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What to wear with white cardigans?

While bright colored things with unusual prints either conquer the world of fashion, then go into oblivion, the classic white cardigan remains relevant all the time. This wardrobe item has been found in many collections from world designers for decades. Therefore, almost every fashionista at least once thought about how to buy it for herself.

If only the inability to combine it with other things stopped you from buying a white cardigan, then in our article you will find tips that will convince you of the versatility of this outfit.

Overview of fashionable female models

Firstly, it must be said that there are a large number of models of white cardigans. Now we will consider some of the most relevant.


Cardigans from the Georgian brand Lalo are a trend of the last few years. The company was founded by two twin sisters, who created their cardigans manually. They featured a spectacular pattern with large braids. Now at the peak of popularity, Lalo cardigans with the effect of transition from one shade to another. However, white products look no worse than models with ombre.


Along with Lalo cardigans, stylish fluffy products are also popular. Terry or wool white cardigans are also great for winter.


Stylish long cardigans made of soft cotton or knitwear are suitable for creating a cute romantic or casual look. Such cardigans often do not have buttons and when worn they simply smell. This option is ideal for plump girls, because, thus, all problem areas draped with fabric do not attract attention. With long cardigans, dresses of medium length are successfully combined. A cardigan can be supplemented with a belt at your discretion.


Lace cardigans are perfect for summer. Light white lace wrap will be a great addition to your bow. In this case, unlike a knitwear, in a translucent openwork cardigan you will not be hot. It can be worn both in a casual look with shorts and a short top, and with a swimsuit on the beach.

What to wear?

White cardigan is able to give any image femininity and tenderness. It combines with everyday wardrobe items as well as light girlish outfits.

Cardigan goes well with jeans. Light blue pants, complemented by a white cardigan, will help create a nice, light look. If you want to add a bright note to your image, pick up bright shoes or a bag in addition to other things.

Dress pants can also make a good pair of cardigan. Choose the length, cut of the trousers and their color to your liking. Remember that with more voluminous cardigans, trousers narrowed to the bottom look better, and with a shortened top you can wear straight-cut or flared pants.

In combination with a white cardigan, all kinds of skirts and dresses look good. The dress can be either longer than the cardigan, or shorter. Do not forget about matching shoes.

Beautiful images

A medium casual dress can create a good casual look. Choose a straight-cut outfit decorated with a simple print, for example, with a strip. A slightly elongated knitted cardigan with a number of buttons is suitable for this. A low-key dress of this type looks good with high-heeled shoes, for example, with classic boats.

For a city walk on a cloudy day, an extended cardigan can be used instead of a windbreaker or jacket. Wear a light T-shirt and black straight-cut pants to look stylish. In order not to freeze on the street, put on sand-colored shoes and a matching hat. Such an outfit will warm you and cheer you up.

And for the summer, choose a light openwork cardigan. It looks light and airy due to the white color, but overall, it looks very sexy. This cardigan can be complemented with a bow with shorts with a high waist and a dark top that are relevant this season. This denim shorts in rough fabric create a great tandem with a lace cardigan! You can complement the image with your favorite accessories, for example, a stylish pendant.

A white cardigan is a very feminine outfit. Do not be afraid to wear it both on vacation and in urban conditions, because a simple style and classic, suitable for everything in color, make it universal.

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