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Varieties of hiking samovars and recommendations for their choice

Tea is the favorite drink of millions of people. He is often drunk on hikes. And here a tourist samovar will be appropriate, which can easily replace an ordinary teapot and give tea a special mood. You just need to choose the right model.


A marching samovar was used in the old days, when traveling between cities took whole weeks and even months. Using an ordinary home-made samovar was almost impossible. Now you can easily and quickly get to any place, but samovars have not lost their popularity. Many people are happy to use hiking pots when traveling. A characteristic feature of a tourist product is its relatively modest size. But its volume is enough to make several cups of tea.

Camping samovars are an excellent substitute for travel pots. You can boil water in them much faster.

At the same time, it will cool more slowly than in a pot. Kindling is possible with shavings or fine brushwood. Sometimes large samovars-kitchens are found in stores, designed even for cooking hot food.

Use a samovar like this:

  • put dry fuel and slivers in a pan;
  • fill in water;
  • put the tank on a pallet;
  • make a fire.

Under normal conditions, good traction is provided. Because the fuel burns very quickly, and a lot of heat is generated. Water in a samovar begins to boil rather than when heated on a gas burner or turbo-furnace. There is nothing to talk about the fire. However, you need to choose the specific option.

A coal samovar differs from a wood samovar in that it is designed for elevated temperatures. Therefore, the rate of heating of the liquid increases. Buying good charcoal is easy - it is sold in all supermarkets. Ecosamovar is made of aluminum and can work on any solid fuel. Otherwise, there are no differences from ordinary vessels.

How to choose the best?

Some tourist samovars look more like thermoses than ordinary household counterparts. Their advantages:

  • convenience in work;
  • universality of application;
  • increased reliability.

These models hold from 500 ml to 1.6 l of water, the body weight of the product is almost always less than 1 kg. You can buy a suitable version with good characteristics in almost all specialized stores. The price of traveling water heaters is quite high, but their popularity is growing. The reason is a significant service life. Classic wood-fired fire samovars can be delivered on their own, and complete with a variety of dishes.

Travelers should choose products that can be used at home (for the stove). Then there will be no need to purchase two different devices.

It is necessary to take into account the volume of a particular device. As for materials, brass is a very good choice. The polished layer looks beautiful.


In many cases, a good choice becomes "Magarych Tourist-M" of 1.3 liters. For the manufacture of a samovar stainless steel brand AISI 304 is used. The metal layer is 0.1 cm. This product is suitable for different pastimes:

  • tourism;
  • hunting;
  • fishing;
  • extreme leisure;
  • relaxing at the campsite.

"Tourist-M" can work using cones, medium-sized twigs and pieces of bark. Based on the traditional design with the inside of the flame tube. Consumers can boil water and cook food at the same time. The package includes a waterproof stylish cover. There is also a 5-liter Tourist-M model.

From foreign models can be recommended Scout Steel 1.1 L. This device is claimed to be designed to work in all weather conditions. Almost everything that can burn can be used as fuel. Boil water in five minutes. The design made of stainless steel allows you to cook using a special stand.

Quite popular Kelly Kettle Samovars. They hold from 0.5 to 1.6 liters with a dead weight of 0.7-1.3 kg. However, you will have to pay at least 4,600 rubles. The high cost is associated not only with imported origin, but also with the technical complexity of the goods. Irish models are made of steel or aluminum alloys, the difference in weight is about 0.2 kg with the same volume.

An overview of the Irish samovar Kelly Kettle see below.

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