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Scholl File

The love of high heels and fashionable uncomfortable shoes is a great test for even the youngest feet. Subsequently, the upper layer of the epidermis of the feet becomes coarser, peels and looks unaesthetic, and there is not always enough time and money to go to the beauty salon. A modern woman needs a quick, radical and effective way to eliminate the coarse epithelium on her legs. There is a solution - electric file Scholl.

History of creation

In the beauty market, a brand under the name Scholl has existed for a long time and has managed to establish itself as a good manufacturer of devices for skin care of the feet. The founder of the company is Dr. William Mathias Scholl. All his conscious life he studied the anatomy of human legs and their physiology. William tried to help people with leg pain, as well as improve health through the feet. It was he who initiated the idea of ​​a free examination of the legs, as well as holding a national week to care for them.

The company does not stand still, and together with the Institute of Medicine creates the latest devices and products for the care and health of legs and feet. Today, the company's products are known in more than 70 countries around the world.


Scholl electric roller apparatus has several types and types: operating on battery, battery, from the mains. There are waterproof, conventional electric and dual-action nail files that only work on applied forces. A special set has also been created for manicure on hands and feet. The manufacturer is trying to please all fashionistas.

What does it look like?

The packaging is made of ordinary clear plastic. Inside there is an instruction for use. The device has a handle holder convenient streamlined shape. By weight in the hand, it resembles a regular massage comb for the head. The case is made of rubberized plastic, pleasant to the touch. On the handle is a silver ring, which, when turned, starts the rotation mechanism.

The color palette includes blue, white or pink color of the body. Inside there is a black interchangeable abrasive roller. Thanks to its rotation, keratinized particles are eliminated from the surface of the heels and foot as a whole. The roller is easy to replace if the abrasive layer is depleted and poorly performs its function. Depending on the model, the package contains a battery charger. To protect against damage, the kit includes a cover for the roller.

How to open?

There is a special opening line at the back. By clicking on it, the consumer can easily open the box without the use of improvised means.


As mentioned earlier, there are several types. Some of them:

"Scholl Velvet Smooth"

Place of production - China. The kit includes instructions, the device itself, 1 roller nozzle, a cover for closing the roller. Powered by 4 batteries. Only suitable for use on dry feet, not for other parts of the body. Contact with water should be avoided, otherwise it will break. It has one rotational speed when turning the ring on the handle. Mostly there are white and blue colors.

There is an analogue that can work both from batteries and from a charger with a USB output for a laptop or desktop computer.

For work, you need ordinary AA-size finger-type batteries (one set will already be inside). The manufacturer writes that alkaline and salt batteries cannot be used for this device.

According to consumers, it is better to keep spare batteries, as there is a chance not to finish the pedicure to the end.

"Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry"

The model is also made in China. The kit includes a water-tight housing, a battery, an abrasive roller nozzle with a cover, a charger with a small cable, and instructions. Area of ​​use - feet. Easy to use, you can polish both dry and steamed dermis, while in the bathroom. The shops give a guarantee of 1, 5 years. Case color - pink.

Mechanical with 2 abrasives

The model is made in China. It is a convenient machine-handle with two attached abrasive belts of different stiffness. The first surface has a coarse-grained structure of the abrasive layer to remove heavily roughened and cracked skin. The second side is softer in effect, which allows you to even out the epidermis layer and remove small roughness that will not tolerate rough exposure.

This is a regular grinding file for the legs, so it is not afraid of water.

"Scholl Velvet Smooth Diamond"

The model is similar in characteristics and configuration with another variety ("Velvet Smooth"). Its only difference is that the processing roller contains diamond chips, therefore it is rougher and tougher. This helps remove heavily roughened skin areas. Keep the device in a dry place to avoid damage. In addition to batteries, an AA battery can be used.

After opening the box, the device must be charged. To do this, connect the charger from the kit to a special connector on the handle. Charging is in progress while the green indicator lamp flashes. On average, this takes an hour and a half. Battery power is enough for long daily use without recharging, about 2-3 weeks. If the charger is broken, an alternative is a 6V power supply

"Scholl Velvet Smooth" for nails

The device is made specifically for the treatment of nail plates on arms and legs. The case resembles a pedicure machine, but the size is half that. The kit includes 3 interchangeable nozzles (for sawing, polishing and polishing nails). The device works from 1 battery (AA), which is included. For work in water it is not provided.

It is not recommended to use the file for people with diabetes. This is because the skin of the diabetic is very thin and takes a long time to recover. If wounds form, then they will heal for a long time and, possibly, fester.

Which is better?

To answer the question of which model to choose for leg care - conventional mechanical or electrical, it is necessary to conduct a comparative analysis.

Electric file


  1. The user does not spend a lot of time on pedicures, since you do not need to steam out the feet first;
  2. No need to spend energy on friction, she will do everything herself;
  3. Light weight, convenient to use;
  4. Mobility.


  1. The presence of one rotation speed;
  2. The appearance of dust (dead cells of the dermis);
  3. High price (varies from 1500 rubles.).

Mechanical file


  1. Can be used in the shower on steamed skin;
  2. It has 2 sides of the abrasive layer;
  3. Small size and weight;
  4. Compactness;
  5. It is cheaper (from 500 rubles);
  6. Lack of dust, it is possible to wash away pollution immediately.


  1. The user has to spend his own forces on friction;
  2. There is no way to replace the abrasive if it is used up.

Analyzing the foregoing, everyone will choose a suitable product for themselves based on pricing or practicality. Therefore, a definite answer cannot be given.

How to turn on?

Before starting work, the device should be released from the protective cap. To start the rotation mechanism, turn the silver ring on the handle to the left. After that, the roller will begin to spin quickly. It is with this side of the device that it is necessary to process the necessary area on the skin. This should be done very carefully so as not to damage the epidermis. The softer and smoother the movement along problem areas and the foot, the better and better the dead epithelium is removed.

How to use?

The work of the electric roller file is carried out only on clean and dry skin. You do not need to use any hot baths or gels for steaming, which significantly speeds up the process.

During the procedure, white dust is formed - this is the dead particles of the epidermis. It is important not to abuse the device, you should not process the same place for a long time (no more than 3 seconds), if you overdo it, it’s easy to damage the living epithelium. After use, you should wash your feet with plain water and apply a moisturizer.

When using a mechanical file, the upper keratinous layer of the skin should be softened (make a warming bath or apply a specialized warming cream gel). Further, translational movements, gently pressing on the file, handle the feet.

The manufacturer recommends first to use a hard abrasive layer, then softer to polish the surface to perfect condition.

Scholl nail file also requires a certain sequence in use. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before use. The device cannot be used for very weak, thin and fragile nails. There is a risk of deformation of the nail bed. First, use a filer to file the optimal shape of the nails. Next, polish the nozzle number 2. At the end, polish the surface of the nails to a shine.

It will be a big surprise, but the procedure can be used not only for coarse, cracked skin of the legs and elimination of corns. If the hands (on the palm side) are also not pleased with their softness and tenderness, the Scholl file will help here (there are less rigid roller nozzles, which are sold separately)

How to change the video?

If during operation the nail file began to poorly fulfill its purpose, then it is time to change the abrasive. Use only a similar roller to change. Press the blue button and gently pull it. Install the interchangeable and make sure that it is well fixed and snaps into place in apiaries.

How to clean?

After use, the file must be cleaned of the remnants of dead cells that have accumulated in the pores of the abrasive stone. If you do not have a waterproof Wet & Dry model, disconnect the roller before cleaning. By pressing the button on the side of the holder, it is easy to get it. Rinse it thoroughly under running water so that no particles of skin remain, otherwise your file will become a hotbed of germs and bacteria. Wipe the case and all parts with a dry cloth. Put on the protective cover.

How to change batteries?

Unscrew the lower part of the handle to the left side (counterclockwise). Remove the old batteries. Unpack and install 4 new ones. Insert them according to the plus and minus symbols drawn on the inside of the cover. Carefully tighten the lid so that the apiaries match.

It is not recommended to use new batteries at the same time as old ones.

How to distinguish an original from a fake?

Nowadays, they make quite convincing fakes on absolutely all products; the Scholl file is no exception. In order not to buy a Chinese fake, when choosing a file, pay attention to the following points:

  • Packaging. A visual comparison shows immediately where the real product is. Company packaging must have the Scholl logo (white lettering in a blue oval). Also sometimes the shapes vary in height and width.
  • Font. The different-sized font on the front and back of the package is very noticeable. On the original, it is clear in proportion and indentation.
  • Tongue. The original Scholl nail file is completely Russified, on the packaging, except for the name, there will be no other language. The fake may contain a mixture of English and Russian or even Russian may be absent.
  • Equipment. Each package contains a list of kit components. In a fake, there may be no such parts as batteries, a cover, a replaceable roller. In this package, the content always matches the written list of contents.
  • Abrasive roller. A fake roller has a smoother structure. The original is more rigid, the abrasive is larger and visually looks better
  • Sound. The operation of a fake device is much louder. When working, it vibrates noticeably in the hand. This file is quieter and behaves calmly while working with it.
  • A pen. The original pen is rubberized and has a company logo at the bottom. The pen of the copy consists of ordinary plastic, with a small gap at the cover for changing batteries.
  • Switch. The rotating ring on and off the file with the original has a characteristic click, the fake does not.
  • Certificate of conformity. If you still have doubts, you can ask the seller for the so-called certificate of conformity, which is issued by the Russian agency RosTest. This means that the device has passed a series of tests and is absolutely safe to use.
  • Batch code. On the packaging on the back side next to the barcode, this file has a batch code - a digital code applied by the manufacturer. This data is not fake.
  • Batteries The real Scholl has 4 batteries inside, usually from Duracell. A copy requires a separate purchase of batteries.
  • Button. When a roller is replaced, the original process is easy. There is a moment in the cue that the video is stuck.

If at least one of the points is not respected, then the products are fake.

How to disassemble and repair?

If one day the file stops working, do not rush to throw it away. The best and surest way to fix it is to take it to a repair shop, where for a small fee it will be repaired and brought back to life. Before going to the workshop, conduct a preliminary inspection, the battery may have run out or the batteries have run out of charge. If this is not the problem, then simply try to clean it properly. Often it’s the leakage that causes the breakdown.


Scholl is not a single item, there are a large number of prototypes. Their quality also varies. The most famous are:

  • Apparatus for pedicure Clarisonic Pedi. This is a whole set, consisting of the device for skin care, abrasive in the form of a circle, brush, scrub for the feet, a bottle with balm, peeling serum. The set will surprise you with a complete set. As users note, great results should not be expected, it only helps the footsteps not in a very advanced stage. The price of this model varies from 8000 rubles.
  • Device for pedicure Aeg Phe. The set consists of a handle-holder, 4 interchangeable nozzles of different stiffness and color, a brush for cleaning rollers. The rollers themselves are a plastic case wrapped in sandpaper prototype, which reduces their shelf life. It spins quickly and removes the stratum corneum well. You can buy such a unit for about 1,500 rubles.
  • Mechanical file for pedicure Zinger. The company has long established itself in the market as a manufacturer of quality personal care products. Pedicure products are also included. Goods are presented only in mechanical terms. These are small nail files with different abrasive spraying. In some models, there is a small nail file inside the handle, which makes its use more convenient.
  • Kemei electric roller file. This is a Russian brand, but is made in China. The set has the device itself, a set of 2 rollers, a charger, a brush for cleaning. It can be used both on dry, and on a damp or steamed surface of the feet. It does its job well. In the store it can be purchased for 1600 rubles.
  • Galaxy electric roller file. The product is a Chinese counterpart. Powered by a battery, a charger is included. Has 2 replaceable rollers for pedicure. The device itself is small and easy to use. Qualitatively processes skin. You can buy it for 600 rubles. However, not all stores can be found, most likely you will have to make an order in online stores.


About the quality of the goods, truthful information can be found only from the consumer. Owners of various models of Scholl roller electric file respond ambiguously about it. First of all, buyers note the convenience and low weight, you can take it with you wherever you go, whether it is a trip on vacation or to the country. Also noted is the ease of use and simple care of the device (change roller, batteries, battery charging, cleaning).

Most women (like men) note that the nail file copes with its purpose, but only in those parts of the arch of the foot that do not have a large layer of keratinized dermis. For "neglected" cases, it is proposed to combine the use of a mechanical and electric file. First, treat the steamed foot with an ordinary mechanical file, and then polish the already dried foot with an electric one.

This method is not a panacea and will not replace a trip to a beauty salon to a good master. Some of the girls are completely unhappy with the purchase, talking about unjustified hopes and money spent down the drain. This is due to the fact that a fake was purchased or the abrasive roller was not of that stiffness. In any case, such consumers recommend using a Scholl power saw or equivalent.

In this video you will find an overview of the Scholl electric file for legs:

Watch the video: Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi How To Video (January 2020).


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