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Remington Hair Dryer

PWhen styling hair, before the girl used two devices - a hairdryer and a round brush to give the desired shape to the strands. The process took a lot of time and effort. Now many companies have begun to produce a device that combines both of these attributes, and it is called a hair dryer. This model has a handle similar to a hair dryer, its upper nozzle is made in the form of a round brush, from which a stream of hot or cold air comes out, while the brush itself rotates. This allows you to easily and quickly style your hair and give it volume.

Remington is one of the best manufacturers of these devices. Consider the advantages of models and the criteria for choosing a hair dryer from this brand.

Features and Benefits

Remington hair dryers-brushes have a very convenient handle, on which control buttons are located that control the speed of rotation and the supply of cold or hot air. When turned on, the round nozzle begins to spin, straightening hair and releasing steam, which saves time and effort during the styling process.

Many models have several additional nozzles, changing which, you can adjust the type of styling and the size of the curls in case you will curl your hair, and not straighten them.

Devices have the ability to supply both hot and cold air, which allows you to create a more voluminous styling. The ionization function protects them from the harmful effects of hot temperatures and even has a healing effect. Hair is not only not electrified at the end of the process, but also becomes more shiny and takes on a more well-groomed appearance.

How to choose?

There are several factors to consider when buying a Remington rotating hair dryer. The main parameter is device powertypically varying from 400 to 1000 watts depending on the model. It depends on it the strength of the air supply and its temperature. If you have short or thin hair and you only need to style it lightly, adding volume, it will be enough to purchase a model with a capacity of 400 to 600 watts. But if you are a happy owner of a long braid and you need to not only straighten, but also curl curls, then you need power from 800 to 1000 watts.

Important and nozzle material. Ceramic top is considered the best, as it is more gentle on handling hair and the best in styling. It is advisable to choose a model with several temperature and speed modes, since each girl must choose them individually for herself.

Additional bonuses are nozzles. As a rule, a set of each hair dryer includes several round hair nozzles of different lengths and densities, a nozzle for straightening and for curling hair. When buying, make sure that they all hold tightly on the handle and do not hang out.

It is worth paying attention to the presence of additional functions, such as ionization, cold air supply and humidifying steam supply. Each of these properties has a beneficial effect on the strands and allows you to create a better styling.

At the time of buying it is necessary to determine the type of power supply of the devicewhich can be wireless to and from the network. Each of them is convenient in its own way. When buying a hair dryer with a cord, make sure that it is of sufficient length. A wireless device is convenient due to the work, regardless of the supply of electricity, but it is important to be sure that the charge is enough for a long time and just in case, have a set of batteries with you.

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This unit has an average power of 700 watts, which is suitable for both short and long hair. The device has two temperature and speed modes, which can be adjusted independently using the buttons on the handle. The coating on the brush is ceramic, which reduces the risk of damage to the hair and makes styling better and faster. The kit includes two brush heads in sizes of 50 and 40 mm.

How to make a beautiful styling with such a hairdryer model, see the next video.


This model is more advanced than the previous one. It has three speed and temperature modes, has the functions of supplying a cold air stream and ionization. The power of this hair dryer is quite high - 1200 watts, which indicates the possibility of its professional use. This model is perfect for girls with thick and long hairwho want to not only straighten them, but also curl neat curls.

The kit includes five additional nozzles: a hub, a flat brush for straightening hair, a nozzle for root volume, a 21 mm heat brush, a 30 mm heat brush with retractable bristles.

Also in the kit there is a special bag in which you can easily place all the nozzles and the handle of the hairdryer.


Most reviews of Remington hair dryers are positive. Girls are satisfied with the quality of devices, ease of use and the end result. Additional nozzles are also marked as pluses of devices. The only drawback is the weight of the devices, because of which, with a long installation process, the working arm begins to hurt.

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