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Ceramic hair curler

The desire of every girl to always look charming is natural. Beautifully styled hair at any time was considered the pearl of any woman. Girls with naturally straight hair have always tried to twist them in every possible way, because beautiful curls are suitable for almost everyone. The curling iron is a universal device with which a modern girl can maintain the perfect condition of her strands even on the way.

The first hair curlers were released in 1959 by the firm Babyliss. Every year, they do not stop releasing new improved models that make hair styling even easier. Among them - curling irons with ceramic coating.


Today, there are a huge number of different models of pitches, which differ from each other only in some features of the technical characteristics. It is this aspect that makes lovely ladies bewildered when choosing such a beauty instrument.

Many modernized devices not only do not harm the hair, but also help the strands look smoother and more well-groomed. However, it should be borne in mind that the safer the curling iron, the higher its price. The working surface is considered the most important part of the forceps, the degree of hair safety after exposure to high temperature, as well as the duration of the effect of wound curls, depends on its type.

The presence of a temperature regulator in the models makes it possible not to seriously jeopardize even the thinnest and softest strands. The most popular choice for professional stylists is ceramic coated devices. Such curling irons are a few steps ahead of their metal counterparts, which are some of the cheapest, but also the most harmful devices.

The creators of the ceramic hair curler took into account all the shortcomings of metal and made them much safer. The heat in the models with such a coating is evenly distributed, this allows you to make neat curls. Due to the smooth coating, the hair does not dry out, but, on the contrary, creates the effect of silky hair. The main thing is to choose forceps that are completely made of ceramic, and not just covered with it, because the coating eventually loses its technical features and becomes unsafe for curls.

A curling iron made of ceramics will last more than one year, while keeping your hair healthy.

Most ceramic tongs have a built-in temperature controller that allows you to choose the optimal temperature for a certain type of hair, making it possible to make a hairstyle with minimal damage. Modern devices have the ability to heat from 70 to 220 degrees. The degree of heating depends on the type of hair and the type of coating on the work surface, however, it is not recommended to use the maximum temperature even in the safest models.

For girls who prefer to make themselves a variety of hair styling, manufacturers have patented forceps with several removable nozzles. At first glance, this seems very convenient, which is true, however, there are pitfalls here too. When purchasing a model with several nozzles, it is worth considering that they wear out much faster, which leads to their breakdown.

Popular models

Among all manufacturers of ceramic hair tongs, several leaders stand out who, by the high quality of their products, have earned credibility among buyers in the market for these products - these are BaByliss, Vitek, Remington other.

Currently, the best models, according to experts, are the following:

  • Vitek VT-2508. Thanks to the ceramic coating, it preserves the natural beauty and health of the hair, making it smooth and shiny. This model is equipped with overheating protection and a rotating cord with a length of almost 2 meters, which is very convenient. The built-in thermostat allows you to select the appropriate temperature, where its maximum mark can be 180 degrees. The exceptional Vitek Aqua Ceramic formula allows you to distribute heat evenly across your entire work surface, which helps keep your hair from burning. The device heats up for a minute, having a power of 30 watts.

Attractive appearance and practicality in use will not leave indifferent any representative of the weaker sex.

  • BaByliss "Curl Secret" C1101E Ionic. A new word in the technique of creating perfect curls. The built-in auto-rotation function will greatly simplify the hair styling process and reduce the time spent on creating the image. A strand of hair, falling under a rotating roller, under the influence of temperatures takes on the necessary shape, while maintaining the complete integrity of the hair. Curls created using such a device last much longer than others. The ability to choose the right temperature for your hair type helps keep the curls intact. For example, for owners of thin and weak hair, it is optimal to heat the device up to 200 degrees, and for girls with hard hair, a device heated to 220 degrees is perfect.

It also provides the opportunity to create different types of curls - from large waves to small curls, using different time modes.

  • Remington CI606. This model is considered the most advanced, as it is equipped not only with the auto-rotation function, but also with the ability to work in five different temperature modes. In such a curling iron, rotation is possible in two different directions: in one - to create natural curls, in the other - elastic curls. The built-in display will show the selected temperature, and the possibility of blocking will allow you to protect yourself from accidentally switching the mode. Unique is the presence of Temperature Boost - a function that allows you to easily make perfect styling for girls with thick curls. Another advantage of this sample is extra fast heating - 20 seconds, which allows to reduce the time spent near the mirror.

Selection tips

A large selection of models of ceramic hair pads makes it possible to choose the perfect option, but the same fact leads many girls into confusion. Almost everyone asks which tongs to choose, so that they take into account all their preferences, and also last a long time.

When buying a forceps, you should pay attention to such parameters:

  • Diameter of the curling iron. If a girl prefers to have large curls, she should pay attention to the forceps with a diameter of more than 30 mm, but if small curls - from 10 mm and above.
  • Owners of thick and long hair should choose devices with a wide working plateto evenly distribute the entire length of the curl along the bar.
  • The longer the cord, the more convenient it will be to use a curling iron, so you should choose models with a cord of at least 180 cm.
  • Built-in thermostat will allow you to individually select the temperature for a certain type of hair.
  • The time during which the curling iron will warm up to a working state depends on the power of the deviceTherefore, it is better to choose devices where this parameter is at least 45 watts.
  • Different shapes of the shaft directly affect how the curls look. There are conical spherical, round, spiral curling irons, etc.
  • Automatic winding curls greatly facilitates the process of styling hair, while not breaking the hair and not overdrying it.

Having decided what parameters are necessary for a future acquisition, you can safely go to the store for the desired purchase.

Customer reviews

Among all the comments of girls who used ceramic curling iron for hair, there were very few negative reviews. Most of the beautiful half of the population was satisfied with this type of forceps. Many note that after using a ceramic curling iron, the hair became smoother and silky, and the effect after styling lasts much longer than after using plaques with a metal rod. Ceramic devices are durable in case of purchase of not the cheapest model. Also positively noted by satisfied customers was the price-quality ratio of goods.

Such an attribute as a curling iron for curling curls is an important tool in the workshop of beauty of every lovely lady. An important fact that takes into account which device was purchased. After all, having made the wrong choice, the girl will put her hair in danger, depriving them of their natural beauty and health. Experts recommend choosing ceramic tongs that spare the hair without causing them such damage as appliances with a different coating on the work surface. Such an acquisition will help transform the hair into a subject of admiration for others.

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