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Mickey Mouse Manicure

Mickey Mouse for many is a symbol of childhood, because almost everyone then watched cartoons with the participation of this funny character. A beautiful and unusual manicure with Mickey Mouse is a great creative idea that will appeal to both young girls and adult women. The main thing is to be able to present this stylish idea correctly. If you want to learn about how to realize all your creative ideas, check out this article.

Who it?

To begin with, it’s worth understanding what this character is. Mickey is a fictional little mouse with round ears. They most often appear in many Disney creations. The same ears can decorate a girl’s nails.

Mickey Mouse is far from a novelty, but many still like it.

A playful character, a charming smile and a cute appearance make many constantly review cartoons with his participation. The black mouse is an eternal classic that everyone likes. Even if you follow the trends and try your best to look fashionable, such a manicure can be updated. You can complement it with neon colors or use in a moon manicure.

How to execute?

To cope with such a manicure and translate all your ideas into reality, it is advisable to have at least some drawing skills. This will help you to perform a manicure gently, drawing even small details. If you are sure that even the instructions explaining step by step how to draw all the details will not help with this, then it is better to turn to specialists for help. Masters know exactly what they have to work with, so they can safely even take on unusual ideas.

Manicure for romantic ladies

We must not forget about the cute girlfriend of Mickey. Minnie Mouse fits perfectly into the style of such a manicure. Nail art, in which the tips of the nails are decorated with images of Minnie and Mickey, looks cute and romantic. You can combine pictures or use separate images of these characters.

A cute manicure with pink tips of nails is perfect for young girls. Such an original jacket in itself looks very good. If you complement it with images of Minnie on the ring finger, he will become even sweeter.

Alternatively, you can use simple stickers.

They are cheap enough, and you can buy them in an online store or in a beauty salon. Included with such stickers is often not only the image of Minnie or Mickey - all sorts of additional elements are available. These can be elegant bows that often complement the image of Minnie, or simple flowers. With these simple additions you will make your manicure more cute. However, this version of nail art is more suitable for young girls than mature women.

Creative ideas

There are different ways to use the image of a popular mouse in order to make your manicure perfect.


The easiest option is to make your nails plain and focus on one of them. Most often this is the ring finger. On it you can draw ears - or even a full-fledged image of cute mice. As already mentioned, as an alternative, you can always use simple stickers.

If you like simplicity and conciseness, then you can limit yourself to an exquisite bow. So that everything is not too boring, highlight it with a silver varnish or attach a strassik in the center of such a butterfly. With such an exquisite manicure, it will be possible to appear both at work and at some special event.

In addition, this manicure is perfect for mature people who continue to love all kinds of cute things.


Clear forms and classic patterns are also often used in a similar thematic manicure. The easiest option is to decorate your nails with peas. Cover all nails with small dots, and on some fingers depict silhouettes. You can also combine different techniques. As an option: some nails are solid, others are covered with peas, and two on the whole hand are decorated with images of cute mice.

Bright ears

A combination of different colors will allow you to make the image brighter. You can depict multi-colored ears on your nails. Use the "signature" colors of the Mouse family.

A popular option is to decorate plain black nails with colored silhouettes of the mouse (for example, red, white and gray).

It will look cute and unusual. However, it is not necessary that the base is black. You can paint your nails with white (or even pink) color.

If you want to create a truly unusual look, use brighter colors. Such a manicure will be especially relevant in the summer, when you want to add more colors to your life.


If the previous ideas seem boring to you, you can try a combination of trendy moon manicure with cartoon classics. Paint the hole with black and white varnishes, portray the smile of Minnie and Mickey there. It will look charming and atypical.

However, do not limit yourself to the proposed ideas. Look for your own solutions, combine different colors and shapes - and you will surely find a way to make Mickey your highlight.

How to make at home?

If you do not want to seek help from a master, then you can try to make such an exquisite manicure at home. Without any experience, you, of course, cannot draw a funny character from scratch, but it’s quite possible to decorate your nails with a bow or ears. It is worth disassembling the process of drawing cute mouse ears in stages.

First you need to apply a dense layer of base varnish. To make the manicure more durable, apply a special coating on the nail before using colored varnish. When the base is ready and well dried, draw a contour of the ears with a thin brush. To do this, use the varnish of the desired color - black or white. If the contour turned out to be a little crooked, then you should correct it with the same brush (or just erase and paint the pattern again).

When the circuit is ready, start filling it with the desired shade.

You can limit yourself to one color, making only an elegant silhouette, or try to draw a smile and eyes on it. For this, you also need to use a thin brush. If you don’t have one, you can take a needle (or even a simple toothpick).

To keep the manicure longer, cover the finished drawing with a thin layer of transparent varnish. By the way, this will not only allow the varnish to stay longer, but also give your manicure an attractive glossy shine.

Who is it for?

A beautiful manicure with images of Mickey or Minnie is a great option for young girls and for someone older. If you are a teenager and adore this cartoon character, then decorating your nails with such pictures is the perfect solution. Use combinations of vibrant colors, unusual shapes and different accents.

Mature girls will use more classic, fairly restrained manicure options.

In this case, use no more than two colors. Make the base in the specified color and decorate the nail with contrasting patterns. If you use only recognizable silhouettes, you can add a twist to your appearance, but at the same time no one will tell you that your image is childish or inappropriate.

Use the suggested tips and ideas of a bright manicure in the style of Mickey Mouse in order to diversify your images. So you will look interesting and stylish at any age, without restricting yourself to any rules. When creating an image, consider the most different little things, and then it will turn out to be interesting and attractive. Nails are a very important part, which should be given a lot of attention.

You will learn more about how to draw Mickey Mouse on a nail plate from the next video.

Watch the video: Disney Mickey Mouse Inspired Nails (February 2020).


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