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How to take bread: with a fork or hand?

We are taught from childhood to treat bread with care and even with respect, because it accompanies almost every meal. The expression "bread is the head of everything" even became a shabby adage. But we were never taught how to handle bread according to the rules of etiquette, and yet such a simple and common subject of the refectory table has certain rules for eating.

Fork or hand

On the table, the product should be served on a common plate - a bread box, whether it is buns or freshly sliced ​​bread. From a common plate it should be taken with special forceps. If not, you can replace the tongs with a napkin. It is permissible to take bread with clean hands, most importantly, do not touch other pieces - this is unhygienic.

In no case should you take bread with a fork or knife, and even less prick it. You need to choose such pieces of bread that you can eat without a trace, and if necessary take more.

How to eat at the table

The selected piece should not be pulled directly into the mouth. It must be put on a plate for bread - pie, it is on the left side of the main plate. It may happen that in the institution or at home the pie plate will not be on the table. Then you can put bread on a serving plate or salad bowl, and already on your plate break off small pieces. It is strictly forbidden to put bread on the table, however, in a bistro it is permissible to place bakery products on a napkin, next to the main course.

If a piece nevertheless fell on the table, lift it on the tip of your knife and place it on the edge of the plate. This also applies to some types of bakery products: cakes, pita breads and pitas.

To spread the butter, you need to use your knife to take a little butter from the butterdish and put it on the edge of your plate. Only after that you can smear it, holding the bread on a plate with two fingers, but not in weight or in the palm of your hand. You can’t climb into the butterdish with this knife anymore for reasons of hygiene.

Do not spread the butter over a large piece of bread - take a piece that can be eaten in one bite. It is better then to cook the next bite in the same way, if the first was not enough.


To prepare a sandwich while eating yourself, you need to put a piece of bread on a plate. Sausage, meat, fish, cheeses and vegetables for a sandwich should be laid with a fork from a common plate in your own, and already collect everything in a single dish. Ready-made sandwiches, sandwiches and toasts should be eaten with a knife and fork, dividing them into small pieces. The same rule applies to burgers: no matter how many "floors" are in them, you should not try to open your mouth wide. It is necessary to divide the "floors" into parts that are comfortable for consumption.


Etiquette educators declare that, as with all rules, there are exceptions to the bread etiquette. It is allowed to bite pastries, if this is customary in national circumstances. For example, if you serve dishes of Ukrainian or Russian cuisine, you can safely bite the bread without breaking it into small pieces.

These few simple rules will help to behave properly in a status institution. To show themselves on the good side, actions at the table should be natural. To do this, you can practice during home feasts.

See how to take and break bread at the table in the next video.


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