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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Vitek Electric Shaver

Vitek company produces not only household appliances, but also electric hair removal products: hair clippers, depilators and razors. All razors (regardless of model and line) are equipped with a floating head, rotating blades and batteries with quick recharging. A feature of the blades is the material from which they are made - anticorrosion steel, which does not rust from contact with water, does not lose sharpening and does not deform during operation. Thanks to these functions, Vitek razors can be used both in dry and in wet mode - they shave even the shortest hairs with equal quality. The device motor does not heat up during long-term operation, providing a comfortable placement of the razor in the hand.


This model has a mesh shaving system (hair removal is carried out by vibration of the blades under the mesh) and is suitable for men who are prone to irritation and have sensitive skin. The head is equipped with two blades. Battery life is 30 minutes, however, a full charge occurs within 2 hours. If you take the average shaving time per day (3 minutes), then a full battery charge is enough for 10 days of uninterrupted operation.

The case of the device is waterproof, so you can use it even in the bath or in the shower. To make it easy to carry the razor, the manufacturer suggests using the travel case included in the kit. Regular cleaning is quite simple - a stiff brush quickly removes even the smallest hairs from the mesh and from the blades. To prevent foreign particles from entering the mesh, the shaver is equipped with a plastic cover.

A feature of the model is the presence of a built-in trimmer for trimming a mustache or sideburn, which has only a nominal value (if you focus on reviews). This model copes with one-day bristles, but for a two-day one it is better to use a machine.

However, the absence of a wet shaving system creates some difficulties when caring for the device - the blades cannot be washed. It is also worth noting that for a rotary razor, the battery capacity is small. The declared razor does not work out 10 days. Judging by user reviews, this model copes with long bristles poorly - it simply pulls out the hairs, and does not cut them.


The rotary type model (when shaving is carried out by rotating several small knives) is suitable for men with normal skin. This type of shaver provides a smoother shave than an oscillating type device.

This device can only be used on dry skin; it does not support wet shaving. The model has three rotary heads and a built-in trimmer. The manufacturer says the battery charges in 2 hours.

It is also worth noting that the razor supports fast charging.


This rotary type model has rotational heads and shaves the bristles only on a dry basis. The equipment is standard: a razor, case, cover, charger and brush that allows you to clean the blades. The declared operating time is the same as that of other models - 10 days for 3 minutes per day. It turns out that in general - 30 minutes before recharging.

Men note several shortcomings: a trimmer that makes it almost impossible to trim a beard or mustache; short working time (in fact - the battery lasts for one long shave).

Few men manage to meet 3 minutes in the morning. It is impossible to shave while connecting the device to the charger.


The mesh type shaver does not support wet shaving. However, the battery life has been increased from 30 minutes to 40 - however, the charging time has also jumped from 2 hours to 5. The package includes a case, charger, cap, brush, and oil for lubricating the mechanism.

The only drawback that users have identified is low power. However, some men shave even a two-day stubble with such a device.

Those with stiff and black bristles found a way out - they shave twice a day.


The difference between this model of the grid type from others is that it has removable covers. This allows not only replacing a clogged mesh, but also cleaning knives more thoroughly (if necessary).

The operating time of the device is standard - 40 minutes, the equipment also has no features. Users note a very smooth shave with minimal skin injuries. A great option for those who are prone to irritation and rashes after shaving.

An overview of the Vitek VT-1372 electric shaver see in the next video.

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