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Givenchy Foundation

Using a tonal foundation is one of the basic steps in creating makeup. Fortunately, today such cosmetics are presented in a rather wide assortment, so there are rarely problems with choosing the right shade. Particular attention should be paid to foundation creams from a famous world brand Givenchy. The brand has long been pleased with its various original innovations.

Features and Benefits

Compared to many cosmetic brands, Givenchy has many advantages that make the brand a leader in sales percentage. The main advantages of products from this company include:

  • exclusively high-quality components are used to create a tonal foundation;
  • Givenchy cosmetics are hypoallergenic;
  • tonal base performs protective functions.

It is worth noting that cosmetics from this brand is suitable for all skin types. Creams have a light texture that ensures smooth application. After using the tonal foundation, the skin acquires smoothness, becomes more hydrated. Particular attention must be paid to the quality of cosmetics. Many girls and women who use products from this brand have repeatedly been convinced that Givenchy offers an exceptionally high-quality product. This brand is in no way inferior to brands such as Chanel and Gucci. It is also important that the company introduced different types of tonal framework. Therefore, buyers have the opportunity to choose the tonal composition according to the type of skin. For example, if you periodically have peeling, then you need to use options with a moisturizing effect.


As noted above, Givenchy brand presents to its customers various types of tonal framework. One of the most effective options is anti-aging cream. Thanks to the use of such a composition, it is possible to easily get rid of small wrinkles and irregularities on the face. In addition, the action of the components present in the base is aimed at eliminating dryness. The composition moisturizes the skin, maintains its elasticity and freshness.

Especially popular among women cream fluid from Givenchy. Light and delicate texture is well distributed on the skin, creating an even tone. Using a cream, you can prevent dryness, peeling and rashes, which are often of concern to modern women. In addition, the composition perfectly masks small wrinkles on the face.

It is worth paying attention that the fluid with SPF 20 after application is invisible to the skin. Thanks to the improved formula, the cream perfectly protects against ultraviolet exposure. The skin does not dry out, remains hydrated and velvety throughout the day. One of the main advantages is that the base can be used even in hot summer weather. The cream does not shine on the face, as is often the case with less quality formulations.

It is worth noting that all Givenchy creams have a fairly dense texture. Despite this, the composition is perfectly stewed with the help of various cosmetic accessories. After application, a matte effect is noticeable. The tonal base perfectly masks facial wrinkles, which are able to appear even at a young age.

Brand lines

When choosing a suitable tonal basis for use, special attention should be paid to the lines of the brand.

  • One of the most popular series is Matissime Matt Velvet. The peculiarity of this cosmetic line is that after application, a dull skin appears. These options are perfect for owners of a combined type. The active ingredients that make up the creams eliminate excess fat in certain areas.
  • Particular attention needs to be paid to options such as Teint couture balm. These creams are ideal for those girls who suffer from redness and enlarged pores. The base is well and quickly absorbed. It is worth noting that this composition is not suitable for masking peeling. This tonal foundation is almost invisible on the face.
  • The cream is especially popular among fans of the Givenchy brand. Photo perfection. This tool has a unique formula. A feature of the tonal base is that it creates the effect of digital correction. Due to the high quality makeup, makeup does not look like a mask. The foundation in combination with other cosmetics is able to easily mask wrinkles and small defects.
  • Owners of oily and problem skin should pay attention to the cream Eclat Matissime Foundation. The composition is well matted, moisturizes dry areas. It contains ginger extract, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to its light texture, the coating is completely invisible on the face. The foundation is ideal for creating everyday natural makeup.
  • One of the best anti-aging creams is Radically No Surgetics. After using the composition, the skin becomes more elastic, normal elasticity is restored. The basis of the product includes pigments that provide softness and velvety.
  • No less famous is the line Fluid. The uniqueness of creams is that they suit different types of skin.


The Givenchy creams palette is quite diverse, which allows girls and women to choose options according to their own preferences. To create a natural everyday make-up, the Photo Perfexion option in Perfect Ivory shade is suitable. A light soft cream will make the skin tone even, eliminate oily sheen and rashes. The tool is almost imperceptible on the face, even in combination with other cosmetic products.

Particular attention should be paid to the Givenchy Teint Couture Balm line and the tones presented in it. One universal option is the Nude Porcelain shade. This foundation is suitable for normal skin. In the presence of redness and peeling, the dense composition is unevenly distributed, and sometimes it becomes noticeable.

A good option is the shade of Nude Shell. After application, a dull effect is noticeable. The base is well masking age spots, is able to hide rosacea. However, some customers were unhappy that after using makeup cream it becomes like a mask.

Owners of dry skin will suit Nude Sand. Neutral shade well masks minor imperfections on the face, emphasizes naturalness and attractiveness.

Today, Givenchy offers its fans a variety of new products, which are based on natural nutritional components. The variety of colors also becomes wider, so every woman can choose the tone in accordance with their own preferences.


If you decide to replenish your makeup bag with a tonal foundation, but have not decided on a suitable shade, pay special attention to the reviews of those women who already use Givenchy creams. Basically, most customers are satisfied with the quality of the composition. During use, cosmetics are easily applied to the skin, there is no unpleasant odor, with the correct distribution of the tonal foundation, makeup looks as natural as possible.

Many girls and women liked the Photo Perfexion line. The cream can be used daily to create everyday light makeup. Buyers noted that the foundation not only fits well on the skin, but also quickly maskes minor defects. In addition, after several uses, the epidermis becomes more hydrated.

An important point is the convenient dispenser. Due to this, it is possible to economically use tonal means.

Many customers are satisfied with the long-lasting effect. At the end of the working day, the composition remains on the face and does not smear. In the summer, the cream perfectly protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

It is worth noting that some customers were unsatisfied with the Teint Couture Balm series. Some women complain that the composition is poorly stewed even with the use of sponge and brush. This is due to the dense structure of the product. In addition, the cream is quickly absorbed into the pores. But, you need to take into account the fact that these products are intended for normal skin type.

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