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How to clean the microwave?

A microwave is an indispensable attribute of the kitchen, which is present in almost every home. Using a microwave, you can easily reheat food, defrost foods and even cook a variety of dishes. But due to frequent operation, it quickly becomes contaminated both inside and out. Fortunately, there are many ways to restore the purity and brilliance of your favorite household appliances.

Cleaning Features

Outside, washing the microwave is quite simple using detergents. The internal part of the technique requires a more delicate approach and has its own characteristics. Microwave coating is of three types:

  • Stainless steel. This type of surface perfectly withstands high temperature conditions, but at the same time quickly attracts pollution and odors, which are very difficult to clean in the future.
  • Enamelled. This type of finish is the most popular and in demand. As a rule, prices for enamelled stoves are affordable. The smooth surface is easy to clean. But you need to do this very carefully, since scratches instantly form on it. The basic rule for enamel is not to use abrasives and wipe the coating dry.
  • Ceramic. Such a surface is easy to care for, has antibacterial properties and looks spectacular. To clean ceramics, it is recommended to use mild detergent solutions.

Today on the shelves with household chemicals it is possible to see many products that help get rid of stiffened fat and eliminate odor. Most often on the label it is indicated that before applying the product greasy traces must be steamed. This is one of the features of cleaning a microwave oven - creating a steam bath for easy removal of contaminants.

This can be done by buying a microwave with the appropriate function, or using utensils for microwave ovens and hot water.

Types of pollution

Due to the frequent use of the microwave oven, various impurities and odors are formed in it. Consider the most common of them that housewives face daily:

  • Grease stains. It is possible to clean a very dirty surface with the help of acetic acid, its components perfectly break down fat. However, using vinegar essence too often is not recommended, so as not to damage the top coat. The most gentle means to remove fat and soot is the use of citrus fruit juice. To forget about old greasy stains will help soda, slaked with vinegar. Ethyl alcohol removes traces of carbon from the walls of kitchen appliances. A heavily soiled surface is cleaned with citric acid or freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • The smell of burning. A specific smell appears after cooking some dishes. You can try to leave the microwave door open for several hours. If this does not help, then you need to proceed with additional measures. The smell of a burnt product can be eliminated with table salt, activated carbon and ground coffee. Coffee perfectly eliminates the smell that remains after cooking fish and meat dishes with the addition of a large number of seasonings. Coffee solution wipe the inner surface. After a couple of hours, rinse the microwave with clean water. After that, a pleasant aroma will remain. Salt and activated carbon tablets are excellent absorbents, perfectly absorb odors. They are better to use in combination with other means.

Salt and activated carbon tablets are excellent absorbents, perfectly absorb odors. They are better to use in combination with other means.

  • Yellowness. Due to ultraviolet radiation and temperature changes, the plastic elements of microwave ovens begin to turn yellow. It is easy to get rid of yellowness with soap and soda.

How to wash?

Depending on the type of contamination, it is possible to clean the microwave by two methods: folk remedies and household chemicals presented on store shelves.

Washing the microwave at home is absolutely easy and everyone can do it. Effectively and easily clean contaminated equipment using the following improvised tools available in almost every home:

  • soda;
  • vinegar
  • laundry soap;
  • salt;
  • alcohol;
  • lemon or citric acid;
  • ripe orange.

If you prefer to use household chemicals to clean kitchen appliances, liquid solutions such as Fairy, Pril, Frosch, Cif, as well as special detergent compositions for microwave ovens of domestic and foreign manufacturers, for example, Microwave Cleaner Sano, will help to cope with this task. , Korting, Magic Power. In the assortment of modern retail chains you can find both budget and more expensive products.

We must not forget about the inner coating of the furnace, which is susceptible to abrasive elements, therefore it is necessary to select cleaning agents carefully.

Knives, hard and sharp tools are strictly forbidden to use when cleaning household appliances. It is recommended to wash it with a soft sponge or a cotton rag.


You need to wash the oven even if you use a special lid during cooking and heating food. After all, fumes from hot food somehow penetrate the space between the lid and the container. There are many ways to quickly clean the microwave at home:

  • Water. It is one of the most harmless cleaning methods. To do this, pour it into a wide plate and put it inside the device. Then turn it on for a quarter of an hour, setting the highest temperature. After turning off the equipment, it remains only to wipe it with a sponge. This option is suitable for fresh dirt, when the deposit did not have time to freeze on the coating.
  • Soda. It's no secret that baking soda effectively copes with many contaminants in the kitchen. It will help get rid of carbon deposits in the microwave. Pour 200 ml of water into a bowl or other deepened bowl and add a few handfuls of soda. Mix thoroughly and microwave. Turn on the equipment for at least half an hour. After turning off the timer, do not immediately remove the container from the furnace. Vapors from soda will settle on the walls and quickly dissolve the fat.
  • Vinegar. If suddenly there was no soda at hand, then vinegar essence can help out. The procedure is exactly the same as with soda solution. Thanks to vinegar, you can not only wipe the oven, but also get rid of the unpleasant odor inside the microwave.
  • Lemon. This citrus fruit is suitable as a food, as well as an improvised cleaning tool. With it, it is possible to wash the microwave inside and out. Lemon juice is squeezed into a deep bowl partially filled with water. She put in the oven and set the timer for 8-10 minutes. This time is enough to destroy the greasy traces and remove the smell of burning. If necessary, lemon can be replaced with citric acid. This method of washing can be called safe, and in the room after this procedure there will be a pleasant aroma.

You can also wash the microwave oven with lemon juice outside. To do this, just wipe the citrus slice with the appliance body, then after a while wash it with a clean, damp cloth.

  • Orange. Peels of an orange perfectly absorb odors, remove fat and bacteria. They are poured with two glasses of water and placed inside the device. Turn on the device at full power and after 10 minutes just wipe the surface from residual contaminants.
  • Laundry soap. In its properties, it is in no way inferior to the above substances. Soap disinfects and cleanses various contaminants well. To clean the microwave, you need to grate a small block on a medium grater. Stir a tablespoon of soap chips in heated water. Thoroughly foam the resulting solution and apply it with a sponge inside and outside the oven. Leave the soapy composition on the surface for about an hour. You can vary the time, focusing on the degree of contamination. After a while, rinse the surface well with running water and wipe dry. After applying laundry soap, the microwave oven will not only be clean, but will also gain its original shine.
  • Melamine sponge. Using this inexpensive and popular tool, you can effectively clean the microwave. Using it is very simple: just moisten it in water and proceed with the procedure for cleaning dirt and grease. Work with a melamine sponge only with rubber gloves. After the stains are removed, it is recommended to rinse the surface with clean water.
  • Dishwashing liquid. To clean the kitchen assistant in 5 minutes, you can use dishwashing liquid. On a foam sponge moistened with water, apply a couple of drops of the product, then foam and put the sponge on the glass tray of the microwave. Turn it on for 30-45 seconds and set the minimum power (the sponge will melt at high power). After turning off, wipe the internal parts with the same sponge. Then they must be treated with a clean damp cloth.

In addition to cleaning the inside and outside of the microwave oven, you also need to wash the glass on the door of the kitchen appliance from dirt. It will help out the usual means for washing windows and glasses. It is enough to spray a small amount and after a while wipe with a dry microfiber cloth.

But you can use the folk method. To do this, add a teaspoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of alcohol to a glass of water. Wipe the glass with the resulting composition.

If the oven has not been washed for a long time, then cleaning it with all the above methods will be very difficult. This is especially true for microwaves, which have a grill function. They bake meat products until a crust appears. As a result of preparation, hard-to-remove traces of fat and soot are formed. In the case when they are not removed immediately after cooking, they solidify solidly on the coating.

In such situations, it is recommended to use means to remove fat. But not immediately, but in stages. Initially, using a lemon or orange peel, clean the appliance. When the greasy layer on the surface becomes soft, then a special solution is applied. The time for which you must leave the composition is always indicated on the label.

Care Tips

To ensure that the microwave is always neat and bacteria do not accumulate in it, it needs regular and proper care. And following simple rules and tips will save you time and effort:

  • When operating kitchen appliances, it is recommended that you always cover the plate with a special lid or cling film, then the fat and crumbs will not spread on the surface. If you add this rule to a habit, then the microwave oven will be less likely to need cleaning.
  • Regularly clean the door with mirror cleaner. It will remove stains and fingerprints.
  • Do not press on the rag and sponge when washing the device, it is better to create the effect of steam. He will dissolve the spray from the grease, then it remains only to go through the detergent to cover the furnace, and then rinse with water.
  • It is always necessary to disconnect the device from the mains. This simple rule protects against electric shock.
  • The dish included with the microwave also needs care. It can be washed by hand and in the dishwasher. Putting the plate in place is possible after it has completely dried.
  • During cleaning, water must not be allowed into the openings inside the device; they should only be wiped with dry rags. If water or detergent enters these openings, the appliance may be damaged and become malfunctioning.
  • Always wipe the gratings dry from the dust that has appeared, since interruptions may occur in the microwave oven due to the accumulation of dusty particles.
  • Defrosting products is necessary in deep containers.
  • After each use, it is recommended to wipe the microwave, so greasy spots will not have time to dry on the surface.
  • Periodically, leave the kitchen appliance door open to weather the odor and accumulated moisture.
  • The appliance can only be plugged in after it has completely dried.
  • To start cleaning the oven is to wash the glass pan and ring. Then proceed to washing the grate, top and walls. Lastly, the door is washed.
  • When applying cleaning products, use rubber gloves and safety glasses.

To clean the microwave oven with acetic acid, you need to open the windows, or in the fresh air.

  • When treating the inside of the appliance with steam, a protective stand should be installed. Otherwise, there is a risk that during the procedure the microwave door will open and drops of boiling water will fall on nearby objects.
  • It is undesirable to allow children and pets into the room where the oven is being washed.
  • As cleaning solutions, benzene and solvents should never be used. Their influence will lead to damage to the device, as well as possible fire.
  • The steam cleaner must also not be used for cleaning due to possible corrosion.
  • If the microwave oven is used daily, cleaning should be done at least once a week. If its use is rare, then clean up a couple of times a month.

See how to clean the microwave inside of grease in the next video.


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