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Triple hair curler

Now manufacturers are offering more and more means for curling hair and creating beautiful and even curls. Technology does not stand still: now one of the most popular new products is a triple curling iron for creating interesting curls. In order to achieve the desired effect, it is important to know what this tool is and how to use it correctly.

What is it and what is it called?

The triple curling iron, or trident, is a very convenient tool that allows you to curl curls beautifully and correctly in a short time, and you can make very interesting curls. But at the same time, you will also have the opportunity to straighten your hair with this device. It differs in that it has three working surfaces, the diameter of which ranges from 18 to 22 mm. This curling iron creates beautiful curls and allows you to do professional styling due to the fact that each strand is placed on one of the working surfaces and pressed by the other two. This technology allows you to create beautiful and even bends without wringing your hair and giving it a perfect shape. High-quality models work very quickly, they fill in curls in a few seconds, without spoiling or overdrying them.

The most high-quality and professional models are made with a special protective coating that gently affects the hair, protecting it with ions while you styling. With the help of such an object, you can create both light classic curls and small curls. He can also make a very light wave or the so-called beach wave.

Triple curling iron is also suitable for creating volumetric styling, it perfectly increases the volume of hair.

Models that have an ionic coating even allow you to strengthen the hair without damaging their structure. This curling iron warms up evenly and thus equally curls all the strands. With its help, you can make the perfect styling. You can get beautiful curls both on long hair and on short strands.

Triple curling iron perfectly replaces any curling irons. It is suitable for creating a Hollywood hairstyle by perfect curling curls. Wavy hair will look stunning and interesting.

This device has a huge number of advantages, because now with its help you can make an original styling, which will be no worse than a professional one. With the help of a triple curling iron, you can make an elegant evening hairstyle or the usual everyday styling option, this is a very practical and versatile device.

Triple curling irons have become an evolution in the field of styling, because with their help you can create any styling very quickly and without negative consequences for the hair.

A triple curling iron with a good coating is one of the most sparing means for creating curls, thanks to it, the hair stops magnetizing. The huge advantage of such a curling iron is that it can create a reliable styling that will last a very long time, while you do not have to use foams, mousses or varnishes. The installation will be so high-quality that the wind and rainfall will not care for her.

Also, the device with three work surfaces allows you to create both a strict styling and careless playful curls. Such curling irons heat up very quickly and quickly transfer heat to the hair, they can save your time. The installation itself with this device is quite easy, even a beginner can easily cope with it.


Now manufacturers represent a huge number of different types of triple hair plaques. There are interesting mini-models that allow you to create small and neat waves. The advantage of such triple pads is that they take up very little space, they are very convenient to take with you. In addition, you can do professional styling anywhere.

To create large curls, curling irons with a diameter of 28 mm or 32 mm are most often purchased. As a rule, such devices are suitable for long hair lengths and allow you to create large curls or the effect of light waves. The soft curling iron is very convenient, it has velor protective coatings that do not dry out the hair.

In order to create more voluminous curls, a deep triple curling iron will perfectly pass, which allows you to make curls larger and more elastic.

Any electric curling iron, including the so-called trident, has three working surfaces with clamps, but, as a rule, these devices differ from each other depending on what kind of coating they have. Titanium coated models are considered very durable. The tourmaline coating is also quite high-quality, since it does not dry out or overheat the hair, maintaining the desired temperature and transferring it to the hairs. There are also very convenient curling irons with ionization function that saturate the hair and minimize the harm caused by such a device.

The most convenient are the varieties of pads that are equipped with a temperature regulator, because you can set it depending on the structure of the hair. Usually higher temperatures are set for coarse hair, and lower for thin and weakened hair. More simple are curling irons that have a ceramic coating. It is also able to protect hair, but not as good as previous types. There is also a curling iron, which is equipped with an auto power off function in case of overheating. Such devices will not let you harm your hair.

Most triple pads have a heat-resistant tip that can be touched to create a styling without being afraid to burn yourself. Some professional curling irons have a rotating cord, that is, you can not worry about the wires while you twist the curls. It is very convenient, such devices are popular among women. Also, many models have a stand on which the curling iron is heated. It is equipped with a ready indicator, that is, when the appliance is warm enough for curling, the indicator will light up. There are also a huge number of varieties of pads that have several modes.

Manufacturers rating

Now triple curling irons from the brand are very popular Babyliss. These are high-quality professional devices that have high power. The most famous is the model Babyliss 2469 TTE Linux Waver.

Another device that is in the ranking of the most bought brands of such products - Arkatique. These triple curling irons are presented with a wide variety of coatings and diameters, and you can easily choose the right tool. Such a device from Infinity, namely the model IN016Bas it is very easy to use and manage and has an affordable price. Good styling can also be done using the affordable triple curling iron Gemei GM 1956She is very popular among women.

Which one to choose?

Now there are a large number of pans with a triple working surface, so it is sometimes difficult to decide on the choice of a specific model. Manufacturers offer both fairly budgetary and simple, as well as expensive professional options. It is better to choose a model that will meet the requirements of good quality and affordable prices. In case you are going to use the curling iron quite often, forget about saving, give preference to a high-quality professional model. They have many functions and modes from which you can choose the most suitable for you.

In addition, the curler itself will warm up to the desired temperature when you set the desired mode. It is desirable that the curling iron have a large number of such modes. But in case you want to buy an option where the temperature is set on your own, consider that curling hair with a regime of up to 160 degrees is enough for thin hair, and if you have thick and stiff hairs, you will need to purchase a curling iron that heats up up to 190 degrees.

The next thing you should definitely pay attention to when choosing is covering the working surface of this device. It is best if it is titanium, tourmaline or at least ceramic.

In no case do not buy curling irons with a chrome coating, as it can spoil the hair. If you want to save your time and simplify styling, buy triple high-power devices, as they will heat up very quickly and ensure the quality of the curl.

If you doubt what temperature is suitable for your hair, purchase devices with the function of mechanical temperature change, so you can choose the temperature regime you need. Keep in mind that the safest devices are those with an automatic shutdown function. In case you forgot to turn it off after use, it will shut itself off after a certain time. Buy curling irons with a spinning cord, as it does not interfere with the installation process - the cord scrolls inside the appliance without confusing you.

Also, in the process of choosing such a product, grab it in your hands and see if it’s convenient for you to hold it, is it too heavy and evaluate how it lies in your hand. Keep in mind that sometimes professional styling will take a sufficient amount of time, so it should be convenient for you to use such a triple curling iron. Weight should not be too heavy, but not too light, otherwise this will indicate a low quality product. The handle should be comfortable, the curling iron should not slip out of the hands. Also check how well the clamps work and how tight they fit to the work surface. The choice of this tool is very important, since the quality of your styling will depend on it.

How to use?

Before proceeding to curling hair with a triple curling iron, it is necessary to study all the rules and instructions in order to protect your hair and not spoil the hair:

  • You can use triple curling only on dry hair, in some cases it is advised to use this device on raw hair to ensure styling stability. But this is not safe, because wet hair heats up faster, which can lead to their overdrying, and subsequently to the cross section. If you use the device on wet hair, the water will literally boil from this temperature and damage them.
  • In case you are afraid of harming your hair with the high temperature of this device, additionally use special thermal protective agents. They will not only protect you and your hair, but also prolong the effect of styling.

If you very often use such devices, additionally use nourishing masks, as they allow you to restore your hair, nourish it and make it stronger.

As for the installation itself, it is necessary to properly prepare for it:

  • First you need to wash your hair and completely dry the hair, and then you need to comb and untangle it.
  • After that, it is better to evenly distribute thermal protective agents along the entire length of the hair, and then you can proceed to the use of this device.
  • You need to curl hair with such a curling iron, starting from the bottom layer. This applies to any type of styling and any length of hair.
  • Initially, you need to collect the upper layers of hair in a bun and fix them on the crownso that they do not bother you and do not interfere with the curling of the lower strands. Then the lower layer of hair must be divided into several sectors, depending on their density and length. While you prepare the hair and separate it, put the triple curling iron on the warm-up, setting the temperature you need.
  • Blondes should be the most accurate, as dark-haired girls usually have stiffer hair. Also, select the temperature depending on the structure of the hair. It is best, especially during the first installation, to start curling with a temperature of about 150 °.
  • After you have prepared your hair and the curling iron has warmed up to the required temperature, you need to select one of the strands of the width you need, and it is desirable that all the curls are of the same thickness.
  • The strand should be taken and gently clamped between the three working surfaces, starting from the root of the hair. And it’s better to retreat a couple of centimeters from the scalp so as not to get burned. But if you leave too much indentation, you will not be able to add volume to the hair at the roots, the main part of styling will fall on the length of the hair.
  • Pressing the strand at the root, you need to carefully move towards the ends, and the movements should be smooth and slow. Next, you need to go to the next strand, and so on, until the hair on the bottom layer is curled. Then you need to select the next layer of hair and repeat the procedure. As a result, you get neat curls with beautiful smooth waves that will last for a long time.
  • In order to prolong the effect of curling, you can cover the curls with hairspray. Spray it at a sufficient distance and with a thin layer so that the styling looks natural.


On short hair

For short hair, you can make an interesting beach wave. Before proceeding to use curling irons, you should apply conditioner to the curls, then you need to select several layers, each of which will be divided into sectors. Each sector should not be narrower than 8 centimeters. A feature of this styling is that only the top layer of hair is curled at the same time, and the bottom one will help give volume to your hairstyle. All the upper strands are neatly wound onto a triple curling iron, while it will be most convenient to tilt your head forward.

After that, you need to tilt the strands with your fingertips in the gel or in a special cosmetic wax in the tilt position. So you will create a slight effect of negligence, after that you can throw your head back and spread your received light curls with your hands. Such a curl looks great on short hair, because it gives volume and looks very impressive, even despite carelessness. A feature of this installation is that it must be fixed with varnish with an extremely strong degree of fixation.

On medium

The average hair length is the most versatile, so in this case, absolutely any styling is suitable. You can make both light waves, and elastic and dense curls. Careless beach styling is also perfect for medium length hair. Moving on to creating a hairstyle, you should divide all the hair into zones and sectors. If you have thick hair of medium length, it is better to make wider strands, and if you have a rather sparse coating, it is better to make thin curls, giving them volume near the roots. It is better to start curling medium-length hair as close to the base of the hair as possible, but acting very carefully. It is best to make classic S-shaped curls that will look very neat and elegant.

On long

In order to beautifully style long hair, you can make lush, but oblong so-called S-shaped curls. Initially, it is necessary to divide all hair into zones, to begin to curl the soul with the lowest strands.It is necessary to take curls with a width of about 7 cm, and you need to move from the roots of the hair, but you can retreat a few centimeters. The curling iron needs to be gently lowered down, first twisting the inner part of the strand, and then the outer, while you have to make small stops, the duration of which should not exceed 5 seconds.

When you go down to the very tips, the last bend should be at the top of this device. Having laid all the strands in this way, it is necessary to gently straighten them with your hands and spread them out evenly so that they do not become tangled and cross each other.

After that, you can fix the curls with varnish with a high degree of fixation, so that they lie flat and look perfect throughout the day.

For the wedding

It is known that with the help of a triple curling iron you can not only curl, but also stretch your hair. You can create perfect smooth strands and then effectively assemble them in order to create a beautiful wedding styling. The back hair can be pulled out, and in front you can lift it with a comb. Extreme strands can be gently curled and chopped to give volume.

A wedding hairstyle with curly curls neatly collected from the back looks very nice. You can first curl all the strands into wide and elastic curls, and then select finer playful curls along the edges of them. The rear hair can be left as in a free state, so pick up.

Curls taken upstairs decorated with a beautiful hairpin, wreath or fresh flowers look interesting. This option is perfect for a wedding. You can also collect only the side strands, curling them as much as possible so that they look shorter than the back ones. Thus, you will create a beautiful and smooth transition of hair length. Moreover, the side strands can be stabbed back on the head and decorate them in the middle with a beautiful flower. Ahead, you can make a comb or even parting.

Wedding hairstyles are very easy to do with the help of professional triple pads, because they save time in preparation for this important event and help create the perfect styling. It is very important to fix the result with persistent varnish so that your wedding hairstyle lasts throughout the day.

Light curls

In order to create the effect of light waves, you must follow certain instructions. First you need to moisturize your hair with a special conditioner, and then apply gel or wax on them. This will protect the hair from overheating, so you can make lighter curls. You should divide all the hair into layers, and each layer into locks with a thickness of about 5 cm. After that, you can go to the curling of each individual strand, starting from the very roots, and each hair zone must be kept with a curling iron for about 3 seconds, and then go down. After that, you should wait until the styling agent has completely dried on the hair. Then you need to apply the finishing touches: gently twist the ends of the hair with the help of a curling iron. This must be done with all curls, so that the curls look more elegant.


Almost all women who once tried to use a triple curling iron for hair curls are satisfied with the effect. They indicate that this is a device that makes it very easy to curl any hair. They write in reviews that it is sometimes very inconvenient to wind the hair on curlers or other curling irons, especially the curls located on the back. A triple curling iron facilitates the work - styling is reduced to the fact that you only have to carry out this device through the hair, thus curling the strands in turn.

Also, many mothers write that they not only use the triple curling iron themselves, but also make curls with their help for their children at various celebrations.

They claim that this is one of the most sparing and safe devices of the existing ones, so they do not worry about the health and beauty of children's hair.

Women write that earlier they used ordinary curling irons, which gradually led to the fact that the hair became very thin and brittle, they simply burned the hair, but the new innovative triple devices, they said, act very differently, preventing hair damage. Having received such a curling iron as a gift, the girls were very happy. They write that this is the best gift that has become very useful to them and saved them from many hair problems.

Women really like the fact that such a curling iron allows you to do styling in a matter of minutes, it heats up very quickly, and, according to them, anyone can curl their hair with it. Beginners in this business from the first time made beautiful and smooth curls.

Many women praise the Babyliss brand curling irons. These devices have become a real find. They like that most of these products have the function of protecting against overheating, and also have many temperature conditions. Buyers write that thanks to triple curling irons, changing hairstyles and creating interesting images has become more simple and safe for hair.

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