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Library Behavior

A library is a public place that stores books for general use. This institution is intended for the concentrated intellectual work of visitors: searching for the necessary information, studying the main idea of ​​a literary masterpiece, enriching and deepening knowledge in the field of a particular issue with the help of an encyclopedia or a textbook. It is important to understand how to behave in such a place.

Behavior rules

To carry out fruitful work, it is necessary to create special conditions that set up a working mood and exclude the possibility of distraction to extraneous actions, objects and noise.

Compliance with these conditions is to comply with 3 basic rules.


The absence of any extraneous sounds and conversations helps to better and faster perceive the information presented in the book.


The transfer of the book in integrity and safety expresses respect for its temporary owner to other visitors to the library. Bending pages, creating notes and captions on pages is unacceptable (in these cases, it is recommended to use bookmarks).

Lack of food in the institution

The consumption of food in the reading room is prohibited, this process can distract others, create unnecessary noise.

Inaccurate handling of food leads to dirty pages, greasy spots on the cover, or wet sheets.

Write to the library

You can become a library reader subject to several rules:

  • Record is made upon presentation of an identity document. Persons under the age of 14 are recorded and served on the basis of a passport provided by the parent.
  • When making an entry to this institution, the user must carefully study the conditions for using the library, confirm in writing the responsibility for their implementation in the reader form.
  • At each visit, a checklist is issued, with the help of which an employee of the institution records the number of books issued to the reader for a certain period of time at home.
  • Visitors to the reading room do not have to present an identity document to provide services and record.

Memo for children

Visiting the children's library, children should be well aware of the rules of behavior that can be combined in a special memo:

  • Upon entering the institution, you should greet the library employee.
  • A book can be taken if hands are clean.
  • On any issue, you should seek help from an institution employee and do not forget to thank him for the service provided.
  • The library must behave culturally, you can not run and scream.
  • You can not wrinkle sheets, wrap corners of pages, twist them.
  • If the book is damaged, it must be sealed.
  • It is forbidden to put pens, pencils in the book, from which it can quickly be torn.
  • You can’t throw books, wave them and indulge.
  • It is forbidden to paint and paint books.
  • Books must be handed over at the agreed time indicated on the time sheet.
  • If the book is lost or has been seriously damaged during use, the reader must replace it with the same or equivalent.
  • Leaving the library, you need to say goodbye.

The library takes care of increasing the level of cultural development of each of its visitors. And the reader, in turn, must take care of the strict observance of the rules of conduct in the institution and the careful attitude to books.

You will learn a few more rules of conduct in the library from the next video.


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