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How to clean aluminum utensils at home?

Aluminum cookware is very popular among many housewives. Cooking in it is a pleasure, but such dishes are very whimsical to care for. Our article will tell you about the features of cleaning aluminum dishes at home.

Cleaning Features

Everyone knows that aluminum is a very delicate, malleable metal. When cleaning dishes from this metal, its properties should be considered, only in this way can you preserve its pristine splendor and beauty:

  • Do not start to wash the pan or pan until it has cooled completely. The fact is that a heated metal can be deformed under the influence of water, and therefore, change the shape of the product.
  • When cleaning, use a soft sponge and a wooden spatula so as not to scratch the product.
  • When choosing a detergent, give preference to products suitable for glass and ceramics.
  • Do not use abrasive or alkaline cleaning agents, as they can easily damage the surface of the dishes. The resulting cracks can easily get dirt, which will be difficult to clean.
  • Pre-soak the dishes in soapy water for several minutes. After that, you can easily wash off simple pollution.
  • To clean more serious contaminants, use the boiling method. To do this, pick up a large basin, place an aluminum pan or other utensil in it and boil the product, adding ordinary soda.
  • To prevent stains after washing, wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Dishwashing is not permitted for aluminum products.

Brilliance back

Aluminum often loses its luster during use. However, it is possible to return the dishes to their original appearance at home, it is only necessary to follow the following recommendations:

  • If your pan is blackened, then kefir, cucumber pickle or yogurt will help get rid of this blackness. Apply these products with a soft sponge to the surface and leave for two hours. In case of severe contamination, fill the liquid to the bottom and leave for four hours. After that, clean the pan in the usual way and dry it.
  • Vinegar will also help restore the shine to your pan or pan. Moisten a cloth in vinegar and rub the surface of the product with it. Rinse it in cool water and dry with a napkin.
  • The next way to return the original appearance to the bottom of the dishes is boiling with onions. Fill the pan with water, wait until it boils and then lower one onion inside. Continue boiling for another ten minutes. After cooling the dishes, wash them with running water and dry them.
  • Curiously, aluminum can be restored to shine using ordinary apples. Grate the apples on a grater and apply the resulting slurry to the surface of the pan.

The acid found in apples will cleanse it of impurities.

Oily stain removal

During cooking, greasy traces remain in any pan. In order to clean the aluminum dishes from greasy stains Use the following methods:

  • If the pan has become greasy on the outside, then find a larger basin and pour a soapy solution of warm water into it. Place the dirty dishes in and leave them for one hour. After a while, wash the pan with a soft sponge and dry with a rag.
  • If aluminum utensils become greasy inside, then pour water into it and add citric acid and vinegar in equal proportions. Boil the contents for half an hour. After that, rinse the pan and wipe it dry.
  • In order to wash the cutlery, pick up a suitable container and place your spoons, forks and knives in it. Boil them in a solution of lemon and vinegar for a quarter of an hour. Then rinse them with water and dry on a towel.

We get rid of deposits, scale and plaque

Sometimes it happens that in the process of cooking on the dishes formed soot. You can clean the surface of carbon deposits in the following ways:

  • Wait for the utensils to cool completely, otherwise it may become deformed under the influence of water.
  • If soot did not have time to soak into the surface, try cleaning it with a soap solution. To do this, grate a piece of laundry soap on a grater and put the chips in warm water. Let the dishes stand for a while. Then wipe it with a soft sponge and dry dry.
  • Complex stains are removed using a mixture of laundry soap, silicate glue and soda.
  • If it is necessary to remove carbon deposits from the outer surface of the dishes, then boil it in a larger container.

Often scale and deposits appear on the dishes, this is due to the characteristics of the metal:

  • To remove them without damaging the product, never rub the surface with a stiff brush.
  • If the scale is strong, it is best to deal with it by the method of boiling with soapy water, silicate glue and soda. Boil the dishes for at least half an hour.
  • If scale on the pan is not strong, ammonia can help. Wipe the surface of the product with it, wash with soap and water and rinse with plenty of water.
  • In the fight against scum, table vinegar will also help. Boil aluminum cookware with it for half an hour.


So that you do not have to apply enhanced measures to clean aluminum dishes from various contaminants, try initially to follow some rules for the care of such dishes:

  • Before using aluminum cookware, boil it in salt water. Thanks to salt, it will become tougher and less scale and scale will form on it.
  • In order for the dishes to shine, wash them in a soapy solution with the addition of ammonia.
  • The shine of aluminum utensils will persist for a long time if you periodically wash it with tooth powder. To do this, you must first dissolve it in a small amount of liquid and apply to the surface with a soft sponge.
  • It is also recommended not to cook dishes in aluminum utensils without adding salt.

We hope that our recommendations will help you clean your dishes and keep them for a long time.

See how to clean aluminum cookware without chemicals using waste in the next video.


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