1. So that when applying the mascara, do not stain the skin under the eyes, it is better to put a piece of cloth or a cotton pad under the lower eyelashes.
  2. To apply the product on the lower cilia, use the very tip of the brush (or the second brush, which is smaller). It’s easier to control movements and paint the surface closer to the eyelid.
  3. It is recommended to use brown mascara for dyeing the lower eyelashes, even when applying black to the upper. This will allow us not to make the look heavier, to make it less “puppet”.

You can remove any errors with a cotton swab. If mascara gets on your face or eyelid, you need to let it dry, so as not to smear it. After drying, you need to press the tip of the cotton swab onto the stain - it is easier to remove stains without messing up the tone of the face and the applied shadows.

Remove the lumps with a dry mascara brush (or cotton swab). In this case, it is necessary to sweep the eyelashes, as if passing simultaneously through the lower and upper. Doing this is worth while the mascara is still not completely dry.

A little secret for those who want to add extra volume: you can do this with baby powder. In the case when bulk mascara does not give the desired effect, you can apply one layer of translucent powder or baby powder on the eyelashes. To do this, you can use a makeup brush or cotton swab. Then you need to cover this powder with another layer of mascara. The powder will allow you to create a larger volume, but it makes the hairs heavier, so you should not wear such makeup for too long.

It is important not to forget to remove mascara from the eyes before going to bed. For this, various makeup removers are used. Timely removal will help maintain eye health, since mascara dries your eyelashes, especially at night. As a result, they can become brittle and begin to fall out.

How to store?

On the packaging of each cosmetic product, its expiration date is necessarily indicated. Using an expired product is hazardous to health. Mascara is no exception. Usually, the shelf life is approximately one to three years. This applies to the storage of the product before the opening of the package.

After opening the tube, you can use mascara for three months, subject to the conditions of its storage, since this cosmetic product is one of the most perishable. It dries very quickly. You can, of course, try to lower the tube into heated water. For some time, the mascara will again become liquid, but this will not last long.

You can slightly increase the carcass life if you adhere to certain rules:

  1. Do not wipe the excess funds on the edge of the bottle: when dried, such a residue will prevent the tube from closing tightly, accelerating the drying of its contents.
  2. You should not lower the brush into the tube too often - it is better to draw in paint by simply twisting the brush inside the bottle.
  3. Do not store eye makeup in the bathroom or in the open sun, nor should it be frozen.
  4. If the product thickens, you can add a few drops of water to it.

Makeup options

The application of voluminous mascara usually becomes the final touch of a spectacular evening make-up.

You can make a make-up in any of the most common styles: retro, grunge, classic or romanticism, voluminous fluffy eyelashes will add an additional plus to any image.

While creating feminine and gentle image it is worth choosing pale pearlescent shades, an almost imperceptible lipstick of the most natural shade and eyebrows of a natural color. At the same time, voluminous and slightly curved up eyelashes will complement the look of a romantic young beauty.

In that case, if you want to decorate the eyes with arrows, and appear in the image of a girl in egyptian style also do not refuse to use bulk mascara. She will highlight eyelashes and will not allow them to disappear in the shade of bright arrows, emphasize the saturated nacre of shadows and the brightness of scarlet or pink lips.

An emphasis on the eyes, which will surely draw attention to their owner, is a necessary element gothic makeup or grunge makeup. The image will be complemented by pale skin, burgundy or gray shades, dark lipstick. Clearly drawn eyebrows will also be a must.

60s make-up (using bright fuchsia lipstick, bronze eyeshadow and delicate peach blush) complement the graceful arrows and luxurious voluminous eyelashes, without which this image is simply impossible to imagine.


There are many brands of mascara that help to increase their length and add volume. Focusing on customer reviews, you can make an approximate top of the best tools. This list contains not only luxury products, but also budget brands:

1. Mascara "Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen", which refers to luxury cosmetics.Girls note the effect of volume, durability, ease of removal. A hybrid brush having bristles (both long and short) is especially praised.

2. "Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll" - this tool has a special brush, combined from dense and narrow bristles. Such a brush does not stick together the hairs and gives a good volume.

3. "Guerlain Cils D'enfer Mascara" many people really like the volume, separation and dyeing of hairs. Recognized as hypoallergenic by ophthalmologists.

4. "Lancome Hypnose Star" called classics, note the winning shape of the brushes, lengthening, a spectacular look of eyelashes and gentle removal of makeup.

5. Maybelline "Volume Express Rocket", which is a budget option, also gets good reviews

6. "Max Factor False Lash Effect" It does not crumble throughout the day, it also creates a good volume, lengthens and tightens.

7. "Chanel Inimitable Multi-Dimensionnel" customers call it capable of decorating eyelashes to an incredible volume, without leading to bonding. However, it is noted that it quickly crumbles, which makes it an unfortunate choice for use throughout the day.

8. "Dior Diorshow" It has a good composition that allows you to color each cilium, and a good brush.

9. "L'Oréal Paris Telescopic Carbon Black" has a brush - comb, which allows you to get the effect of false eyelashes.

10. "L'Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes", thickening each hair and giving a persistent black color.

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