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Shaving soap

In a wide selection of shaving products, men try to find the most effective and economical option. Shaving soap has these two properties. The history of shaving products began with it and so far it has not lost its relevance. Like any cosmetic product, soap has a number of features. It has both advantages and disadvantages.


The main advantage of shaving soap is getting excellent foam. She, in turn, guarantees an excellent shaving result. It can be of different consistency. The least hard are the sticks. They are foaming with a brush on the face. Harder species are sold in jars or in the form of washers. The latter option has a very high hardness and requires additional time for the formation of foam. Soap washers are produced in diameters of 6 cm and 9 cm. To avoid inconvenience, it is necessary to choose a bowl of the appropriate diameter. Then the soap will not move along the bottom and will allow you to comfortably collect foam.

Soap in jars is the most convenient option for wet shaving. It, as a rule, is not so concentrated and allows you to immediately make a fence. Experienced manufacturers make sure that the jar has free space for comfortable work with the brush. After taking the soap from such jars, the foam can be whipped in a bowl or on the face.

A significant advantage of soap over other shaving products is its economical consumption. However, it has several disadvantages:

  1. A big waste of time for shaving;
  2. Less possibilities for combining various components;
  3. The inconvenience of travel.

Despite these shortcomings, the choice of shaving soaps in the cosmetics market is very extensive. Before giving preference to a particular brand, you need to deal with its varieties. This knowledge will help to make a better choice.

How to choose?

When choosing shaving soap, you need to take into account the form of release, composition, and features of your skin. For travel, a stick is suitable. For use at home, it is better to purchase soap in bowls or soap washers. Spare washers require a bowl of the appropriate diameter. Soap in jars (bowls) is the most convenient option for classic shaving. The composition of the soap of different manufacturers may vary significantly. Some make it on the basis of animal fat, while others use vegetable oils in the composition. Less commonly made on the basis of glycerol.

Soap with animal fats allows you to create a dense dense foam, which perfectly retains its structure and helps the blade to easily glide. It has high nutritional properties. In the process of using such a soap requires more water than other types. Shelf life is less than that of soaps with plant extracts.

Vegetable Oil Soap only slightly inferior in terms of foam quality and foam characteristics. It often causes a feeling of dry skin, so it is undesirable for use in the winter.

Glycerin soap in many ways inferior to the first two types. This applies to the quality of shaving, and to the caring properties. The ability of glycerin to attract moisture can cause dry skin.

Formulation is essential for the success of any cosmetic product. Therefore, we can confidently say that the most popular brands managed to find their own formula for high-quality shaving soap.

Popular brands

The list of popular brands is extensive. Some of them are worth mentioning.


The most popular Italian brand that specializes in cosmetic shaving products, appeared in the first half of the last century. Shaving soap Proraso made on the basis of vegetable oils. You can see soap on sale now.Green tea and oats", and "Menthol and Eucalyptus". It is suitable for normal and sensitive skin. It does not contain harmful substances and animal components.


This Turkish brand has gained wide popularity due to the optimal ratio of price and quality of goods. Shaving soap was the first cosmetic product created by this brand in 1957. Arko let it out in the form of a stick and in a jar. Currently, in the range of shaving products you can find only cream, foam and gel.

Tabac original

German manufacturer of cosmetics with a rich history. The shaving soap he produces is one of the best in the market. In the assortment you can see soap in the bowl, a spare block for the bowl, a stick and a spare block for the stick. Soap basically contains animal fats and does not require pre-soaking.

Wilkinson sword

Another German manufacturer of shaving products. It produces shaving soap for home use in a jar and a travel stick. They contain moisturizing ingredients and are characterized by rapid foaming.


The Italian brand, which is widely popular not only abroad, but also in our country. Cosmetics Cella contains only natural ingredients. The composition of shaving products includes both animal fats and vegetable oils. Since the creation of the first soap, its formulation has remained unchanged. The brand produces shaving soap in a jar and a spare briquette weighing 1 kg.


Russian brand of cosmetic shaving products. Soap is made by hand, as well as oak bowls for its placement. The lack of synthetic ingredients is another distinguishing feature. In the assortment you can see two types of soap: "Siberian forest"in the dark bowl and"Fresh citrus"in the light.


German company Muehle contains 3 lines of shaving products based on herbal ingredients. Each of them contains shaving soap in a porcelain bowl and a spare washer. Among them - "Aloe vera", "Sea buckthorn"and"Sandalwood". The funds have a softening effect and deeply moisturize the skin.


The French manufacturer of cosmetics also uses vegetable oils. The basis of its creation are the ideas of the revival of the traditions of Marseille soap. Soap can be purchased in a metal bowl or in the form of a spare washer.


The Austrian brand has existed in the cosmetics market since the end of the 19th century. The first copies of shaving soap were made on the basis of animal fat. Over time, it was decided to switch to plant components. The product is sold in the form of small washers of several varieties. Among them - "Sheep milk", "Seaweed", "Honey", "Calendula", "Coconut"and"Sage"


Martin de Candre is a French cosmetics company whose products are known for excellent quality. She releases shaving soap in various forms with several aromas. Some species are located in corrugated bowls and resemble dessert, others in handmade wooden bowls. High foaming speed, high-quality foam and excellent results after application Mdc distinguish them among others in the market for cosmetic shaving products.


Nivea products are among the budget funds for skin care. A wide selection of shaving gels, foams and creams is available in the range of shaving products. However, production is limited to the manufacture of conventional types of soap, not intended for classic shaving.

Obtaining soap industrially is often a time-consuming process, but it can also be done at home. Although there is no need to talk about the degree of grinding.

How to do it yourself?

For the preparation of soap at home, both cold and hot methods are used. Some recipes use a white soap base, while others use a mixture of alkalis and clay. But not a single homemade recipe is complete without the use of vegetable oils. The most popular are castor, coconut, olive and essential oils.

The easiest way to use in the preparation of soap base. Such recipes do not require a large number of ingredients. As a rule, take a teaspoon of olive or sea buckthorn oil per 100 g of base, add a few drops of Aloe juice and 7 drops of any essential oil. Dye can be added as desired. They can serve as cocoa powder.

Shaving soap can be made from ordinary laundry soap from scratch. For this you need:

  • Laundry soap 100 g;
  • water 50 g;
  • sugar 1 tsp;
  • talcum powder 10 g;
  • dimethicone 5 g;
  • laurel oil 8 g;
  • cypress oil 1 g

Laundry soap must be grated on a coarse grater, filled with water and put in a water bath. After that pour sugar and stir. When the pieces are completely melted and the mixture becomes like liquid honey, you need to put it to cool. In the meantime, it is necessary to mix laurel oil with talc and dimethicone. Add the resulting mass to soap and mix until smooth.

When the finished mixture begins to cool, it remains to add the last ingredient - cypress oil, mix thoroughly and pour into the mold. Soap can be removed from it in a couple of days and left under a napkin. After 1-2 weeks it will be ready for use.

How to use?

Before shaving, soften the bristles. If the bristles are not stiff, just wash with soap. Otherwise, various hair softeners are suitable. It can be balms, masks or oil.

After the preliminary stage, you can proceed to the main. The composition and hardness of soap have a significant impact on the nuances of its use. Some mild species do not require the use of shaving brush. Basically, you have to work with him in tandem. The hardest varieties in the washers are placed in bowls and pre-softened by adding a little water.

The shaving brush should be held in hot water, and then proceed to whisk the foam in a bowl or on the face. To whip the foam in a bowl, you need a brush with a long bristle, on the face - with a short one. The process of collecting soap on the brush is done in soft circular movements and takes several minutes. The same amount of time will be spent on whipping the foam. If you feel the foam is dry, you need to add a few drops of water, continuing the manipulation.

The finished foam is applied to the face with massaging movements. The task of the brush is not only the uniform distribution of the foam, but also the exfoliation of dead skin particles and massage. In addition, he raises his hairs for a good shave. All these tasks are best done with a shaving brush with a shorter and stiffer bristle. Especially if the process of whipping foam occurs directly on the face.

Soap is one of the best shaving products. But not every solid instance is suitable for this process.

Is it harmful?

The manufacturing technology and composition of shaving soaps provide comfort during the procedure and protect against skin damage. In this, it differs from ordinary soap. Multiple grinding provides high concentration and hardness. The foam of a specialized soap is persistent, thick. Therefore, ordinary soap cannot be a good alternative to it.

High-quality industrial soap often has a high cost, so customer reviews help to make the final choice in favor of a product.


The greatest response among all the listed brands in the face of buyers was found by companies Proraso, Tabac original, Wilkinson sword, Cella, Muehle and Mdc. The fastest foaming was noted in the brand Mdc. However, some buyers noticed dry skin after applying it. The soap of this company, meanwhile, is distinguished by originality in design and aromatic properties.

The brand was widely known in our country Cella thanks to the good quality of the foam. A recognized brand in Europe is Tabac original. The foam that the soap of this company forms is considered the benchmark for comparison. Company Products Muehle It is famous for its excellent caring properties. But the highest position in the ranking in our country is Proraso, which gives the right to believe that it is the best at the moment.

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