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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Beige Cardigans

Overview of fashion models

Beige color in clothes is considered a classic. Beige cardigans are a universal and very practical thing in a women's wardrobe. This season, designers paid a lot of attention to cardigans and in beige shades they offer to make sets of clothes in a variety of styles.

The beige cardigan from thin knitwear has an elongated, different-sized front and back cut. The model is perfect for summer and will warm in the winter and in the off-season. The original openwork knit on the back increases air access to the body and adds femininity and tenderness. Viscose fabric cardigan has excellent hygienic properties, has good air and moisture exchange.

A beige cardigan without a fastener that is up to the middle of the thigh fits perfectly into the everyday look. The absence of large decorative elements and clear concise lines of the model visually stretch the silhouette. The knitted fabric is knitted from blended yarns: viscose and nylon. Thanks to this, the cardigan is pleasant to the body, delivers a comfortable feeling, does not stretch when worn, and has a long service life.

Very feminine cardigan in light beige color with bows and rhinestones. The model is buttoned and has a V-neck. The bottom of the product and sleeves is connected with a dense elastic band, which ensures a snug fit. This model with a magnificent fit in the figure is perfect for going shopping, to the cinema, to go to work in it.

An unusually romantic cardigan with ruffles made of light beige mottled linen will become a real decoration of your wardrobe. A model with a loose fit gives a feeling of comfort throughout the day. It can be worn over underwear as an independent element of outerwear. Fashionable cut with a smell allows you to create stylish sets for every day.

Selection tips

The choice of model of a beige cardigan depends on its purpose, where you will wear it and what to combine with. For festive events, more elegant models with a direct silhouette and cardigans of extravagant cut are suitable. For work, models with buttons that neatly fasten and create a comfortable look are preferred.

When choosing a beige cardigan, you need to consider the features of your figure. Long cardigans can visually reduce growth, so short women should choose shortened models. The elongated models are perfect for the fair sex with curvaceous forms, hiding extra volumes underneath.

What to wear?

Beige cardigans are considered a universal item of women's wardrobe, which is combined with many things of a wide variety of colors and styles. The right combination will allow a woman to feel confident and comfortable in any place and under any circumstances.

A white shirt that has a strict cut in a tandem with dress pants will make up a wonderful outfit with a beige cardigan. For emphasis, you can choose a leather belt and elegant high-heeled shoes.

A pencil skirt or dark mini, a classic top and a cardigan in beige colors are perfect for casual wear. Such an outfit will be appropriate both in the office and during meetings with friends in a movie or cafe.

A beige elongated cardigan will make a great mix of classic dark denim jeans. A business-style shirt and high-heeled shoes will help to add a touch of formalism to the image.

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