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Tents-umbrella: description, selection and subtleties of use

Umbrella tents are very popular among anglers, campers and tourists. The product has a strong frame, a large internal space, and the design itself is assembled easily and quickly. This is a very convenient and indispensable thing for outdoor recreation.


Most recently, manufacturers began to produce umbrella-type tents. This device has become necessary for anglers and tourists. It is easy to install. The design uses a semi-automatic mechanism with knitting needles, working like an umbrella.

Unlike other types of tents, the frame and tent are a single unit, which allows you to mount all the elements at once. You just need to straighten the spokes of the frame and pull the mechanism handle down from the inside. This mechanism is very popular among anglers, as the tent is easy to install.

However, to open the umbrella tent, you will have to use physical force. Strong winds can complicate the assembly of the product, so you have to wait until it stops, and then assemble the structure.


Manufacturers make a huge assortment of winter and summer umbrella-type tents. They use the latest technology to make products better, more durable and more comfortable. The mechanical frame is made of aluminum and plastic. For tents use waterproof material, which is considered resistant, has a waterproof bottom.

Automatic umbrella has a quick assembly system. The device has a design with which the frame automatically unfolds, which is a huge plus.

There are several types of two-layer tents: from the largest 4-seater to small 1-seater models. For family outdoor recreation it is enough to purchase 3-person tents. They have a ventilation system and moisture protection, as well as huge vestibules for objects. Triple tents are used as the main place of residence when traveling, fishing or picnicking. There is a 2-seater classic design, very comfortable for an overnight stay.

Sometimes tourists alone prefer an extreme form of relaxation and acquire a single tent. There are also people who prefer quiet fishing, and for this they buy single fishing tents. For the cold seasons, they purchase the winter version, because it is convenient to fish: the design perfectly protects from severe frosts and retains heat inside the tent. For fishing in the warm season, use the summer version: in a convenient structure you can hide from the weather.

Advantages and disadvantages

Usually people gather together in nature to go fishing or have fun, and for this they buy tents. Umbrella tents have gained immense popularity among tourists and fishermen. They have many advantages, such as a durable frame, waterproof material, and in some models there is a heating function, mosquito nets, ventilation, several entrances and windows. However, before purchasing this device, one should take into account not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages of the umbrella tent.

  • The advantages include a convenient, sturdy construction. Manufacturers use reliable materials, for example, aluminum alloys D16, V95 are used for the frame, which allows to increase the durability of the tent.
  • If the frame is durable, then few supporting parts can be used. This allows you to expand the internal area. The size of the space will be larger, and some models can reach a height of 2 m. With these dimensions, you can relax in nature with friends with great comfort.
  • This device has a huge number of accessories. There are equipment for heating and ventilation, wide windows, as well as several entrances. There are also models to which you can attach a sleeping module. And also inside the tents you can install a wood stove.
  • Tents without a floor are suitable for winter fishing, as you can make holes. But experienced fishermen in advance separately buy an insulated floor: after all, the structure can be moved to another place and there to lay the floor to keep warm.

Most consumers note the convenience of the umbrella tents. However, if the level of comfort is higher, then the price of the product is correspondingly high.

The tent also has drawbacks. Mostly, problems arise with strong winds during mountain tourism and winter fishing. The tent of an umbrella type immediately reveals an awning. And while it is installed on ice or on the ground, the product remains a “sail”, blown away by a gust of wind. To securely install the structure, this should be done together. Outside, one person must hold the frame and awning, and the other inside the tent understands the umbrella device and mounts.

How to choose?

An umbrella tent is like a simple rain umbrella. In the middle of the metal frame there is a mechanism that spreads and compresses the spokes, and an awning is attached to them. Installing such a design is very simple, just 2 minutes. To assemble, straighten the frame and pull on the lace of the mechanism. The material for the frame are various aluminum alloys. The awning is made of oxford fabric, polyester, taffeta. Persistence, simplicity and strength are the main advantages of tents of this type.

The market has a huge selection of tents of the "umbrella" type. There are winter and summer options, and each of them has its own characteristics. However, if the buyer wants to purchase this design for winter fishing or for outdoor recreation in summer, then you should consider criteria such as dimensions and weight, ventilation, from what material the product is made. Manufacturers offer single and double tents. They are lightweight, they can be carried in a backpack. The area of ​​the tent is 1.5 m2 per person.

Manufacturers make the structure of composite durable materials that are light in weight. The arcs are made of duralumin alloys, they are small and have a low price. And also there are other models that are made of high quality materials, they create more amenities and have a high cost. There are models with windows. The presence of ventilation is also considered an important function. It is necessary when heating the tent to eliminate carbon monoxide.

The winter tent has several layers of coating to save heat indoors, however, it adds a little weight. This item has only one entrance with a solid zipper, which is a plus. The material of the winter structure is resistant to frost. The structure of the material is very flexible, when folding the tent, it protects the skin from damage. Some products include patches to protect against snow.

Increasingly, people tend to go outdoors to spend time with friends, do mountain extreme sports or fishing. Especially for this, summer comfortable tents were developed. Products made of waterproof material are reliable, protect from rain, the floor is also waterproof. And also this design protects from insects and the sultry sun.

Summer models usually have several entrances and windows, which is good for ventilation. Basically produce two-layer tents. The inner awning is made of mosquito net material.

Operation and storage

Most of the time the tent is closed for long-term storage. During this time, the product may deform, suffer from dampness and aggressive environmental influences. For these reasons, the rules for storing the tent must be observed.

  • First of all, keep in a dry place. Immediately before storage, it must be dried. If the tent remains wet, the water that has accumulated on the fabric will cause the material to mold. Although the inner lining is covered with water-repellent impregnation, moisture will gradually destroy this coating. As soon as the protective layer deteriorates, the materials will be more vulnerable, the lining will crack, and the surface of the tent will begin to let water through at the most inopportune moment.
  • It is necessary to carefully assemble the frame. The design has arcs, they are considered the weakest parts of the product. If the arc is bent, then it can break, and the material under load will crack at the seams. Also, do not wrap pegs or other foreign objects in the tent: they can damage the casing. Of course, you can repair the product, but most likely it will become worthless over time.
  • The tent must be stored on a level plane, it should not be subjected to any load, because this can lead to structural damage. If the tent is stored in a garage, then in no case should there be corrosive solvents or other chemicals near it. They are able to burn through the fabric and destroy the moisture protective surface.

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