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How to use the epilator?

Epilator is a practical and indispensable device for home hair removal. It is distinguished by ease of use, accessibility and effectiveness - the legs (and other treated areas of the body) remain smooth for up to 2 weeks. You will learn how to use the epilator right now.

Types of Electric Epilators

The main task of any epilator is to extract hair with a bulb, and by the type of this effect, the cars are divided into:

  • tweezers;
  • disk.

Each of them removes several hairs in one pass on the skin, but they do it differently. The disk model has several pairs of disks that rotate and simultaneously close and open during operation, reliably capturing hairs - usually up to 32 pieces in one area. Tweezers differ in the number of tweezers - they can be 20 or 40 (the latter will work more efficiently), and their essence is to pull the hair out with the same tweezers.

Experts say the most popular tweezers. With them, the procedure is faster (if we talk about a large number of tweezers). However, they believe that disk models are more efficient at managing vegetation. There is no severe and prolonged irritation (if the rules for using the epilator and preparation for the procedure are followed).

Epilators have several methods of anesthesia - blowing with cold air, cooling with a special bag or vibration during work, which well distracts from discomfort. The speed of the devices also varies: one, two or three. Optimal are two-speed models, more advanced are three-speed ones.

The working head in almost all modern models is removable. If not, it is not recommended to take such a device. During operation, hairs and particles of skin get into the device, they must be removed from the head after the procedure. If this is not done, skin irritations, clogging of pores, and infection of the dermis cannot be avoided.

Electric epilators differ in the type of food:

  • from the network;
  • from the battery.

Battery-powered appliances can be taken on a trip or hair removal done outside the home.

Epilators may have:

  • Backlight - It allows you not to miss thin hair.
  • Additional nozzles for working with a bikini area or armpits.
  • Possibility of use in the shower, which allows to reduce pain during the procedure.

Advantages and disadvantages of hair removal

Epilation - The surest way to get rid of unwanted vegetation, the effect of the procedure is temporary and usually lasts 2 weeks. Its essence is to deform the hair follicle and remove the hair with the bulb, because of which its further growth is impaired - the hair will be thinner, softer, it loses pimento. Hair removal with an epilator has a lot of pros and very few con.

It is worth starting with the advantages of the device:

  • Ideal for home hair removal on any part of the body.
  • Long-lasting smoothness effect - lasts about 2 weeks. Each hair removal procedure entails further growth of thin and light hairs - the hair structure is disturbed.
  • Easy to use. Doing epilation with a machine is simple - just drive it slowly over a specific area of ​​the body.
  • It does not require long preparation - just connect the device to the network and start working with it (unlike sugar or wax hair removal, when it is necessary to warm the composition and maintain its temperature constantly).
  • Affordable price for the procedure. Of course, the cost of cars varies, but even among them you can choose the optimal price-quality ratio and not waste money.
  • Almost absolute absence of serious contraindications (these include diseases of the nervous system and injuries of the skin surface, fungal and neoplasms).

Epilator hair removal has its drawbacks:

  • Unpleasant (and even painful) sensations during hair removal - especially in sensitive areas of bikinis, armpits. It is not very pleasant to use the device for the first time and several times after using a razor - removing thick hair with a root becomes problematic, but easier each time.
  • The appearance of irritation - it also occurs due to slight damage to the skin. Proper preparation and care after the procedure can avoid it.
  • It can not be applied on the face.
  • Hair ingrowth, which occurs due to a violation of the direction of growth. The hairs lose their landmark in growth and begin to grow down.
  • Long process. Hair removal on the legs or arms can drag on for a couple of hours, because it is necessary to go through every centimeter of the body at an average pace. Driving an epilator fast is not very effective. Hair just tearing.

Like any type of hair removal, removal of unwanted hair with an epilator has advantages and disadvantages. To make the procedure pleasant and effective enough, you need to prepare for it. How - you will learn about this in the next section.

Preparation for the procedure

Before the procedure, it is recommended to take a shower or bath in order to cleanse the skin and steam it a little. Steamed skin is more likely to “give away” hairs with a root, and it becomes easier for the bulb to leave the pore. You can use a body scrub: abrasive particles will remove the layer of "dead" cells and ensure the effective operation of the device. They protect against ingrown hair and irritation.

If the epilator can work in water, like the waterproof Braun "Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry", then you can carry out the procedure directly in the bathroom - this is less painful. Returning to the classic "dry" devices, it is worth noting that before the procedure it is necessary to wipe the skin with an antiseptic - a solution of miramistin, chlorhexidine, peroxide or any other.

Recommendations for using the appliance at home

Consider the following tips:

  • It is recommended to hold the head during hair removal against hair growth - this is how they are removed together with the bulb.
  • Before the procedure, the skin must be cleaned - take a bath or shower, use a scrub or a hard washcloth to remove the stratum corneum of cells. In addition, the abrasive elements will additionally raise the hair.
  • Before hair removal, you can not lubricate the skin with oil or cream - this will ensure that the tweezers or discs slide on the skin, and they simply will not capture the hairs.
  • Shaving hair before hair removal is not recommended for about a week (the optimal length of hairs is 5-7 mm).
  • If the hair in the area is more than 7 mm, they will have to be cut. The machine will not be able to remove them qualitatively with the root, but simply separate at the base.
  • After the procedure, you can treat the body area with a calming lotion (without alcohol) and apply a light moisturizer.
  • It is worth using a gel or cream that slows hair growth.
  • It is recommended to start processing the zone at the lowest speed, increasing the pace of the head's operation gradually. This will allow the skin to get used to new sensations and reduce pain.

After hair removal, almost all women notice irritation in the form of small red dots on the body - this is a completely normal skin reaction. They will pass by themselves (from a few minutes to a couple of hours) - provided that you do not scratch or rub your skin. To relieve unpleasant symptoms, treat the area with a decoction of herbs or tonic (with aloe vera, chamomile). The epilated area can hurt for several days after epilation - treatment with a healing cream (Bepanten, Panthenol and any light cream for children) will help to remove discomfort.

Rules for processing individual zones

There are certain recommendations that should be considered. So you can avoid unpleasant surprises.


They have the largest area, which means that the procedure will take about 1-1.5 hours. Epilating the legs is necessary against hair growth, in the direction from the bottom up - from the ankles to the knees. If you stretch the skin before treatment with an epilator, the effect will be even better - during stretching, the hairs “come off” from the surface, and it becomes easy to remove them together with the bulb.

When treating the legs, hold the head of the epilator perpendicularly and do not press on it - it should be in contact with the skin, but not capture it with tweezers or discs.

Armpits and bikinis

The skin in these areas is most sensitive. Before processing, it is important to ensure dry skin, and especially in the armpit. It is recommended to stretch the skin on it in order not to accidentally grab it with tweezers, discs and effectively remove all hairs. When working with armpits, it is necessary to drive the epilator against hair growth - from the bottom up, however, here the hairs can grow unevenly, so during the final treatment, walk the head in different directions.

Processing of the bikini area begins with the pubis - hold the head of the device perpendicular to the skin surface and lead from bottom to top. Reviews on the network suggest that removing hairs from the pubis is quite possible by their growth (top to bottom), and this is less painful. It is important to ensure that the hair is removed completely, and not in small pieces - then it just breaks off.

When working with the labia, it is necessary to lead the epilator head against hair growth, stretching the skin with your fingers and holding it in its place so that the tweezers or disc do not catch adjacent areas.

How to reduce pain?

When purchasing an epilator, choose models that reduce pain from the procedure: some may “blow” onto the skin during processing or vibrate violently, others come with a small cooling mitten that is previously held in the freezer and applied to the skin until hair removal. "Folk" methods will help reduce discomfort from the process:

  • Stretch your skin with your free hand, while the second, lead the epilator over a slightly stretched area. Firstly, the hair is grasped better on stretched skin, and secondly, the pain noticeably recedes.
  • Begin the procedure for removing hair from your legs - especially if this is your first time doing it. When processing more delicate places, choose a "starting point" with fewer hairs, moving to the most dense area. If we talk about bikinis, start working from the upper pubic area and move down.
  • Make a small compress of ice - attach a tissue bag to the treated area of ​​the skin, wait 2-3 minutes and begin the painless hair removal process. If the kit includes a special cooling mitten, do not neglect its use - it really saves you from pain.

Pain during epilation is absolutely normal. The fact is that the hair bulb closely "cooperates" with the nerve endings in the hair follicle. When the bulb bursts out, there is a slight pain sensation resembling a mosquito bite. When there are several mosquitoes, the sensations are even more painful, but they can be endured - especially when treating the legs and arms (including repeated).

The reduction of pain will help breaking one procedure of hair removal on the legs - treat 10-20 cm of skin in one day, if the pain is really so unbearable.

Practical tips

The following important recommendations are:

  • The experts recommend the first time to carry out the procedure on their feet, because for the treatment of this particular zone the device was invented. Begin acquaintance with the lower leg, get used to the sensations and move on to the armpits and bikini area.
  • Do not remove all hair at once in the first procedure or when treating a sensitive area, stretch the “pleasure” for 2-3-4 days (if necessary) - so that the skin gets used to it.
  • When buying an epilator, pay attention to models with a removable head (medium or high price category). The advantage of this or that device can be additional nozzles or cooling elements, which will significantly reduce pain.
  • For the intimate area, choose a special nozzle or a separate epilator (usually it comes with the main one, like in Philips "HP6549").
  • Before the procedure, carefully inspect the skin for signs of damage. With significant defects, this part of the body will have to be circumvented, as are the areas with varicose veins, a noticeable vascular network.
  • It is recommended to use the epilator on completely dry skin (except for special models for hair removal in water).

A properly selected epilator is the key to high-quality hair removal. What to look for when choosing, see the next video.

Watch the video: I tried an Epilator Hair Removal Device for 3 Weeks. .My Experience, Results, Will I Continue? (January 2020).


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