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Hammock tent: its features and selection criteria

In the modern world, it is difficult to find a person who does not know what a hammock is. However, development does not stand still, and the hammock from the usual summer cottage attribute for summer holidays has turned into a full-fledged tourist accommodation for a temporary overnight stay. Such an invention was called a hammock tent.


This tent is a piece of dense material with rope fasteners. These joints allow you to secure the tent between the trees. Many manufacturers include mosquito nets for flies and mosquitoes, as well as fabric for shelter in the rain.

Such an invention is used for traveling light. On the market you can find many models of various sizes. But it is worth noting that such an acquisition will not provide you with an ideally convenient overnight stay. It has both positive and negative sides, which will be discussed a little later.

There are variations with the presence of crossbars, however, they are not in great demand, since the sticks add massive construction. The material from which such a hammock is made must not let water through. Many manufacturers use linen, cotton or artificial fabric, as it is much stronger and lighter than natural fiber. If you compare the designs, then some tents can be made in a minimalist style, while others are equipped with various pockets, seals and other components.

A hammock is a good choice for people who prefer hiking to the mountains or the forest. This option will be useful, if you are relaxing with your family, moving by car or staying in one place for a long time.

Some travelers try to adapt to certain conditions. Almost all modern hammocks have a tent in the kit. A tourist can pull it in the shape of a tent, and place a hammock under it. The result is a very comfortable design: the suspended "bed" does not absorb the moisture of the earth, and the "roof" does not let rain. Inside the hammock you can climb into the insulated sleeping bag, so you will not be afraid of even frost.

Hanging tents are recommended to be located away from the carriageway, they should be mounted away from trees dried up on the root. The territory must be protected from the wind.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before you familiarize yourself with the points below, keep in mind that everyone chooses what he likes. For some people, the cons indicated in this article are not at all disadvantages.

Of the advantages, the following points can be noted.

  • Small size. This is a major plus for people traveling light.
  • You do not have to choose a flat surface for a comfortable location. A hammock tent can be hung between two trees.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Sleeping in a hanging tent is much more convenient than sleeping on hard ground.
  • Ants and other insects will definitely not get inside.
  • If the stop turned out to be unplanned, then you will not spend a lot of time organizing an overnight stay. It is not necessary to clean the area from branches and stones.


  • such a tent will not accommodate more than two people;
  • in bad weather, lying inside a hammock is not very comfortable;
  • it’s quite cold in winter - ground models are much warmer.

Please note that uneven terrain will not be an obstacle to a comfortable stay. Even if covered with a mosquito net, the area will still be well visible.

Popular models

In today's market you can meet a huge number of hanging tents. They differ not only in quality, but also in technical characteristics. A standard model is a structure equipped with ropes on both sides. Only hinges for fasteners are available. This is a basic budget option.

Below we will consider the most common models that have a large number of positive reviews, and have proven themselves in the market.

Camping hammocks

Representatives of this category are divided into winter, summer, complex and simple. Many models have pockets, insulation, a mosquito net and other improvements. The approximate cost in Russia ranges from 15 to 30 thousand rubles. Some hammocks are impressive in size and may resemble a full-fledged tent suspended in the air. The advantage is that the mosquito net is mounted with additional ropes, to which rain protection can also be attached.

  • Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro. This model is designed for summer trips, differs in impressive dimensions. A mosquito net is available. In such a hammock it is comfortable to sit both lying and sitting. From the negative sides: the kit does not have rain protection.
  • Rebel Gears. One of the best solutions on the market. In the basic configuration there is a mosquito net with a zipper, a protective canvas, ties and slings, a cover, a pair of large additional pockets, a compressor bag.
  • Eagles Nest Outfitters Blaze. This hammock will be the best salvation from the winter cold, the model is treated with a special compound, and high-strength fabric does not allow water to pass through.

A clear drawback is the lack of a protective sheet, which makes this purchase relevant only for winter travel.

  • Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest. The marching double option, featuring a very robust construction. Inside such a tent, two people can freely fit, not leaning against each other.

Of the minuses: no pockets, insulation, mosquito nets. It can be operated only in warm time.

  • Lawson Blue Ridge. This is not just a hammock tent, it is a mini-house. The kit includes a mosquito net with metal arcuate latches. There are fasteners for the blanket. The bottom here is different from all of the above models, it does not sag under the weight of a person. The manufacturer provides rain protection. Cost - from 13 thousand rubles for the basic configuration.

Hammock cocoon

These models have the appearance of a bean pod. They are made of high-strength moisture-resistant fabric, there are several pockets of different sizes. The kit always comes with a mosquito net, insulation. The hammock can be used not only in summer but also in winter.

  • Jamber. Double tent made of durable polyester. The carbine is capable of supporting up to 340 kg. The diameter of the bottom is 180 cm. Available in white, green, brown, orange and blue.
  • Yoto Turquoise. The tent is made of cotton fabric. The diameter of the bottom is 110 cm. The product can withstand weight up to 250 kg. Height - 1.1 m.
  • Hammock Cocoon "Ultraviolet" will be a great purchase for a comfortable stay. It is able to withstand up to 300 kg, the awning is made of canvas, the seams are reinforced with a cotton sling.

With a crossbeam

These hammocks are designed for comfortable accommodation of two people. Of the negative aspects, it can be noted that there is a big risk of turning over. The reason may be a change in position inside the hammock or strong wind. If you do not want to buy a hammock, you can make it yourself from any durable fabric. Instead, you can also use a regular awning. You only need to install the ropes for hanging between the trees. Now consider the popular models of hammocks with a crossbar.

  • Crua Hybrid. The manufacturer is the American company Crua Outdoors. The tent is designed for one person up to 183 cm tall, and can withstand weight up to 129 kg. An air mattress is provided inside.
  • Flying tent Made in Australia, the company has been successfully manufacturing since 2016. When assembled, the dimensions of the product are 40x34x4 cm.
  • Flytop. In a complete set, the product weighs only 4.2 kg. The model is designed for 2 people, made of nylon at the top, from Oxford - at the bottom. Aluminum frame. The tent is made in China.

How to fasten?

Installing a hammock, unlike a ground tent, is not difficult even for beginners. This will take you less than 10 minutes. First of all, you need to find strong trees located not far from each other. A rope is attached to both trunks. Below we will consider this process in detail.

  1. Remove the hammock from the cover. It is recommended to fasten with slings, and not with the ropes that come with the kit. Slings have their positive sides: nodules are located between the cord connections. When you fasten the tent, these nodules will catch on the bark of the tree, so that the cords will not come down over time under the weight of the human body.
  2. A protective mattress is laid out on an open hanging tent, and a sleeping bag is laid on top of it.

Further actions depend on the product model. Some options include not only pockets, but also ties on the underside of the hammock. You can put a backpack here and it will be protected from moisture. However, for such an addition will have to pay a lot.

Many manufacturers offer rain protection as standard. If desired, it can be purchased separately. But instead of such protection, an awning is also perfect. To do this, pull the rope over the hammock, throw the awning through it so that the rope is centered. Awning ties are mounted on the ground or to the base of the tree.

See how to fasten the Rebel Gears hammock tent in the next video.

Criterias of choice

When choosing experts recommend that you follow the following rules:

  • try to purchase models without a latch, as the likelihood of tipping over will be high;
  • if the manufacturer provides parts for installing a sleeping bag and mattress, then this will be a big advantage;
  • the ropes should be long enough;
  • pay attention to the presence of pockets, because many models do not have them;
  • Having a mosquito net or rain protection will be a big advantage.

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