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Hair Removal AFT

Modern women pay great attention to their appearance. They resort to various tricks in order to look perfect and not spend a lot of time and effort on it. It is especially important for them to have smooth skin without extra hair. And if earlier only shaving was used to get rid of hairs, now there are many different ways of hair removal and depilation. One of the new technologies is laser AFT hair removal.

What is it and what is it for?

AFT technology is an innovative method of hair removal. He collected the main advantages of the laser method and photoepilation. The technology allows you to achieve the desired result, but absolutely does not pose any danger.

This technology was first developed in Israel and instantly became popular in the medical and cosmetic world. The AFT method became necessary in order to make the hair removal procedure as safe as possible and not leave any marks on the skin. After all, photoepilation damages tissues, leaving burns and redness on them. AFT uses a strong pulsed light, which does not cause any discomfort to the client.

The special filter used in this method allows you to direct the under-utilized region of the spectrum in the right direction without increasing the power. Thus, the skin gets rid of unnecessary vegetation, but does not get injured.

The cooling effect and the rapid movement of the device on the skin helps to avoid pain. This helps to remove excess vegetation in any person, even with sensitive skin.

Getting rid of hairs occurs due to the destruction of follicles. Thus, they weaken and after some time completely stop growing.

The most interesting thing is that AFT technology has an expanded range of actions. It is useful not only for hair removal, but also for other purposes. For example, it is actively used to eliminate rosacea and pigmentation. This is a tool that can save a person even from moles and warts.


AFT technology is designed to rid any part of the body of excess hair. It equally well removes thick and thin hairs, which makes the procedure possible for any client.

Advantages of the technology over other methods of hair removal:

  • painlessness of the procedure;
  • lack of injuries and burns;
  • uniform treatment of skin areas;
  • minimum session time;
  • lack of ingrown hair;
  • complete capture of all hairs;
  • minimum number of sessions;
  • the possibility of visiting the solarium after a session;
  • noticeable result after the first time;
  • the absence of many contraindications that other methods have.

Based on the foregoing, we can safely say that AFT hair removal is the best way to get rid of excess vegetation on the body, which also takes a minimum of time. On average, one procedure takes half an hour, so the patient does not have to change his schedule much.

What can and cannot be done before the procedure?

To go for AFT hair removal, the client must shave the hair in those areas that will be affected by radiation. On the appointed day, do not treat the alleged areas with various ointments and other means. Beauticians advise ten days before the procedure to spend a minimum of time in the sun and not to sunbathe.

If there are fresh scratches or acne on the skin, then you should wait a while with this method of hair removal.

The mandatory shaving before the procedure is due to the fact that AFT hair removal will not be able to remove long hairs. In addition, smoothly shaved skin will help reduce pain and increase the effectiveness of the method.

The main differences from other methods

AFT differs from other methods of hair removal in its safety and painlessness. For example, photoepilation is considered a rather painful procedure, and its effectiveness is achieved through many sessions. Photoepilation is pointless for fair-skinned patients with blond or gray hair. AFT, on the other hand, has no restrictions on the color of skin and hairs; therefore, it is ideal for any person.

If we talk about the method of laser hair removal, then we can say that it also causes uncomfortable sensations, which exclude the possibility of its use on delicate and sensitive skin. In addition, laser hair removal can lead to burns and redness.

AFT does not lead to any side effects and does not cause pain, so it allows you to achieve better results. The only thing is that immediately after the session the skin will be slightly red, but this nuisance will disappear after a short period of time.

What areas of the body are effective to use?

AFT technology is the most gentle and painless method of hair removal, so you can use it on all parts of the body. It can even be the back, stomach, bikini area or cheeks - the procedure will effectively save them from unnecessary hair forever and in a short time.

Before a person goes to a session, he must consult with a specialist who will conduct the procedure. It will determine the pain threshold of the patient, his skin type and hair structure. This is necessary for the cosmetologist to decide which method is best to remove hair and whether to use the combined method

How many sessions will it take?

Like any other laser procedure, AFT will help get rid of unwanted vegetation in a few procedures. Their number depends on the density and type of hair of the patient, so the cosmetologist will study its features in advance. Usually, 5-6 sessions are needed to completely get rid of excess hair, but some people need to visit up to 10 sessions.

Cosmetologists advise to carry out the procedure once a month until complete elimination of hairiness. And even after the effect is achieved, in order to maintain the result, you will have to resort to this method once a year.

Who should not be used?

Despite the fact that AFT hair removal is safe and painless, some people should not have this procedure. The main contraindications include:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • oncology;
  • the presence of damage to the skin;
  • colds and other infectious diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • age under 18 years;
  • the presence of fresh tan;
  • gray hair.

In all other cases, the technology has no contraindications and is available to almost anyone.

Possible consequences

You can notice the result of AFT hair removal after a week. And if a person observes all the appointments of a cosmetologist, then there will be no unpleasant consequences. For example, if a client is sunbathing on the eve of a session, then minor burns may appear in the affected areas or the skin turns red in places. That is why you can not neglect the recommendations of a cosmetologist and carefully follow the rules.

The method of AFT hair removal is that the hair structure becomes thinner over time, and this can lead to ingrown. To avoid these troubles, it is necessary to periodically use a scrub or moisturizer.

How is the procedure going?

Before the start of the session, the client exposes the places where they will remove his hair and is located on a special couch. The main thing is to get as comfortable as possible so that during the session you do not interfere with the cosmetologist's constant change of pose.

To protect himself and the patient, the beautician puts on himself and the client special safety glasses. And only after that begins to process skin areas with contact gel and with the help of a nozzle Harmony xl begins to irradiate hair.

After the procedure, the doctor applies a cream to the removal site, which will slow down the growth of hairs.

Session time depends on the area of ​​the skin. Removing the vegetation from the legs can take more than an hour, and from the armpits up to 20 minutes.

If the patient has redness after the procedure, then these areas are best treated with a healing cream.


AFT technology is a novelty in the world of cosmetology and medicine. For this reason, few people know about this method of hair removal. But those who have already resorted to this method of hair removal, note its high efficiency. The first procedure, according to some reviews, still causes some discomfort, but subsequent sessions pass without pain.

Not only women dream of smooth skin, but also some men. For them, this option of getting rid of hair has become an ideal option. Indeed, due to the painlessness of the procedure and a small number of visits, they were able to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the back, chest and arms.

They praise the technology for including laser hair removal and photo hair removal. This helps to achieve the best result in a short time and make the skin smooth to the touch. The device does not pass a single hair zone and moves so fast that pigment spots do not form on the tissues.

The AFT method allowed people with varicose veins and owners of light and delicate skin to get rid of vegetation once and for all. No other method allows people with such indicators to perform hair removal procedures.

See the next video for more details on the method.

Watch the video: AFT SHR machine do motion Hair Removal treatment on leg from Shanghai Omni Laser Skinology CO., Ltd (February 2020).


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