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How to choose a foundation for skin color?

The foundation of high-quality make-up is not only shadows, blush and lipstick. A smooth and natural complexion is very important. Various tonal means help to achieve this. They are a real salvation for modern women. Properly selected masking agents will help even out skin tone, get rid of age spots, hide unnecessary rashes, give your face a rested appearance, eliminating bruises, swelling and other effects of stress and lack of sleep.

Types of face tones

Choosing the right tonal remedy is not an easy task. It is worthwhile to figure out what features you need to pay attention to.

Currently, various types of masking agents can be found on sale. Understanding what final results they are suitable for and how different consistencies are combined with a particular skin type will significantly reduce the variety of choices.

Foundation tools are of the following types:

  • Cream powder and mousse. These products have a dense coating that allows you to mask redness and smooth skin tone. Due to their texture, they do not clog pores, giving the skin the ability to breathe. The cream powder additionally gives a matte effect that lasts for several hours. Such products are suitable for both young and mature women with oily or combination skin. It is worth noting that young girls are recommended to avoid such daily use.
  • Classic foundation - This is a liquid remedy of various consistencies. Often, foundation creams have particles of powder in their composition, which allows them to cover the skin of the face with a sufficiently dense layer, it is better to stay until the evening and make it dull. Classical creams can well hide imperfections: dark circles under the eyes, spider veins, redness and age spots. Such creams are suitable for women with normal and combination skin.
  • BB creams. They have a light texture and do not give a dense coating, which allows the skin to breathe, easy to apply. Although BB creams contain coloring pigments, which makes it possible to hide small skin imperfections, improve and even out complexion, their main task is to protect against harmful solar radiation, as well as maintain hydration. Such creams are good for regular use and for the summer period. They are suitable for women with dry or normal skin. For owners of oily or combination skin, BB creams are best avoided.
  • Sticks, concealers, correctors have a very dense coating. It is better to use such tools to mask point imperfections: under the eyes, with small rashes and redness. They have a very low consumption and are economical to use.

Sticks are best avoided for dry skin, as the product will not hold well and may spoil the appearance of the face over time.

They should be used with caution under the eyes. To prevent overdrying of the skin, apply a layer of foundation with correctors on moistened skin, and powder on top, which gives resistance and does not allow the product to crumble during the day.

We select by skin type

Different types of tonal products are suitable for a certain type of skin. Having made the wrong choice, you can cause serious harm to the skin, which will entail additional problems and financial costs.

When choosing a concealer, you should focus on the following recommendations:

  • For dry skin, tonal products with a moisturizing effect should be selected. It is best if the product is liquid, not powdery. It will not focus on dryness and will help to avoid early wrinkles. Means from the line of BB creams are recommended to be used just for dry skin. The skin will not only be moisturized, but also be protected from ultraviolet radiation, which will prevent premature aging.
  • With oily skin, the face acquires a noticeable shine, it does not look very attractive. When choosing a cosmetic masking agent, creams containing various oils should be avoided. It is better to choose funds with a matting effect (or apply a light powder with the final layer - this will eliminate the unattractive shine and will not clog the pores).
  • For problematic skin, anti-allergenic creams should be selected and avoid applying funds to the area under the eyes. By consistency, it is worth giving preference to more dense means - for the maximum masking effect. But they should not create a film after application, otherwise clogging the pores will further aggravate the situation, increase the number of black spots and pimples.
  • In order to prevent irritation of delicate skin, you need to try to select funds with natural ingredients. Ideally, if they contain protective substances.
  • Owners of mature skin are advised to pay attention to tonal products with a lifting effect, anti-aging components, containing vitamins and minerals. It is necessary that the product has a protective effect against harmful environmental influences. The main objective of tonal products for mature skin is to mask wrinkles and bumps, as well as intensive nutrition of the skin.
  • Combination skin is quite common. With this type of skin, certain areas (forehead, nose, chin) have increased fat content, and in the remaining areas the skin is overdried. For this type of skin, the foundation should be creamy powder, have vitamins and mandatory protection from sunlight.
  • Owners of normal skin can choose any remedy, focusing only on color and the desired effect.

We determine the color type

Any kind of foundation has a palette of various shades. To choose the right color, it is important to know about the color type of your appearance. There are several recommendations for determining it:

  • Testing is best done in a well-lit room with natural light. Too bright, dim, or electric light may not properly convey skin tones.
  • If the hair is colored, it should be removed in the tail or under the headscarf.
  • It is advisable to conduct a test in clothes of calm colors.
  • You can use the help of friends or relatives.

There are four color types of appearance: "Winter", "Spring", "Summer" and "Autumn". “Winter” and “Summer” refer to cold color types, “Spring” and “Autumn” - to warm.

Girl - "Winter" It has a contrasting, catchy appearance. The skin can be of two types: either light, porcelain, which easily burns in the sun, or has a dark complexion, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, a uniform tan is obtained. Such girls do not have freckles. Black or chocolate hair. Eyebrows and eyelashes are close in color with strands. The lips of the representatives of the "Winter" color type are most often not very bright.

Girl spring" light, warm and airy. The skin has cream and peach shades, the tan lays down with a reddish tint, on the face there is a slightly noticeable blush, there are freckles. Hair is the color of wheat or chocolate. The eyes are light tones, and the lips are pale pink.

Girl- "Summer"has a cold and not very expressive appearance. The skin is light or dark, with a bluish tint. The light skin of this color type is subject to burns. The hair is light gray, light brown in color, does not have copper notes. Eyes are predominantly with gray shades. Lips are pale.

Girl - "Autumn" has a bright appearance, often so expressive that you can do without make-up. The skin is warm, tan sticks badly. Hair is often curly, with a reddish tint. Representatives of this color type often have freckles all over their bodies. Eyes are always bright, contrasting. Lips of warm peach and pink shades.

General hue guidelines

For "Spring" and "Autumn" color types, masking agents of warm tones are suitable. In the store you can buy light beige creams or creams containing a light bronzer, and products with a flickering effect are also suitable.

Concealers for "winter" and "summer" color types should be selected among cold notes. Means can be light, almost white. If the skin has a light tan, it is allowed to choose a natural beige or green-yellow shade.

Less difficulty will arise when choosing a shade of BB creams. They have less variety in colors and themselves adjust to the tone of the skin.

When choosing any foundation, you must follow simple rules:

  1. It is better to choose a cosmetic product in not very bright daylight.
  2. You need to choose a shade strictly on the cheekbones or neck, and not as is commonly believed - on the wrist or arm.
  3. When shading, the product should lie flat, without spots, peeling and lumps.
  4. After the test application, the BB cream should be given 5-10 minutes - and only then watch the result of the "merger".
  5. Be sure to pay attention to the shelf life of the product and its composition.
  6. To determine allergic reactions to a cosmetic product, apply a little cream on the elbow bend and wait a few hours.

The effect achieved depends on the correctness of the selected shade. With the right choice of cosmetic products, the face will become brighter and younger. Not quite the right shade will emphasize the flaws, visually add age or give the face a grotesque look.

Definition of color scale

For bright

The selection of colors for fair-skinned girls is a difficult process. The choice should be made in favor of tinting cosmetic products with cold notes. Bright colors (rich peach or pinkish) are not suitable for fair skin. Owners of porcelain skin can use pale pink, beige, slightly transparent shades with a slight sheen.

For dark

Dark skin needs masking products the least. If there is a need for them, then preference should be given to light chocolate and honey tones with a matting effect.

For prone to redness

When the capillary vessels are located close to the surface, the skin becomes slightly reddish. This can be corrected by a correctly selected tinting cosmetic product. When choosing colors, you should give preference to cold (slightly greenish) shades - olive, which can be slightly diluted with a light brown tone. But the pinkish gamut must be avoided.

For dull and earthy

Life in large, gassed megacities leaves its mark, giving the face a grayish-pale color. To give a flowering appearance, tonal means of the following shades should be used: pale pink, beige-pinkish, slightly reddish. Fear is worth the scale with an admixture of greenish, grayish colors.

How to choose the right tone for evening makeup?

When choosing a masking makeup for an evening out, you should remember some nuances.

  • If this is a business meeting with strong electric light, the tonal product should be slightly darker than the natural complexion.
  • In a romantic evening by candlelight, makeup should be light, highlighting.
  • Tonal products with reflective particles are contraindicated if a photo shoot is planned in order to avoid bright spots from camera flashes.

Makeup for evening makeup is best applied in a thick layer (unlike daily tonal products) to smooth the surface of the face well.

The choice of a masking agent for an evening make-up should be carried out in the evening, only with electric lighting.

Main mistakes

  1. Test a cosmetic product on your wrist or palm.
  2. Choose a cosmetic product designed to mask the face in the daytime. This should not be done indoors with dim or electric lighting.
  3. When buying, one should not blindly give preference to a well-known brand, the cost of a cosmetic product or the composition on the label without testing.
  4. Acquire the product darker than its natural skin to achieve a tan effect.
  5. Use the same tool at different times of the year: both in winter cold and in summer heat.
  6. Test the product on top of already applied makeup.
  7. The most important tinting tips are in a few rules:
  8. With tight, flaky skin, BB creams and creams with moisturizing ingredients should be chosen.
  9. For oily skin, it is better to choose liquid creams with a matting effect, and tinting should be completed with light powder.
  10. Women aged need to choose funds with the effect of lifting and anti-aging correction.
  11. By the end of spring and summer, when the sun's rays are especially active, tonal products should be used that protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.
  12. With slight redness or the appearance of a pimple, it is better to use a concealer and corrector, and not cover the skin with a dense layer of foundation.

Following the above rules and following useful tips, you can easily and quickly eliminate skin imperfections and give your face a fresh, flowering look.

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